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  34 individuals found for query Eoff
Alexander Eoff15 MAR 1792 South Carolina18 APR 1869 Bourbon , Crawford Co, Missouri
Ann EoffAFT 1783 Pluckemin, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Eoff1790 Pluckemin, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Charlotte EoffABT 1854 New Jersey 
Christian Eoff1763 Pluckemin, Somerset Co, New Jersey4 SEP 1847 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Cluffy EoffABT 1833 New Jersey 
Elizabeth Eoff1769 Pluckemin, Somerset, New Jersey16 JAN 1851 Owen Co, Indiana
Elizabeth EoffABT 1843 New Jersey 
Flossie Eoff17 JUN 1899 Christian Co, Missouri27 JUL 1983 Greene Co, Missouri
Frank EoffABT 1852 New JerseyJUN 1862 Liberty Corner, Somerset Co, New Jersey
George Eoff1767 Pluckemin, Somerset, New Jersey1847 Pike Co, Missouri
Hannah EoffABT 1850 New Jersey 
Have Wilson Eoff21 NOV 1875 Eubank, Pulaski Co, Kentucky31 JAN 1952 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Isaac Alexander Eoff1761 Pluckemin, Somerset, New Jersey2 OCT 1841 Beech Grove, Coffee Co, Tennessee
Jacob Eoff6 FEB 1794 Pluckemin, Somerset Co, New Jersey29 MAY 1845 White Hall, Greene Co, Illinois
Jacob Eoff10 APR 1702 Krummhardt, Esslingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany9 SEP 1780 Pluckemin, Somerset Co, New Jersey
James Pleasant Eoff23 NOV 1850 Lincoln Co, Kentucky22 NOV 1936 Finley Township, Christian Co, Missouri
Jane EoffABT 1839 New Jersey 
Jane Eoff18 NOV 1832 Missouri25 SEP 1913 Boone, Franklin Co, Missouri
Jesse Isaac Eoff1825 1897 
John Eoff6 DEC 1777 1867 Pulaski Co, Kentucky
John EoffABT 1848 New Jersey 
John Richardson Eoff1816 1864 
Linzy Eoff1820 1895 
Mary EoffABT 1770  
Mary EoffAFT 1783 Pluckemin, Somerset Co, New Jersey26 APR 1847 New Jersey
Peter Eoff1734 Pluckemin, Somerset, New Jersey5 DEC 1787 Madison Co, Kentucky
Rachel EoffAFT 1783 Pluckemin, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Robert EoffABT 1840 New Jersey 
Rosanna Eoff1833 1912 
Silas Alexander Eoff15 FEB 1840 St Louis Co, Missouri6 JUL 1909 Crawford Co, Missouri
Susan EoffABT 1835 New Jersey 
Thomas Eoff1790 New Jersey 
Willis G Eoff7 JAN 1829 Pulaska Co, Kentucky13 FEB 1861 Pulaska Co, Kentucky

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