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  284 individuals found for query Dubois
Abraham DuBois9 APR 1685 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York3 MAR 1758 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Abraham Dubois27 OCT 1754  
Abraham DuBois14 OCT 1627 Canterbury, England 
Abraham Dubois19 JAN 1724/25 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey5 NOV 1792 
Abraham Dubois16 NOV 1738 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Abraham DuBois26 DEC 1657 Mannheim, Die Pfalz, Baden, Germany7 OCT 1731 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York
Abraham Dubois8 MAR 1750/51 New Jersey 
Albert DuboisABT 1625  
Alice DuBoisABT 1856  
Andries DuboisBEF 16 OCT 1737 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Andries DuboisBEF 2 NOV 1753 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York 
Ann Elizabeth DuBois16 MAY 1838 Ohio 
Anna DuBois21 FEB 1723/24 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Annatje Dubois19 SEP 1752  
Anne DuboisABT 1625  
Arthur DuBois10 APR 1839  
Barent DuboisAFT 1715 Ulster Co, New York 
Barent Dubois3 MAY 1693 New York22 JAN 1748/49 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey
Benjamin DuBois5 MAY 1810 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Benjamin Dubois1 JUL 1806 Monmouth Co, New Jersey31 JAN 1887 
Benjamin Dubois23 SEP 1716 Kingston, Long Island, New York17 JAN 1810 Ulster Co, New York
Benjamin DuBois30 MAR 1739 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey21 AUG 1827 Marboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Benjamin DuBoisABT 1845  
Benjamin DuBois16 APR 1697 Kingston, Ulster, New York1767 Catskill, Greene, New York
Benjamin DuBois1687 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York Died young
Benjamin Lane DuBoisBEF 1829  
Benjamin Stanley DuBois4 MAR 1780 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Benjamin Vanderveer DuBois9 SEP 1847  
Catharina DuboisMAR 1704/05 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York 
Catherine Dubois1693 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York 
Catherine Dubois1723 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Catherine DuBois13 FEB 1714/15 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York1791 Stone House, Shenandoah Co, Virginia
Catherine DuBois1821 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio1908 
Catherine Dubois24 FEB 1798 Monmonth Co, New Jersey1830 
Catherine Dubois15 OCT 1751 Salem Co, New Jersey1798 
Catherine Dubois31 JAN 1761 Staten Island, Richmond Co, New York10 JUN 1833 Woodrow, Staten Island, Richmon Co, New York
Catherine Dubois17 APR 1692 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Catherine Dubois1 SEP 1760 Somerset Co, New Jersey27 NOV 1837 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Catherine DuBois31 OCT 1714 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York19 FEB 1802 
Catherine Dubois29 SEP 1702 Ulster Co, New York 
Catherine Dubois8 MAR 1782 Monmouth Co, New Jersey15 APR 1868 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Catherine Dubois31 AUG 1839  
Catherine Emma DuBois4 DEC 1846  
Catrina DuBoisBEF 4 DEC 1715 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Catrina Dubois17 MAR 1705/06  
Charles DuBoisABT 1765  
Charles DuboisAFT 1861  
Charles DuBois25 FEB 1757  
Charles G DuboisABT 1868  
Charles V DuBois1861 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1938 
Chretien DuBois1597 Lille, Artois, Normandy, France10 OCT 1655 Wicres, Labaree, French Flanders, France
Christian Dubois15 NOV 1702 1786 
Clarissa Dubois1809 South Carolina1850 Jackson Co, Alabama
Conrad DuBoisABT 1735 Salem Co, New Jersey Michigan
Cornelia DuboisABT 1743 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Cornelia DuboisBEF 27 OCT 1745 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York10 MAY 1817 Lloyd (New Paltz), Ulster Co, New York
Cornelius Dubois26 JUL 1750  
Cornelius DuBois26 FEB 1731/32 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Dubois9 DEC 1707 Ulster Co, New York20 MAR 1781 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Cornelius Dubois8 JUL 1750  
Daisy DuboisABT 1875  
Daniel Dubois27 APR 1746 Ulster Co, New York11 OCT 1799 
Daniel DuBoisABT 1843 Ohio 
Daniel DuBois28 APR 1684 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York21 APR 1752 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York
Daniel DuboisBEF 19 OCT 1750 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York28 MAR 1817 
Daniel DuBois23 FEB 1778 Monmouth Co, New Jersey20 AUG 1858 Franklin, Warren Co, Ohio
