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  219 individuals found for query French
Aaron French8 SEP 1739 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Abner French17 NOV 1699 Topsfield, Massachusetts22 NOV 1788 New London, Connecticut
Abner French3 MAR 1757 Canterbury, Windham Co, Connecticut 
Adelia French8 DEC 1892 Christian Co, Missouri27 JUN 1972 Missouri
Adelia Ann French6 OCT 1842 Vernon, Jennings Co, Indiana 
Alfred French1823 1906 
Andrew FrenchABT 1690 England11 APR 1757 
Ann French1567  Olney, Buckinghamshire, England
Ann French1610 Pershore, Worchestershire, England 
Ann FrenchABT 1660  
Anna FrenchABT 1892 New Jersey 
Anna Louise French15 OCT 1886 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, Kansas 
Anne FrenchABT 1731 New York 
Anne FrenchABT 1702 New York 
Arrena Melvina French1837 Caldwell Co, Kentucky1888 
Artemitia French13 FEB 1810 Stockholm, St Lawrence Co, New York 
Benjamin FrenchAFT 1760 Bardstown, Nelson Co, Kentucky 
Carter Comstock French12 JUN 1855 Davis Co, Iowa 
Catherine FrenchABT 1736 New Jersey 
Charity French29 MAY 1736 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut 
Charles French20 MAR 1670/71 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England 
Charles Edwin French25 JUN 1866 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, Kansas 
Charlotta Adelia FrenchSEP 1842 Caldwell Co, Kentucky1900 
Christina French15 AUG 1771 Maryland1852 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Daniel French1719 Virginia1756 
Daniel French1739 1807 
Daniel FrenchABT 1689 Virginia 
Daniel French1817 Kentucky 
David FrenchABT 1793 Burlington Flats, Otsego Co, New York 
David FrenchABT 1740 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
David James French6 MAR 1853 Union, Davis Co, Iowa 
Deborah Jane French25 AUG 1835 Vernon, Jennings Co, Indiana 
Dora French1879 Christian Co, Missouri 
Dora A FrenchAFT 1872 Christian Co, Missouri 
Dorothy French27 AUG 1791 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Edward French  
Elizabeth French6 APR 1696 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth French14 JUL 1800 Mercer Co, Kentucky14 AUG 1885 
Elizabeth FrenchAFT 1631 Essex, England1697 Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts
Elizabeth FrenchBEF 22 SEP 1719 Lesbury, Northumberland, England 
Elizabeth FrenchBEF 14 FEB 1699/00 New York 
Elizabeth FrenchABT 1733 New York 
Elizabeth Clementine French18 JUL 1857 Davis Co, Iowa 
Elizabeth Herbert FrenchABT 1685  
Elizabeth Hewitt French14 DEC 1724 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut 
Elizabeth L FrenchABT 1815  
Elizabeth L French1877 Christian Co, Missouri 
Elkanah French19 APR 1768 Windham, Windham Co, Connecticut 
Epharim FrenchABT 1643 Ipswich, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Forrest Hubert French22 JUL 1897 Butler, Bates Co, Missouri 
Francis FrenchBET 1738 AND 1741 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Francis Marion French9 SEP 1900 Rich Hill, Bates Co, Missouri 
Franklin Robinson French1 JUL 1809 Stockholm, St Lawrence Co, New York 
George FrenchBEF 1787 Frederick Co, Maryland Washington Co, Maryland
George W FrenchABT 1815  
George Washington French31 MAR 1782 Lincoln, Mercer Co, Kentucky1 NOV 1837 Newell, Vermillion Co, Illinios
George Washington French1864 Christian Co, Missouri1936 
George Washington French1847 Caldwell Co, Kentucky1865 Civil War
Hannah French1669 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England 
Harry Nathaniel French7 JAN 1881 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, Kansas 
Harvey French20 FEB 1847  
Henry French9 MAR 1755 Lesbury, Northunberland, England11 AUG 1821 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Henry FrenchBEF 13 DEC 1713 Lesbury, Northumberland, EnglandAFT 1760 
Henry FrenchABT 1795 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Hepziabah French2 FEB 1678/79 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Horace Nathan French6 JUL 1798 Burlington Flats, Otsego Co, New York8 DEC 1885 Oregon, Holt Co, Missouri
Hugh French1648 County Roscommon, Ireland3 DEC 1701 St Marys Parish, Richmond Co, Virginia
Hugh French1686 Virginia 
Hugh French1715 Virginia1771 Prince William Co, Virginia
Infant French27 MAY 1771 Windham, Windham Co, Connecticut 
Jacob FrenchAFT 1760 Bardstown, Nelson Co, Kentucky 
James French19 FEB 1751/52 Lesbury, Northunberland, England 
James FrenchABT 1685  
James FrenchABT 1650 Galaway, IrelandABT 1735 St Marys Co, Maryland
James FrenchABT 1760  
James Franklin French17 NOV 1856 Christian Co, Missouri21 MAR 1934 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
James Horace French25 JAN 1861 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, Kansas 
