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  21 individuals found for query Glore
Allen C GloreAFT 1792  
Cynthia Melissa GloreABT 1855  
Elizabeth GloreAFT 1792  
Elizabeth Jane Glore13 OCT 1844 Washington Co, Missouri 
Emily Ann Glore1840 Washington Co, Missouri 
Harriet GloreAFT 1792  
Henry M GloreABT 1860  
Isabella Glore27 APR 1851 Washington Co, Missouri 
Jennie May GloreABT 1900  
John Milburn GloreBET 1848 AND 1859 Washington Co, Missouri 
Lisbon Alexander GloreAPR 1858 Washington Co, Missouri 
Lisbon Alexander Glore1812 Oldham Co, Kentucky1887 Washington, Missouri
Martha Luvina Glore1851 Washington Co, Missouri 
Mary Francis Glore1836 Oldham Co, Kentucky 
Matilda GloreAFT 1792  
Milburn Glore28 OCT 1810 Shelbyville, Kentucky 
Morton Christopher Glore16 MAR 1802 Oldham Co, Kentucky 
Norbin Samuel GloreAFT 1792  
Samuel Glore19 JUL 1776 Culpepper Co, Virginia1836 Virginia
Sarah E GloreBET 1842 AND 1843 Washington Co, Missouri 
William Morton Glore26 AUG 1837 Washington Co, Missouri 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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