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  123 individuals found for query Fisher
Abraham Fisher21 SEP 1740 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Adam Fisher24 JUL 1740 Orange Co, Virginia5 JUL 1812 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Agnes Fisher21 MAR 1776 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Albert K Fisher1884 New Paris, Elkhart Co, Indiana1966 
Alexander FisherABT 1540  
Alice Eddy Fisher1874 Chicago, Illiniois 
Alice K Fisher14 NOV 1872 New Paris, Elkhart Co, Indiana17 AUG 1953 New Paris, Elkhart Co, Indiana
Amanda Fisher26 SEP 1814  
Ann FisherABT 1700  
Ann Mary FisherABT 1765 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Anna Mary Fisher1739  
Anthony FisherAFT 1724  
Barnett Fisher1734 Orange Co, Virginia 
Benjamin FisherABT 1815 BEF 1855 
Benjmain Fisher18 FEB 1763 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Buelah May Fisher29 MAY 1899 Buchanan Township, Page Co, Iowa 
Charles FisherABT 1820  
Christopher Fisher1736  
Conrad Fisher1767 29 JAN 1850 Allendale, New Jersey
Cornelius FisherABT 1800  
Cynthia Fisher30 JAN 1819 5 SEP 1853 Johnson Co, Indiana
Elias FisherFEB 1760 Culpepper Co, Virginia23 MAR 1845 Boone Co, Kentucky
Elias FisherABT 1790  
Elijah Fisher1783 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth FisherABT 1790  
Elizabeth Fisher18 AUG 1791 New Jersey 
Elizabeth FisherABT 1580  
Elizabeth Fisher1866 New Paris, Elkhart Co, Indiana1928 
Elizabeth Fisher15 NOV 1724 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth FisherABT 1760  
Elizabeth Fisher1748 Orange Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Fisher5 DEC 1773 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey15 NOV 1855 South Charleston, Clark Co, Ohio
Elizabeth Fisher25 DEC 1759 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Elizabetha FisherABT 1728  
Eve Fisher1742 Orange Co, Virginia 
Florence Eva FisherABT 1860  
Frank R Fisher1869 New Paris, Elkhart Co, Indiana1941 
George M FisherABT 1830  
George Washington FisherAFT 1875  
Hannah Fisher1798 Fairmont, Jefferson Co, Kentucky 
Hannah Fisher1781 1856 
Hannah FisherABT 1755  
Harriet Georgette Fisher4 AUG 1855 New York, New York12 OCT 1938 Bronxville, Westchester, New York
Hendrick Fisher8 MAY 1723 Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF DEC 1744 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Hendrick Fisher9 DEC 1744 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Henrick Fisher1697 Palantinate, Germany16 AUG 1779 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Henry Fisher1859 BEF 1900 Boston, Nelson Co, Kentucky
Henry FisherABT 1770  
Ida FisherAPR 1891  
Jacob Fisher1741 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey12 DEC 1815 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
James D FisherABT 1820  
James Henry FisherABT 1840 22 AUG 1893 Mena, Polk Co, Arkansas
Jane Fisher1877 New Paris, Elkhart Co, Indiana1954 
Jasper Fisher6 OCT 1833 Ohio27 MAY 1924 
Jasper William Fisher24 AUG 1877 Nodaway, Andrew Co, Missouri 
Jemima Fisher1770 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Jermiah FisherABT 1745 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Joab FisherABT 1873  
Joab Huston FisherABT 1875  Alabama
Johann Wilhelm Fisher1727  
Johannes Fisher17 FEB 1733/34 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Fisher1737  
John Henry Fisher27 NOV 1859  
Judith Fisher1534 London, Middlesex, England Middlesex, England
Klaas Ruurds Fisher20 JUN 1840 Balk, Friesland, The Netherlands19 SEP 1924 New Paris, Elkhart Co, Indiana
Lauda Mae Fisher1879 1907 
Lillie Fisher1863 Connecticut1919 
Lou Ella FisherBEF 1880 Alabama 
Louisa C Fisher1846  
Lucretia Fisher1876 Illinios 
Lucretia Fisher13 MAR 1830 Dalton, Coos Co, New Hampshire 
Ludwig Fisher23 OCT 1680 Hanover, Germany1773 Culpepper Co, Virginia
Margaret Fisher1744 Orange Co, Virginia 
Margaret Fisher5 JUN 1743 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maria Fisher4 MAY 1729 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Marion Franklin FisherAFT 1875  
Mary Fisher22 JUN 1753  
Mary Fisher1762 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Mary FisherABT 1835 1864 
Mary FisherABT 1845  
Mary FisherABT 1654 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
Mary FisherABT 1790  
Mary Fisher1688 Hanover Co, Virginia 
Mary Fisher1750 Orange Co, Virginia 
Mary FisherABT 1755 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Mary Ada FisherAFT 1875  
Mary W FisherJUN 1899  
Minne Fisher15 AUG 1736 Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF AUG 1738 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Minnie FisherBEF 30 MAR 1738 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Nancy FisherABT 1820  
Nancy Ann Fisher1 JAN 1772 Morris Co, New Jersey 
Nancy Ann Fisher11 SEP 1869 Sebastian Co, Arkansas 
Napoleon C Fisher2 NOV 1856 Bucyrus, Ohio 
Neeltje Fisher14 OCT 1731 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Nicholas Fisher1747 Orange Co, Virginia 
Pearl R Fisher1889 Missouri1935 Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Peter Fisher1740  
Racher FisherABT 1835  
Rade FisherAUG 1895  
Robert William Fisher26 SEP 1830 New York, New York27 JAN 1902 New York, New York
Rosannah Fisher25 NOV 1781 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Sallie Fisher13 OCT 1801 Madison Co, Virginia 
Samuel Fisher5 AUG 1871 Sebastian Co, Arkansas 
Samuel FisherABT 1820  
Samuel FisherSEP 1842 APR 1871 Arkansas
Sarah FisherABT 1755 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Sarah Fisher22 APR 1775 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey18 SEP 1831 
Sarah Jane Fisher5 OCT 1834 Ohio8 OCT 1901 Lincoln City, Indiana
Sebastian FisherABT 1689  
Stephen Fisher5 APR 1795 Madison Co, Virginia 
Stephen Fisher1778 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Stephen Fisher1736 Culpepper Co, Virginia20 MAY 1817 Boyle Co, Kentucky
Susan Fisher22 MAR 1809  
Susannah Fisher5 SEP 1772 Mercer Co, Kentucky24 NOV 1859 Randolph Co, Missouri
Susannah Fisher1780 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Thomasina Fisher1559  
Unk Fisher1746 Orange Co, Virginia 
Vigilence Fisher1 DEC 1727 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Volkert Fisher4 APR 1729 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
William FisherABT 1500  
William H FisherABT 1835  
William Wallace Fisher27 MAR 1868 Sebastian Co, Arkansas 
Zephriin Sophia Fisher1806 1875 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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