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  205 individuals found for query Farley
Abraham Farley1717 Wales 
Abraham Jackson Farley29 SEP 1867 Heath's Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri22 JUL 1957 Los Angeles Co, California
Addie May Farley1879 1949 Warrensburg, Johnson Co, Misssouri
Agnes W Farley12 JUN 1812 Sevier Co, Tennessee13 NOV 1890 Shelby Co, Alabama
Alice Pearl FarleyAUG 1886  
Andrew Jackson Farley1 FEB 1862 Knob Noster, Johnson Co, Missouri3 OCT 1925 Sedalia, Pettis Co, Missouri
Ann Farley1623 Ontario, Canada 
Anna B FarleyABT 1874 Kansas 
Anne FarleyABT 1795 Washington Co, Tennessee 
Archer Farley1688 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Archer Farley1627 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
Armita G Farley10 JUN 1879 Newton Co, Missouri1903 
Barbara Farley1628 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
Bernie H FarleyAFT 1874 Missouri 
Bert Lee FarleyABT 1885  
Bonnie Bell Farley1642 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
Caleb Farley6 JAN 1687/88 Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusett 
Caleb FarleyABT 1722 Amwell Township, Huntington CO, New Jersey 
Caleb Farley1751 New Jersey 
Caleb Farley1664 Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusett 
Carl FarleyAPR 1898 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Charles Wilbur Farley1896 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Chester Lee Farley20 FEB 1888 Missouri 
Clarence Newton Farley1888 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Clyde Lee Farley10 JAN 1900 Newton Co, Missouri6 FEB 1960 Sale Hospital, Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Cora FarleyABT 1877  
Daniel Farley1792 Jonesboro, Washington Co, Tennessee1857 Otterville, Cooper Co, Missouri
Daniel A Farley5 MAR 1880 Barry Co, Missouri16 DEC 1896 Barry Co, Missouri
Daniel Alexander Farley17 OCT 1848 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Daniel Lee Farley21 JUN 1855 Warrensburg, Johnson Co, Missouri17 NOV 1930 Green Ridge, Johnson Co, Missouri
Edward Farley1688 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Effie May Farley14 FEB 1883  
Elijah Newton Farley13 AUG 1818 Sevier Co, Tennessee3 OCT 1863 Civil War - Knob Noster, Johnson Co, Missouri
Elizabeth FarleyABT 1830 Bedford Co, Tennessee2 AUG 1882 Greene Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Farley1645 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Farley1675 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth FarleyABT 1829 Virginia 
Elizabeth Ann Farley1822 Jackson Co, Alabama21 DEC 1897 Shelby Co, Alabama
Elizabeth Frances Farley20 AUG 1864 Johnson Co, Missouri12 JUL 1959 Pettis Co, Missouri
Ellen Farley1833 TennesseeBEF 1837 Tennessee
Esther Geneva Farley29 NOV 1895 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Ethel Arminitie Farley12 OCT 1891 Iron Co, Missouri24 FEB 1979 Middlebrook, Iron Co, Missorui
Eva Farley31 MAR 1880  
Evi Farley  
Evi Ballange Farley21 AUG 1861 Tuscombia, Missouri3 DEC 1943 Sedalia, Pettis Co, Missouri
Fabyan Farley1640 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
Forest Farley1720 1767 
Frances Farley1841 Missouri 
Frances Elizabeth Farley20 JUL 1860 Iron Co, Missouri10 OCT 1880 Missouri
Francis FarleyABT 1735 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Francis Marion Farley8 APR 1848 Jefferson, Johnson Co, Missouri1918 Warrensburg, Johnson Co, Missouri
Francis Marion Farley1703 1791 
George Farley1625 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
George Alexander Farley5 FEB 1868 Iron Co, Missouri15 JUN 1950 Iron Co, Missouri
George Earl Farley6 AUG 1882 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri27 DEC 1952 Miami, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
George Washington Farley4 JUL 1871 MissouriNOV 1896 
George Washington Farley5 MAY 1857 Jefferson, Johnson Co, Missouri3 FEB 1933 Richmond, Ray Co, Missouri
Henry Farley1716 1754 
Henry C FarleyABT 1800 Kentucky 
Infant Farley10 FEB 1869 Barry Co, Missouri13 SEP 1869 Barry Co, Missouri
Infant FarleyABT 1877 Johnson Co, Missouri 
Irwin Farley1835 TennesseeBEF 1837 Tennessee
Isaac Farley1759 New Jersey 
Isabella Ann FarleyABT 1735  
Ivan Farley  
James Farley1643 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
James Farley1679 Henrico Co, Virginia 
James FarleyABT 1735 Henrico Co, Virginia 