Daniel Denise DuBois11 DEC 1848  
Daniel H DuBoisABT 1790  
David Dubois19 SEP 1761 Salem Co, New Jersey 
David Dubois18 NOV 1724 Ulster Co, New York12 OCT 1801 
David DuBois13 MAR 1666/67 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
David Dubois18 APR 1804 Monmonth Co, New Jersey15 SEP 1868 
Deborah DuboisABT 1708 Ulster Co, New York 
Dina Dubois25 JAN 1737/38 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Dominicus Dubois5 MAR 1756 New Jersey 
Eleanor DuBoisBET 1832 AND 1835  
Eleanor DuBois7 JAN 1802 Monmonth Co, New Jersey1886 
Eleanor Dubois18 JAN 1755 4 DEC 1822 
Eleanor DuBois26 JAN 1804 Monmouth Co, New Jersey Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Eleanor DuBois10 AUG 1792 25 SEP 1879 
Elizabeth DuBois3 MAR 1785 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1845 
Elizabeth DuBois26 AUG 1820 Monmouth Co, New Jersey23 JAN 1824 
Elizabeth DuBois1853 Monmouth Co, New Jersey4 SEP 1870 
Elizabeth Dubois1643 Staten Island, New York Staten Island, Richmond Co, New York
Elizabeth DuBois1 OCT 1887 22 APR 1922 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth DuBois10 DEC 1819 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth DuBois2 JUL 1840  
Elizabeth DuBois10 SEP 1724 Frederick Township, Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania 
Elizabeth Dubois19 DEC 1714 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York13 JUL 1792 
Elizabeth DuboisABT 1625 France 
Elizabeth Dubois1748  
Elizabeth Dubois3 APR 1728 Somerset Co, New JerseyJUN 1789 Somerton, Belmont Co, Ohio
Elizabeth Dubois10 APR 1730 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey6 JAN 1786 Salem Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth D Dubois18 OCT 1838 Warren Co, Ohio12 FEB 1923 Warren Co, Ohio
Elsie Dubois30 AUG 1771 Ulster Co, New York21 NOV 1843 
Francintha DuBois6 JUN 1769 Monmouth Co, New Jersey24 FEB 1823 
Francis Henry Dubois21 MAY 1783 New Jersey27 DEC 1834 
Francoise Dubois17 JUN 1622 Mannheim, GermanyABT 1695 
Francyntje DuboisBEF 22 OCT 1718 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Francyntje Dubois18 MAY 1807 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio29 JAN 1878 Warren Co, Ohio
Frank C DuboisABT 1880  
Frank C DuboisABT 1855  
Fredrick DuBois25 SEP 1864  
Garret Dubois16 APR 1734 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Garrett W DuBoisBET 1832 AND 1835  
Geeretje DuboisABT 1735  
Gerrit DuBoisFEB 1703/04 Hurley, New York Hurley, New York
Gerritje DuBois18 AUG 1726 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Gerritje Dubois1697  
Gertrude DuBois2 AUG 1860  
Gualtherius DuBoisABT 1670  
Hannah DuBois11 JUL 1845  
Hendricus Dubois1 AUG 1710 Ulster Co, New York 
Henry DuBois25 NOV 1858  
Henry DuBois4 APR 1808 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey6 JAN 1898 
Henry C DuboisABT 1855  
Hester duBois9 OCT 1625 Canterbury, England1710 New Harlem, New York
Hester DuboisBEF 12 AUG 1730 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Hester DuBois1713 New Platz, Ulster Co, New York 
Hubartus DuboisBEF 10 OCT 1725 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New YOrk1790 
Isaac Dubois15 DEC 1728  
Isaac Dubois20 DEC 1713  
Isaac DuboisBEF 2 NOV 1753 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York14 JUL 1823 
Isaac Dubois2 JAN 1730/31 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Isaac DuBois27 SEP 1691 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York10 FEB 1728/29 Perkiomen, Pennsylvania
Issac DuBois14 MAY 1660 Mannheim, Die Pfalz, Baden, Germany28 JUN 1690 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York
Issac Dubois1 FEB 1701/02  
Jacob Dubois9 OCT 1661 Kingston, Ulster Co, New YorkJUN 1745 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York
Jacob DuBois29 AUG 1849 Ohio 
Jacob DuBois31 JAN 1808 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio29 APR 1894 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
Jacob DuBois23 APR 1720 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Jacob Dubois19 FEB 1718/19 Ulster Co, New York28 SEP 1794 Salem Co, New Jersey
Jacob Van Nest DuBois25 APR 1852  
Jacomyntje DuboisBEF 5 NOV 1693 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Jacomyntje Jemina DuBois13 DEC 1744 Kingston, Long Island, New York1792 Wawarsing, Ulster Co, New York
Jacques Dubois1628 Wicres, La Barree, Flanders, BelgiumABT 1677 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
James Dubois1809 1809 
James English Dubois24 FEB 1811 13 SEP 1856 
Jana DuBois23 NOV 1852  
Jane Dubois1763 New Jersey 