James Hubbard French28 AUG 1851 Caldwell Co, Kentucky21 APR 1922 Lawrence Co, Missouri
James M French1876 Christian Co, Missouri 
James M FrenchAFT 1872 Christian Co, Missouri 
Jane French11 JUL 1662 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England 
Jane French1676 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England 
Jemima French10 OCT 1738 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut 
Jemima French31 JAN 1697/98 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
John French1725 Virginia 
John French15 MAY 1844  
John French12 NOV 1788 Mercer Co, Kentucky18 APR 1870 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John French1673 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England 
John French30 JAN 1757 Lesbury, Northunberland, England 
John French7 APR 1731 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut11 MAY 1812 Pawlet, Rutland Co, Vermont
John FrenchABT 1637 Ipswich, Essex Co, MassachusettsABT 1706 Topsfield, Massachusetts
John French26 AUG 1671 Topsfield, Massachusetts20 APR 1730 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut
John French22 NOV 1704 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
John Barnes French11 OCT 1878 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, Kansas 
John Barnes French1 JUN 1840 Vernon, Jackson Co, Indiana16 JAN 1907 Butler, Bates Co, Missouri
John E French1869 Christian Co, Missouri 
John Elson French2 NOV 1760 Virginia17 FEB 1844 De Witt Co, Illinois
John L FrenchABT 1800 Burlington Flats, Otsego Co, New York 
John Melton French26 NOV 1853 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri5 FEB 1918 Polk Township, Christian Co, Missouri
Jonathan French21 OCT 1733 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut 
Joseph French10 AUG 1709 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Joseph French20 FEB 1740/41 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut 
Joseph French12 AUG 1753 Lesbury, Northunberland, England 
Joseph French23 JUL 1698 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Joseph French1750  
Joseph French1723 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Joseph French1874 Christian Co, Missouri 
Joseph F French18 AUG 1838 Caldwell Co, Kentucky31 DEC 1915 McKinley, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Joseph William French6 SEP 1861 Christian Co, Missouri17 NOV 1899 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Joseph William French1805 Caldwell Co, Kentucky7 JUL 1888 Christian Co, Missouri
Joseph William FrenchAFT 1872 Christian Co, Missouri 
Joshua French11 MAY 1744 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut 
Julia Ann French26 JUL 1854 Christian Co, Missouri5 MAY 1938 Christian Co, Missouri
Katie Ellen French22 AUG 1889 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri29 AUG 1961 Missouri
Keziah French6 JUL 1702 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
L E FrenchAFT 1872 Christian Co, Missouri 
Lafford French1753 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Laura Armita French30 MAR 1874 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, Kansas 
Littleberry French1786 1829 
Lucy Jane French1855 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri1855 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Lucy Jane French23 MAY 1871 Christian Co, Missouri8 APR 1940 
Lydia French1682 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England 
Lydia French17 MAY 1674 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Margaret FrenchABT 1720  
Margaret FrenchABT 1690 Virginia 
Margaret FrenchBEF 4 MAY 1701 New York 
Margaret FrenchBEF 23 JUL 1715 Lesbury, Northumberland, England 
Martha French9 AUG 1669 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Martha Jane French6 DEC 1887 21 JUN 1969 Stone Co, Missouri
Martin FrenchABT 1650 ABT 1716 
Martin FrenchABT 1625 Ireland 
Martin FrenchABT 1670 St Marys Co, Maryland4 APR 1716 
Mary French3 NOV 1808 Burlington Co, New Jersey 
Mary French26 JUL 1726 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut 
Mary FrenchABT 1727 New York 
Mary French1688 Virginia 
Mary FrenchABT 1662 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Mary French23 SEP 1632 Boston, Massachusetts 
Mary FrenchABT 1630 Pershore, Worchestershire, England Culpepper Co, Virginia
Mary FrenchABT 1805  
Mary FrenchABT 1740 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary FrenchBEF 27 OCT 1706 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Mary French1675 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England 
Mary French1 DEC 1776 Mercer Co, Kentucky12 NOV 1858 Boyle Co, Kentucky
Mary FrenchABT 1690 St Marys Co, Maryland 
Mary Blue French9 JUN 1844 Kentucky15 MAY 1916 Republic, Greene Co, Missouri
