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  13 individuals found for query Durier
Catherine DurierABT 1656  
Daniel Durier12 FEB 1727/28 Bergen Co, New Jersey21 AUG 1804 
Jan DurierMAR 1714/15  
Jannejte DurierABT JUN 1721 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jean DurierBEF 12 NOV 1654 Utrecht, The NetherlandsJUN 1698 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Jeanne DurierABT 1662  
Margrietje DurierBEF 22 JUN 1735 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Marguerite Durier1693 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Maria DurierABT APR 1717 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Petrus DurierABT DEC 1730 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Pierre DurierBEF 1630 The Netherlands 
Samuel Durier3 JUN 1723 Bergen Co, New Jersey1767 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Sarah Durier18 AUG 1725 Bergen Co, New Jersey 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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