James Farley1710 1797 
James Arthur Farley1880 Johnson Co, Missouri 
James Earl FarleyABT 1881  
James Greenley Farley1898 Boone Co, Arkansas1966 
James Henry Farley22 MAY 1859 Jefferson, Johnson Co, Missouri14 AUG 1948 Sedalia, Pettis Co, Missouri
James Ulysses Farley19 MAY 1869 Missouri 
Jason Leonidas Farley12 JAN 1847 6 SEP 1932 Swain Co, North Caorlina
Jasper Newton Farley28 FEB 1850 Jefferson, Johnson Co, Missouri2 JUL 1931 Basin, Big Horn Co, Wyoming
Jemima Alice Farley16 MAY 1879 Sedalia, Pettis Co, Missouri2 NOV 1880 
Jeneva Farley18 OCT 1884 MissouriDEC 1969 Hinton, Caddo Co, Oklahoma
Jeremiah FarleyABT 1755 Amelia Co, Virginia 
Jeremiah FarleyABT 1840 Kentucky 
Jessie Luellen Farley5 DEC 1893 Iron Co, Missouri1916 
John Farley14 OCT 1751 Amelia Co, Virginia9 JUL 1816 Amelia Co, Virginia
John Farley22 MAY 1690 Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusett 
John Farley1728 Virginia25 SEP 1776 Amelia Co, Virginia
John Farley1648 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia1732 Chesterfield Co, Virginia
John Farley15 FEB 1756 Tewsbury, Hunterdon Co, New JerseyJUN 1822 Lycoming, Pennsylvania
John FarleyABT 1735 Henrico Co, Virginia 
John FarleyABT 1775  
John Farley1831 Tennessee1833 Tennessee
John Farley6 APR 1670 Henrico Co, Virginia1754 Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co, Virginia
John Arthur FarleyJUL 1890  
John F Farley1702 1775 
John Henry Farley28 JUL 1867 Missouri24 JUL 1942 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
John Samuel Farley7 JUL 1889 Iron Co, Missouri 
John Sylvester Farley6 FEB 1891 Blackwater, Cooper Co, Missouri24 JUN 1941 Ray Co, Missouri
John Thomas Farley24 FEB 1844 Cooper Co, Missouri20 AUG 1906 Montgomery Co, Kansas
Joseph Farley1673 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Joseph Farley1712 1782 
Joseph Farley1715 Henrico Co, Virginia2 MAY 1782 Amelia, Nottaway Co, Virginia
Joseph L Farley2 MAR 1891 Missouri22 JUN 1891 Cooper Co, Missouri
Joshua Farley22 OCT 1769 New Jersey 
Judith FarleyABT 1710 Henrico Co, Virginia1791 
Larkin Dewitt Farley10 DEC 1852 Jefferson, Johnson Co, Missouri25 SEP 1888 Johnson Co, Missouri
Lela Farley  
Lena FarleyDEC 1874  
Leonidas Ancel Farley4 SEP 1873 North Carolina25 AUG 1942 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
Louisa Farley1892 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Lucinda Francis FarleyAFT 1883 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Margaret Farley28 FEB 1760 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey28 MAR 1818 Coxenberg, New Jersey
Margaret Farley1593  
Margaret Virgina Farley8 JUL 1865 Iron Co, Missouri24 SEP 1885 
Martha Farley16 DEC 1762 Amelia, Nottaway Co, Virginia 
Martha Anna Farley24 MAY 1873  
Martha Lucinda Farley1 APR 1838 Cooper Co, Missouri18 DEC 1913 Newton Co, Missouri
Martin Ellis Farley1899  
Mary FarleyABT 1730 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Mary Farley1668 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Mary Farley1589  
Mary Farley1753 New Jersey1790 
Mary Farley30 JAN 1761 Amelia, Nottaway Co, Virginia18 OCT 1832 Nottaway Co, Virginia
Mary B Farley22 FEB 1825 Tennessee 
Mary Elizabeth Farley1890 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Mary Elizabeth Farley1707  
Mary Elle FarleyABT 1867 Heath's Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri7 JUL 1958 
Mary Jane Farley25 APR 1797 Sevier Co, Tennessee 
Mary Lucinda Farley1875 Missouri27 OCT 1949 Basin, Big Horn County, Wyoming
Mary Susan Farley12 NOV 1863 Iron Co, Missouri11 JUL 1880 Missouri
Matilda Ellen Farley9 JAN 1842 Missouri 
Matthew FarleyABT 1730 Henrico Co, VirginiaBEF 1792 
Matthew Farley1714 Henrico Co, Virginia1792 Henrico Co, Virginia
Matthew Farley1682 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Matthew Farley1790 Sevier Co, Tennessee 
Matthew Anderson Farley2 MAY 1820 Scottsboro, Jackson Co, Alabama5 JUN 1909 Ft Scott, Bourbon Co, Kansas
Matthew Anderson Farley3 SEP 1872 Newton Co, Missouri 
Maudy E Farley22 JUN 1881 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri22 JAN 1883 Newton Co, Missouri
Minard Farley29 MAY 1758 New Jersey 
Minedert Farley17 SEP 1720 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Miranda Jane Farley9 MAR 1850 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Myrtle FarleyABT 1881 Johnson Co, Missouri 
Nancy Farley1875  
