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  8 individuals found for query Fabro
Anthony Fabro1844 ItalyBET 1886 AND 1888 Christian Co, Missouri
Bernard Anthony Fabro7 MAR 1887 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri11 JUN 1932 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Beverly Fabro  
Caroline Fabro1875 Doylestown, Wayne, Ohio 
Joseph Mathias Fabro16 MAR 1885 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri1947 Ashland City, Ashland Co, Wisconsin
Katherine Mary Fabro30 APR 1877 Doylestown, Wayne, Ohio28 JUN 1952 Rural Polk Township, Christian Co, Missouri
Teresa Fabro  
Willam Matthew Fabro1 FEB 1879 Doylestown, Wayne, Ohio30 APR 1962 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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