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  50 individuals found for query Elrod
Aaltje Glory Elrod15 SEP 1764 Rowan Co, North Carolina1790 
Adam Elrod11 MAR 1742/43 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1812 
Amanda Ellen Elrod1859 Iowa9 APR 1866 
Anna Elrod1788 Rowan Co, North Carolina 
Benjamin Elrod16 OCT 1790 Rowan Co, North Carolina1856 
Benjamin ElrodAPR 1892 Missouri 
Birdie ElrodNOV 1884 Missouri1970 Missouri
Catherine Elrod12 FEB 1749/50 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1804 
Christopher Elrod29 JAN 1720/21 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvannia29 JAN 1785 Hope Mills, Rowan Co, North Carolina
Christopher Elrod15 AUG 1757 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1827 
Conrad Elrod1749 1817 
Dempsey Elrod1809  
Eli Elrod1824 1880 
Elia Elrod1807  
Elizabeth Elrod1861 Bloomfield, Davis Co, Iowa19 APR 1866 
Elizabeth Elrod1745 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1745 
Elizabeth Jane Elrod12 OCT 1888 Harlem, Clay Co, Missouri8 DEC 1970 Riverside, Platte Co, Missouri
Infant Elrod1769 Rowan Co, North Carolina1879 
Infant Elrod1746 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania 
Jeremiah Elrod1710 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania 
Jeremias Elrod1755 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania 
Johan Teter Elrod1664 Palatine, Pflaz, Germany1739 Monacacy, Carroll Co, Maryland
John Elrod5 SEP 1879 Missouri13 OCT 1924 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
John A Elrod27 NOV 1799 Rowan Co, North Carolina6 JAN 1863 Kaufman Co, Texas
John B Elrod29 MAY 1762 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1855 Orange Co, Indiana
John Eli Elrod28 JAN 1850 Orange Co, Indiana16 FEB 1929 Lincoln, Lancaster Co, Nebraska
Kesiah Elrod1804  
Kesiah Jane Elrod1848 1929 
Lydia Elrod7 NOV 1767 Rowan Co, North Carolina1844 
Margaret Elrod2 NOV 1752 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1821 
Martha B ElrodMAR 1895 Missouri1954 
Martin Elrod1801 1850 
Mary Elrod1787 Rowan Co, North Carolina1861 
Mary Catherine Elrod12 MAR 1755 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania14 OCT 1819 Rowan Co, North Carolina
Mary M Elrod1843 1897 
Mary Susan ElrodABT 1816  
Merah Jane Elrod1847  
Robert Elrod1712 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Robert Elrod7 DEC 1759 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania20 JUL 1828 Indiana
Samuel ElrodJUL 1873 Missouri 
Samuel Elrod1794 Rowan Co, North Carolina 
Samuel Miller Elrod1845 1891 
Sarah Elrod26 SEP 1746 Conewago Creek, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1832 
Sarah Elrod1802 1867 
Stephen Elrod1792 Rowan Co, North Carolina1847 
Susannah Elrod1797 Rowan Co, North Carolina1858 
Tilghman A H Elrod1840 1880 
Willam Elrod1790 Rowan Co, North Carolina1851 
William Francis Elrod5 SEP 1853 Gallatone, Clay Co, Iowa22 NOV 1926 Gallatin, Clay Co, Missouri
William Jackson Elrod1828 Iowa7 MAR 1862 Civil War - Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas

* Individual - family ties unknown

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