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  18 individuals found for query France
Abraham FranceABT 1756 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania 
Ann France18 NOV 1792 Botetourt Co, Virginia 
Catherine France1794 1856 
Christian FranceABT 1761 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania6 MAR 1860 Clark Co, Ohio
Daniel FranceABT 1847 Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky 
Daniel France9 FEB 1763 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania 
David France1766 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1815 Botetourt Co, Virginia
Frances I of FranceABT 1475  
George W FranceNOV 1862 Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky 
Jacob FranceABT 1825  
Jacob France25 SEP 1755 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania14 MAY 1799 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania
John France15 DEC 1749 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania 
Louisa France6 SEP 1855 Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky
Michael FranceABT 1800  
Michael France1753 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania17 MAY 1843 Botetourt Co, Virginia
Peter France22 JUL 1765 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1854 Botetourt Co, Virginia
Sarah France1807 1870 
Sarah Ann France1767 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1805 Virginia

* Individual - family ties unknown

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