Nancy A Farley1872 Missouri 
Nancy Ann Farley2 APR 1872 Barry Co, Missouri21 OCT 1948 Barry Co, Missouri
Nancy Kizziah Farley24 JAN 1805  
Nancy Melinda Farley1 APR 1838 Cooper Co, MissouriBET 1884 AND 1900 Pontotoc Co, Oklahoma
Nancy P Farley26 JUN 1836 Tennessee15 JUN 1892 Barry Co, Missouri
Nellie M FarleyJUN 1873 Illinois 
Obediah Farley7 NOV 1757 Amelia Co, Virginia1836 Shelby Co, Alabama
Obedience FarleyABT 1790 VirginiaBEF 1860 
Oliver FarleyABT 1875  
Permelia F Farley1869 Missouri 
Permelia Frances Farley24 JUL 1868 Barry Co, Missouri23 FEB 1944 Columbia, Missouri
Permelia Virginia Farley14 JUL 1845 Cooper Co, Missouri19 SEP 1928 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
Peter Farley1718 1756 
Peter FarleyABT 1730 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Phebe FarleyABT 1730 Henrico Co, Virginia 
Phebe Jane Farley12 FEB 1824 Jackson Co, AlabamaAFT 1870 
Philip Farley1633 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
Prudence Farley25 JAN 1718/19 Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusett 
Reginal Farley1530 Towthorpe, Yorkshire, EnglandABT 1622 Firthshire, England
Richard Farley1647 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
Richard Farley29 MAR 1559 Albury, Surrey, England21 APR 1621 Farley Green, Albury, Surrey, England
Richard Farley1531 Albury, Surrey, England26 SEP 1561 
Richard Farley1485 Towthorpe, Yorkshire, England England
Robert Dow Farley11 NOV 1897 Iron Co, MissouriNOV 1973 St Louis, Missouri
Robert Henry FarleyNOV 1888 Missouri5 SEP 1945 Helena, Lewis and Clark Co, Montana
Robert L Farley8 JUL 1889  
Rodger Farley1560 Worcester, Worcestershire, England16 SEP 1622 Worcester, Worcestershire, England
Rosco Ambrose Farley11 FEB 1886 Missouri 
Ruth Luavina Farley11 JUL 1892 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Samuel A Farley1 MAR 1837 Cooper Co, Missouri12 SEP 1877 
Sarah FarleyABT 1795 Washington Co, Tennessee Cooper, Pettis Co, Missouri
Sarah FarleyOCT 1876 1877 
Sarah FarleyABT 1745 Amelia Co, Virginia 
Sarah Farley15 DEC 1719 30 JUL 1777 New Jersey
Sarah Farley1732 Henrico Co, VirginiaBEF 1792 Virginia
Sarah Farley1711 1767 
Sarah E Farley12 FEB 1827 Tennessee 
Sidney M Farley13 OCT 1869 Harlan Co, Kentucky21 APR 1947 Pierce City, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Stephen Farley18 JUN 1762 Amelia Co, Virginia5 JUL 1838 White Co, Tennessee
Susan Hannah Farley7 APR 1864 Knob Noster, Johnson Co, Missouri16 MAR 1904 Lamonte, Pettis Co, Missouri
Susan Prudence Farley1864 Missouri 
Susanna Farley1747 Amwell Township, Huntington CO, New Jersey 
Susie Leona Farley1894 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Sylvester FarleyAFT 1883 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Thomas Farley1636 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
Thomas FarleyABT 1600 Worcester, Worcestershire, EnglandABT 1650 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia
Thomas FarleyBEF 1776  
Thomas N Farley11 SEP 1869 Heath's Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri20 AUG 1872 Heath's Creek, Pettis Co, Missouri
Thompson Farley1650 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
Virginia Farley1637 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
Virginia Jane Farley16 JAN 1876 Missouri 
William Farley24 FEB 1846 Missouri4 JAN 1864 Civil War, Jefferson Barracks, St Louis, Missouri
William Farley1685 Henrico Co, Virginia 
William FarleyABT 1735 Henrico Co, Virginia 
William Farley1709 Henrico Co, Virginia1784 
William Farley1648 Archers Hope, James City Co, Virginia 
William Farley1674 Henrico Co, Virginia 
William FarleyABT 1758 Amelia Co, Virginia 
William Bernice Farley19 OCT 1877 Johnson Co, Missouri16 MAR 1947 Sedalia, Pettis Co, Missouri
William Earl Farley13 SEP 1895 Pettis Co, Missouri4 DEC 1927 Pettis Co, Missouri
William Franklin Farley22 MAR 1811 26 NOV 1898 Swain Co, North Caorlina
William Glen Farley4 AUG 1898 Boone Co, Arkansas4 MAR 1983 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
William J Farley10 OCT 1829 Tennessee17 OCT 1905 Barry Co, Missouri
William Jewell FarleySEP 1875 KansasBET 1921 AND 1930 Indepedence, Montgomery Co, Kansas
William Monroe Farley7 AUG 1854 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri22 NOV 1933 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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