Jane Elizabeth DuBois12 JUN 1845  
Jane T DuBoisABT 1855 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1875 
Jannetje DuBois20 JAN 1731/32  
Jennie C Dubois1868 New Jersy Miami, Dade Co, Florida
Joel Dubois1703 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York 
Johannes DuboisAFT 1710  
Johannis Dubois12 OCT 1746 1819 
John DuBois21 FEB 1727/28 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey 
John DuBois1856 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1945 
John Dubois8 JAN 1844 22 JAN 1914 
John Dubois27 DEC 1812  
John Livingston DuBois5 DEC 1850  
John Perry DuBois26 JUL 1816 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1866 
Jonas DuboisBEF 25 DEC 1743 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Jonas DuBois20 JUN 1708 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Jonathan Dubois2 OCT 1757 Salem Co, New Jersey 
Jonathan Dubois5 JUL 1704 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York5 JAN 1787 
Jonathan DuboisBEF 31 DEC 1710 Kingston, Ulster Co, New YorkBEF 30 AUG 1749 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York
Jonathan Dubois3 DEC 1727 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Joseph DuBois22 NOV 1817 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio22 AUG 1896 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Joseph DuBois6 APR 1737 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Dubois1763 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York 
Joseph DuBois6 JUL 1767 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Rue Dubois6 MAY 1837  
Josiah DuBois21 OCT 1736  
Judith duBois16 SEP 1632 Canterbury, England 
Katherine Dubois10 SEP 1716 Ulster Co, New York 
Leah Dubois2 MAY 1742  
Leah Dubois10 OCT 1687 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York12 SEP 1758 Paradise, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania
Livingston DuBois18 APR 1827 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Louis Dubois1697  
Louis Dubois1677 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York1749 Libertyville, Gardiner Co, New York
Louis Dubois28 OCT 1626 Wicres, La Barree, Flanders, BelgiumJUN 1696 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Louis DuboisABT 1733 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Louis DuBois14 SEP 1728 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, New York 
Louis Dubois6 JAN 1694/95 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York1784 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New York
Louis Dubois1874 23 APR 1914 
Louis DuBoisABT 1717 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Louisa B DuBois1 MAR 1844 Ohio 
Lydia Dubois19 SEP 1761 Salem Co, New Jersey 
Lydia Conover DuBois1850 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1 JAN 1870 
Lydia Lavina DuBois28 AUG 1843  
Magdalena Dubois1680 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Magdalena DuboisBEF 20 DEC 1713 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York 
Magdalena Dubois15 MAY 1690  
Magdalena DuboisBEF 15 APR 1705 Ulster Co, New York 
Magdalene Dubois1690  
Margaret DuBoisAFT 1803 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Dubois17 JAN 1748/49 Neshanic, Somerset Co, New Jersey Evans, Jackson Co, West Virginia
Margaret DuBoisABT 1852  
Margaret Dubois1807 1808 
Margaret DuBois1716 Frederick Township, Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania 
Margaret DuBois17 DEC 1842  
Margaret A DuBois1855  
Margaret J DuBois13 APR 1771 Monmouth Co, New Jersey31 AUG 1834 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Margarietje Dubois9 APR 1720 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Maria Dubois17 MAR 1705/06 Ulster Co, New York19 JUL 1790 Rosendale, Ulster Co, New York
Maria DuboisBEF 28 AUG 1743 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Maria DuBoisABT 1710  
Maria Dubois20 APR 1746 Kingston, Ulser Co, New York 
Maria DuBois1669  Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York
Marie DuboisABT 1570  
Marie duBois22 NOV 1629 Canterbury, England 
Marie DuboisABT 1723  
Martin Mattheus DuBois3 JAN 1678/79 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York 
Mary Dubois5 JUN 1835 Warrren Co, Ohio30 MAR 1913 
Mary DuBois14 JAN 1790 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary Dubois1689 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York 
Mary DuboisAFT 1803 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary Dubois14 SEP 1758 New Jersey 
Mary DuBoisABT 1684 Ulster Co, New York 
Mary Dubois3 DEC 1721 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York8 APR 1792 
