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  13 individuals found for query Glandon
Agnes C Glandon7 MAY 1839  
Eli Peacock Glandon22 AUG 1834  
Elizabeth Susan Glandon17 FEB 1817 26 SEP 1886 Brooklyn, Schuyler Co, Illinios
Harriet Johnson Glandon7 APR 1832  
Isbella Jane Glandon7 AUG 1819  
James Monroe Glandon24 APR 1815  
John Arrison Glandon5 FEB 1824  
Julianne Johnson Glandon14 SEP 1826  
Lucretia Taylor GlandonBET JAN AND MAR 1829  
Mary Alice Glandon7 JUN 1861 Brooklyn, Schuyler Co, Illinios 
Mary Ann Glandon2 OCT 1813  
William Glandon28 JUN 1785 Scotland2 APR 1848 Franklin, Harrrison Co, Ohio
William Robert Neal Glandon2 SEP 1821  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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