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  54 individuals found for query Gay
Agness GayABT 1734  
Alexander Gay5 DEC 1852 Cooper Co, Missouri25 DEC 1923 
Alexander Gay4 JAN 1857 Cooper Co, Missouri28 DEC 1940 Center, Greene Co, Missouri
Alexander Gay1769 Albermarle Co, VirginiaBEF 10 MAR 1856 Cooper Co, Missouri
Ann Gay1697 Isle of Wright, Virginia1797 
Anna Gay1864 Missouri 
Edward Joseph Gay13 APR 1889 Switzerland11 FEB 1967 Missouri
Elinor GayABT 1717  
Elizabeth Gay1766 Albermarle Co, Virginia1806 
Elizabeth GayABT 1755  
Elizabeth GayABT 1744  
Ernest Gay24 FEB 1900 St James, Phelps Co, issouri19 OCT 1964 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Eugene L Gay8 MAY 1844 Switzerland20 SEP 1908 Phelps Co, Missouri
Fred E Gay10 JUN 1891 Switzerland17 OCT 1968 Greene Co, Missouri
George C GayABT 1865  
Geroge Gay1851 Cooper Co, Missouri 
Hannah Gay11 MAR 1764 Albermarle Co, VirginiaJUL 1833 Adair Co, Kentucky
Henry GayABT 1675 Virginia1736 Virginia
Henry GayABT 1748  
Henry GayABT 1650 England1688 New Kent Co, Virginia
Henry GayABT 1717  
Henry Gay1688 Isle of Wright, Virginia1793 
James Gay1719  
James Gay1768 Albermarle Co, Virginia 
Jean GayABT 1740  
John Gay1768 Albermarle Co, Virginia1777 Augusta Co, Virginia
John Gay1737 1793 
John GayABT 1712 Northern IrelandMAR 1777 Augusta Co, Virginia
John GayABT 1736  
Joshua Gay1 MAY 1819 Lincoln Co, Kentucky28 AUG 1889 Bois D'Arc, Greene Co, Missouri
Joshua Gay1693 Isle of Wright, Virginia1784 
Juliet Gay1859 Missouri 
Keren Happuch Gay1822 Lincoln Co, Kentucky19 JUL 1845 Bunceton, Cooper Co, Missouri
Malinda Gay22 SEP 1853 Cooper Co, Missouri29 DEC 1937 
Martha Gay1771 1807 Lincoln Co, Kentucky
Mary Gay24 FEB 1870 Greene Co, Missouri30 JAN 1944 Ontario, Los Angeles, California
Mary GayABT 1738  Waynesboro, Augusta Co, Virginia
Rebecca Gay1740  
Robert GayABT 1717  
Samuel Gay1780 1806 
Samuel Gay1700 Ulster, Ireland1790 Lincoln Co, Kentucky
Samuel Gay1749 1829 
Samuel Gay9 AUG 1865 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri 
Samuel GayABT 1717  
Sarah Gay1774  
Sarah Gay1695 Isle of Wright, Virginia 
Thomas Gay1700 Isle of Wright, Virginia1754 
Thomas Gay1775  
Thomas GayABT 1735 IrelandDEC 1802 Lincoln Co, Kentucky
William Gay1742  
William Gay4 JAN 1857 Cooper Co, Missouri26 DEC 1940 Springfiedl Baptist Hosptial,Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
William Gay1705 Isle of Wright, Virginia1 MAR 1748/49 Chesterfield Co, Virginia
William GayABT 1715  
William GayABT 1680  

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