Mary Ella DuboisABT 1855  
Mary Etta DuBois1870 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1885 
Mary Green DuBois15 JUL 1854  
Mary Margaret DuBois1 JAN 1855 Ohio 
Marytje Dubois9 FEB 1717/18  
Matthew Dubois8 MAY 1722 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Methusalem Dubois22 SEP 1751 Ulster Co, New York12 OCT 1829 
Michael duBois13 JUL 1623 Canterbury, England 
Nathaniel DuBoisBEF 6 JUN 1703 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York12 MAY 1763 Blooming Grove, Orange Co, New York
Nathaniel DuboisBEF 28 OCT 1739 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Neeltje DuboisAFT 1710  
Nelson Rue DuBois16 JAN 1840 Ohio 
Nicholas Dubois14 AUG 1768  
Nicholas Dubois21 MAY 1753 New Jersey 
Niclases Dubois1732 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Noah Dubois1700 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York 
Peter DuboisABT 1695  
Peter DuBoisABT 1790  
Peter Dubois10 APR 1734 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Peter Conover Dubois8 FEB 1835 ABT 1875 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Phillip DuBois16 DEC 1689 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York 
Phoebe Dubois11 MAY 1800 Monmonth Co, New Jersey 
Phoebe Ann DuBois1812 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio1897 
Pierre DuBoisABT 1570 Heraeau, Near Lille, France1623 Canterbury, England
Pierre duBois1 OCT 1598 Herseau, FranceJAN 1679/80 
Pierre Dubois17 MAR 1673/74 Leyden, The Netherlands23 JAN 1737/38 Fishkill, New York
Priscilla Dubois1789 France21 JAN 1842 
Rachel DuboisBEF 25 DEC 1735 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Rachel Dubois18 JUN 1727  
Rachel Dubois21 SEP 1749 Salem Co, New Jersey 
Rachel DuBois18 APR 1675 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Rachel Dubois6 MAY 1722  
Rachel Dubois13 OCT 1689 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York1734 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York
Rachel DuBois1 MAR 1726/27 Shawangunk, Ulster Co, New York7 MAY 1781 Gardiner, Ulster Co, New York
Rachel Dubois5 AUG 1739  
Rachel Dubois1756  
Rebbecca DuBois1 FEB 1805  
Rebecca Dubois31 OCT 1708  
Rebecca Dubois12 APR 1733 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey19 JUN 1761 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Rebecca DuBois18 JUN 1671 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Rebecca DuBois14 AUG 1722 Perkioman, Pennsylania 
Samuel DuBoisJAN 1740/41 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Sarah DuboisBEF 11 FEB 1699/00 Ulster Co, New York 
Sarah DuBois28 DEC 1836  
Sarah DuBois14 SEP 1664 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York1726 Salem Co, New Jersey
Sarah DuBois20 DEC 1713 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York 
Sarah Dubois18 MAY 1682 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York13 JAN 1746/47 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York
Sarah Dubois23 SEP 1754 Salem Co, New Jersey 
Sarah DuBois11 JUN 1722 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York2 AUG 1786 Catskill, Greene, New York
Sarah DuBois8 JUN 1812 Monmouth Co, New Jersey30 MAR 1895 
Sarah Dubois26 AUG 1747  
Sarah Dubois1700  
Sarah Ann DuBois7 DEC 1841  
Sarah Jane DuBois11 SEP 1824 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio 
Sarah Matilda DuBois1850 Monmouth Co, New Jersey22 OCT 1871 
Sarah Vanderveer Dubois29 DEC 1834  
Simon Dubois28 JUN 1719 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York1799 Ulster Co, New York
Solomon Dubois6 SEP 1721 Ulster Co, New York 
Solomon DuboisBEF 3 FEB 1668/69 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York2 FEB 1759 New York
Sophia DuBois12 NOV 1775 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Teunis Denyse DuBois23 FEB 1773 Monmouth Co, New Jersey11 SEP 1843 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Tobias DuBois8 JUL 1768 Kingston, Long Isand, New York 
Tryntje DuBois28 APR 1729 Catskill, Greene Co, New York1805 
Tryntje Catherine Dubois29 MAR 1730 Kingston, New York 
Tunis Dubois29 MAY 1806  
Tunis Dubois19 JUN 1842  
Tunis H DuBois23 SEP 1835  
Tunis V Dubois26 OCT 1831 Warrren Co, Ohio22 MAY 1914 Xenia, Greene Co, Ohio
Tunis Vanderveer DuBois11 NOV 1822 Monmouth Co, New Jersey18 FEB 1888 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Wilhelmus DuBois31 MAR 1734  
William H DuboisABT 1860  
William H DuBois1851 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1942 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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