Mary Catherine French14 NOV 1869 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, Kansas 
Mary Elizabeth French16 MAR 1825 Vernon, Jennings Co, Indiana 
Mary M French1850 Wapello Co, Iowa 
Mason French1720 Virginia1752 
Mason French1693 Rappahannock Co, Virginia1746 Westmoreland Co, Virginia
Michael FrenchABT 1720 Spartenburg, South Carolina Spartenburg, South Carolina
Milton Jefferson French18 JAN 1801 Bulington Flats, Otsego Co, New Yokr 
Milton Jefferson French30 JUL 1827 Vernon, Jennings Co, Indiana 
Milton Joshua French27 AUG 1876 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, Kansas29 APR 1929 Mulberry, Crawford Co, Kansas
Nancy French19 NOV 1789 North Carolina7 AUG 1871 Taylorville, Christian Co, Illinois
Nancy French1 SEP 1801  
Nancy French1801 Burlington Flats, Otsego Co, New York 
Nancy Mariah French11 FEB 1832 Decatur, Indiana 
Nathan French1 JUL 1762 Canterbury, Windham Co, Connecticut 
Nathaniel Horace French2 OCT 1837 Vernon, Jennings Co, Indiana 
Omar French6 AUG 1899 Missouri 
Ora E French7 JAN 1864 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, Kansas 
Patience French23 AUG 1681 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Permelia J French2 APR 1859 Wapello Co, Iowa31 OCT 1931 Guthrie, Logan Co, Oklahoma
Philip FrenchBEF APR 1695 New York 
Phillip FrenchABT 1738 New Jersey 
Phillip FrenchBEF 13 FEB 1666/67 Kilshall, Suffolkshire, England 
Phillip FrenchABT 1815  
Rachel French24 MAR 1663/64 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England 
Rebecca FrenchABT 1780 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Richard French1 DEC 1665 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England 
Richard French18 AUG 1676 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Robert French1717 Virginia1743 
Robert B French15 MAR 1848 Iowa7 NOV 1912 Jewell Co, Kansas
Rowlee Eastman French4 NOV 1822 Vernon, Jennings Co, Indiana 
Ruth French23 APR 1772 Windham, Windham Co, Connecticut 
Ruth French22 JUL 1797 Burlington Flats, Otsego Co, New York 
Ruth French12 NOV 1764 Canterbury, Windham Co, Connecticut 
Samuel French19 JAN 1710/11 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Samuel FrenchABT 1641 Ipswich, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Samuel Franklin French3 MAR 1890 Pratt, Kansas2 AUG 1955 Marionville, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Sarah French1845 Iowa1908 Kansas
Sarah French27 AUG 1728 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut 
Sarah FrenchABT 1745  
Sarah French17 MAR 1660/61 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England 
Sarah French1760 Lesbury, Northumberland, England1856 Breton, Washington Co, Missouri
Sarah French1813 1889 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Sarah FrenchABT 1637 Ipswich, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Sarah French1 MAR 1664/65 Topsfield, Massachusetts 
Sarah French1822 1908 
Sarah French17 MAR 1754  
Sarah French27 APR 1760 Canterbury, Windham Co, Connecticut 
Sarah French14 JAN 1767 Loudoun Co, Virginia1 AUG 1838 Virginia
Sarah French1807  
Sarah E French1873 Christian Co, Missouri 
Sarah Jane FrenchAUG 1841 Caldwell Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Lavina French7 SEP 1850 Redding, Jackson Co, Indiana 
Simon FrenchABT 1749  
Sluman French2 MAY 1747 Norwich, New London Co, Connecticut 
Susanah French1788 Virginia1863 Stampers Creek Township, Orange Co, Indiana
Susannah FrenchABT 1729 New York 
Susannah French23 MAR 1785 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Thomas FrenchBEF 11 OCT 1584 England 
Thomas French29 OCT 1639 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England3 MAY 1699 Rancocas, Burlington Co, New Jersey
Thomas FrenchBEF 31 OCT 1667 Nether Heyford, Northhamptonshire, England1745 
Thomas FrenchABT 1635 Boston, Massachusetts 
Thomas FrenchBEF 27 NOV 1608 Assington, Suffolk, England8 AUG 1680 Ipswich, Essex Co, Massachusetts
Thomas A FrenchAFT 1872 Christian Co, Missouri 
Thomas H French1866 Christian Co, Missouri1924 
Unk French5 OCT 1692 Rancocas, Burlington Co, New Jersey 
Waunetta Elizabeth French5 DEC 1898 Butler, Bates Co, Missouri 
William French1777 Caldwell Co, Kentucky1848 Caldwell Co, Kentucky
William FrenchABT 1603 Essex, England20 NOV 1681 Billerica, Massachusetts
William French1752  
William Franklin French5 FEB 1832 Scottsburg, Caldwell Co, Kentucky31 MAR 1910 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
William Harvey French7 NOV 1871 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, Kansas 
Zanatta Mariah French14 APR 1829 Butler, Bates Co, Missouri 
Zephaniah French19 OCT 1769 Windham, Windham Co, Connecticut27 MAY 1852 Bloomfield, Davis Co, Iowa

* Individual - family ties unknown

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