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  127 individuals found for query Garretson
Altje Garretson1706 19 FEB 1739/40 New Jersey
Altje Garretson24 OCT 1705 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 
Amelia GarretsonABT 1835  
Amelia GarretsonABT 1830  
Ann Garretson4 JUL 1783 19 MAR 1825 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ann Garretson22 FEB 1749/50 Warrington, York Co, Pennsylvania 
Ann Eliza Garretson18 JUN 1804 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Ann Eliza Garretson27 AUG 1825  
Ann Elizabeth Garretson4 NOV 1835  
Ann Smock Garretson11 MAY 1806  
Anna Garretson1664 Amersfoort, Long Island, New York15 MAR 1728/29 Gravesend, Long Island, New York
Anna Maria Garretson21 APR 1823 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Armegot GarretsonABT 1655  
Bernardus Garretson1734 Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Bernardus Garretson4 JUN 1696 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 
Catherine GarretsonAUG 1827  
Catherine GarretsonSEP 1851  
Catherine Perrine Garretson8 APR 1865  
Daniel Raplje Garretson1841  
Dewitt Garretson29 SEP 1843  
Dewitt Garretson4 NOV 1837  
Dinah Garretson1792 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Dirck Garretson26 DEC 1802  
Dorothy GarretsonABT 1792  
Edward Garretson1726  
Elizabeth Garretson30 APR 1704  
Emma GarretsonABT 1840  
Freebourne Garretson15 FEB 1712/13  
Garett Garretson10 FEB 1719/20  
Garetta Garretson5 OCT 1853  
Garret Garretson1770 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey13 MAR 1821 Bound Brook, New Jersey
Garret GarretsonABT 1680 Baltimore Co, MarylandBEF 23 MAR 1737/38 Maryland
Garret Garretson21 JUL 1807 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey14 AUG 1854 
Garret GarretsonABT 1760  
Garret GarretsonABT 1735  
Garret Garretson27 AUG 1698 Gravesend, Long Island, New York17 SEP 1752 Middlebush, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Garret Garretson1786 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey1829 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Garret James Garretson16 JUL 1847  
George Garretson26 NOV 1703  
George Wyckoff Garretson9 DEC 1844  
Helena Garretson1774 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Hendrick GarretsonABT 1790  
Hendrick GarretsonBEF 13 OCT 1793  
Henry Garretson2 JUN 1834 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey10 APR 1883 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Henry H Garretson20 MAY 1810  
Henry Hegeman Garretson24 JUN 1810  
Henry Lott Garretson7 MAY 1852  
Ida Garretson1793 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacob Garretson1745 Gravesend, Long Island, New York1812 
Jacobus Garretson25 MAR 1708 Gravesend, Long Island, New York20 JAN 1745/46 Gravesend, Long Island, New York
Jacobus Garretson19 APR 1804  
Jacobus Garretson21 NOV 1768 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey1802 
James Garretson1822  
James Garretson4 APR 1794 30 JUN 1876 
James Garretson29 APR 1832  
James Garretson15 OCT 1709  
Jane Garretson7 JUL 1776  
Jane Vanderveer Garretson29 SEP 1828  
Jeremiah Garretson23 DEC 1791 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey9 FEB 1881 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jeremiah Field Garretson1830  
Johanna Garretson6 SEP 1799 New Jersey24 DEC 1883 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Johannes Garretson20 AUG 1716 Gravesend, Long Island, New York20 FEB 1766 
Johannes Garretson30 MAY 1778 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey4 DEC 1857 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Garretson19 JUL 1771  
John Garretson17 FEB 1705/06  
John Garretson1829  
John GarretsonABT 1799  
John GarretsonABT 1775  
John Best Garretson8 APR 1833  
John Frederick Garretson1870  Middlesex Co, New Jeresey
John H Garretson1835 1924 
John I Garretson19 MAY 1804  
John P Garretson5 OCT 1831  
John Shureman Garretson27 SEP 1809  
John Voorhees Garretson19 SEP 1867  
Joseph Garretson30 DEC 1708  
L GarretsonABT 1850  
Lena GarretsonABT 1765  
Louisa Magdalen Garretson3 OCT 1825  
Magdalen Garretson9 MAR 1815  
Magdalena Garretson16 MAY 1821  
Magdalena Garretson1771 Middlebush, Somerset Co, New Jersey10 APR 1814 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New Jersey
Magdalena GarretsonABT 1794  
Margaret Garretson3 MAR 1816  
Maria Garretson28 JAN 1710/11 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 
Maria Garretson2 MAR 1794 29 SEP 1853 
Maria Garretson1673 16 JUL 1755 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marten GarretsonABT 1625  
Martha GarretsonABT 1753  
Martha Veghte Garretson4 DEC 1817  
Mary Garretson20 FEB 1714/15  
Mary GarretsonABT 1700  
Mary Ellen Garretson3 MAR 1840  
Mary Perrine GarretsonJUL 1828  
Mary Pumyea Garretson3 FEB 1871  
Peter Garretson1783 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey1840 
Peter GarretsonABT 1805  
Peter Garretson16 OCT 1818  
Peter Styker Garretson16 APR 1820  
Peter Wortman Garretson4 MAR 1839  
Peter Wortman Garretson11 APR 1820  
Phebe GarretsonBEF 21 SEP 1794  
Rachel Garretson1675 27 MAR 1757 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Rachel Ann Garretson5 MAY 1817  
Rem Garretson9 MAR 1702/03 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 
Rem Garretson1667 Amersfoort, Long Island, New York4 MAY 1715 Gravesend, Long Island, New York
Rem Garretson1740 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey26 SEP 1786 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Rem J Garretson1769 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Richard GarretsonABT 1721  
Richard GarretsonBEF 15 MAY 1818  
Rugertson GarretsonBEF 1615 The NetherlandsBEF 9 JAN 1678/79 Baltimore Co, Maryland
Rutten GarretsonBEF 1631 Amersfort, The NetherlandsBEF 8 MAR 1663/64 Baltimore Co, Maryland
Samuel Garretson3 JAN 1700/01 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 
Samuel Garretson1731 Gravesend, Long Island, New York1822 Flatbush, Long Island, New York
Samuel Garretson1 OCT 1671 Gravesend, Long Island, New York4 SEP 1763 Gravesend, Long Island, New York
Samuel GarretsonABT 1745 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 
Samuel Garretson1776 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Samuel Jacobsen Garretson11 MAR 1776 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Garretson30 DEC 1708  
Sarah GarretsonABT 1745 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 
Sarah Garretson1773 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Somelia Garretson1 JUN 1718  
Sophia Garretson15 NOV 1711  
Stephanus Garretson1781 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Stephne GarretsonABT 1740  
Warlter Browne Garretson25 NOV 1849  
Willhelmus Garretson22 MAY 1713 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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