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  45 individuals found for query Drybread
Albert Drybread19 JUL 1855 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Andrew DrybreadABT 1725 Germany or The Netherlands 
Benjamin Jarrett Drybread21 MAR 1879 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Catharine Drybread6 JAN 1796 Pennsylvania 
Clara Drybread5 OCT 1868 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Clarence Drybread5 OCT 1866 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Clarissa Willet Drybread29 MAY 1841 Nineveh Township, Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Elizabeth Drybread10 JUN 1780 Pennsylvania 
Elizabeth Drybread21 MAR 1830 Butler Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth Ann Drybread14 FEB 1832 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Emma Florence Drybread17 OCT 1861 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
George Drybread6 JAN 1796 Pennsylvania 
George Drybread14 JUL 1753 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania5 NOV 1832 Shadon, Bulter Co, Ohio
George Washington Drybread4 OCT 1828 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Hannah H Drybread2 NOV 1791 Pennsylvania 
Henry Clay Drybread13 DEC 1830 Bartholomew Co, Indiana11 NOV 1892 Bartholomew Co, Indiana
Henry G Drybread20 OCT 1845 Nineveh Township, Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Henry George Drybread8 FEB 1802 Bulter Co, Ohio 
Ida May Drybread12 AUG 1864 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
James Chalton Drybread25 NOV 1834 Butler Co, Ohio 
John Drybread25 NOV 1797 Kentucky9 JUL 1837 Nineveh, Bartholomew Co, Indiana
John Riley Drybread23 JUL 1862 Nineveh, Bartholomew Co, Indiana26 OCT 1904 Edinburgh, Johnson Co, Indiana
John Sager Drybread2 JAN 1833 Butler Co, Ohio 
John Walter DrybreadABT 1878 Nineveh, Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Joseph Drybread12 FEB 1787 Pennsylvania 
Joseph E Drybread31 JUL 1826 Bartholomew Co, Indiana12 APR 1864 
Joseph Miholland Drybread17 MAR 1838 Nineveh, Bartholomew Co, Indiana3 JUN 1929 
Margaret Drybread11 JUL 1784 Pennsylvania 
Margaret M Drybread1 JAN 1819  
Mary Drybread4 FEB 1777 Pennsylvania 
Mary Ann Drybread25 JUL 1828 Butler Co, Ohio 
May Mattie Drybread22 AUG 1867 Nineveh, Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Nancy Ann Drybread28 JUL 1856 Nineveh Township, Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Phebe Atherton Drybread23 NOV 1843 Nineveh Township, Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Rebecca H Drybread18 AUG 1824 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Rebeckah Drybread4 APR 1804 Bulter Co, Ohio 
Roxie A Drybread22 JAN 1859 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Sanford Hutchinson Drybread17 SEP 1848 Nineveh Township, Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Sarah Drybread21 JAN 1782 Pennsylvania 
Seneca Smith Drybread17 SEP 1848 Nineveh Township, Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
Susannah Drybread21 APR 1789 Pennsylvania 
William Drybread21 OCT 1799 Dearborn Co, Indiana29 MAR 1883 Nineveh Township, Bartholomew Co, Indiana
William Hamilton Drybread16 JAN 1837 Nineveh Township, Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
William Lewis Drybread28 AUG 1821 Bartholomew Co, Indiana 
William Newton Drybread27 JUL 1870 Nineveh, Bartholomew Co, Indiana 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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