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  103 individuals found for query Gold
Adam Jerry Gold10 FEB 1892 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri14 DEC 1945 Franklin Township, Newton Co, Missouri
Addie I Gold25 NOV 1885 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri1968 Newton Co, Missouri
Alice Gold1875 Christian Co, Missouri1913 
Allen Gold26 SEP 1865 Green Valley (Boaz), Christian Co, Missouri6 MAY 1950 Baca, Colorado
Allie G Gold1887 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri1888 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Amanda Emaline Gold23 JUN 1842 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee27 MAR 1922 Barber Co, Kansas
Andrew Thomas Gold13 MAY 1870 Highlandville, Christian Co, Missouri5 DEC 1948 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Artie Mae Gold11 AUG 1897 Stone Co, Missouri19 MAY 1935 Union City, Stone Co, Missouri
Benjmain William Gold1853 Marshall Co, Tennessee 
Bertha Alice Gold3 OCT 1884 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri11 JUL 1886 Christian Co, Missouri
Carrie Ethel Gold1888 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri1948 
Clary Lou Thisie Gold1877 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri 
Clella Edward Gold1881 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri1881 
Clellie Gold1900 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri 
Clinton Day Gold3 DEC 1884 Templeton, Armstrong Co, PennsylvaniaMAY 1963 Okmulgee, Okmulgee Co, Oklahoma
Cynthia Gold1873 Christian Co, Missouri1913 
David Gold1791  
David Gold15 MAR 1819 Lincoln Co, Tennesee26 OCT 1882 Marshall Co, Tennessee
David Nelson Gold7 FEB 1880 Newton Co, Missouri25 OCT 1965 
Edna Gold18 OCT 1881 Newton Co, Missouri18 OCT 1881 Newton Co, Missouri
Edna O Gold22 JUL 1892 Newton Co, Missouri18 JAN 1896 Newton Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Gold18 JAN 1882 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri20 APR 1953 Reedley, Fresno Co, California
Elizabeth Gold1833 Lincoln Co, Tennesee 
Ellen A Gold1849 Marshall Co, Tennessee 
Elmer Gold1894 Missouri 
Elmer Marshall Gold19 AUG 1882 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri16 JUL 1954 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Ernest James Gold9 OCT 1889 Newton Co, Missouri10 JUL 1965 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri
Ethel R GoldSEP 1884 Newton Co, Missouri18 MAR 1927 Vernon Co, Missouri
Eva GoldABT 1890 Newton Co, Missouri 
Everett GoldAFT 1887 Newton Co, Missouri 
Frances Gold23 MAY 1863 Green Valley (Boaz), Christian Co, Missouri 
Fred Gold1886 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri 
George Washington Gold1872 Christian Co, Missouri1937 
Green Elza Gold15 FEB 1880 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri9 JUL 1939 
Harriet Esther Gold15 OCT 1815 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee19 AUG 1905 Lincoln Co, Tennesee
Hetty Matilda GoldFEB 1849 Lincoln Co, Tennessee3 OCT 1920 Lamar, Barton Co, Missouri
Homer B Gold1895 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri1966 
Isaiah Newton Gold26 MAY 1858 Mahoning, Armstrong Co, Pennsylvania26 APR 1919 Okmulgee, Okmulgee Co, Oklahoma
James Harvey Gold1869 Christian Co, Missouri1940 
James J Gold1867 Missouri 
James M Gold14 JUN 1825 Lincoln Co, Tennesee 
James Noah Gold17 JUL 1881 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri9 JUN 1949 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
James Thomas Gold22 APR 1850 Marshall Co, Tennessee27 JUL 1909 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri
Jane D Gold1884 Christian Co, Missouri1958 
John Gold1687 Scotland1 JAN 1687/88 Forque, Aberdeen, Scotland
John Gold1821 Lincoln Co, Tennesee 
John Calvin Gold1878 Christian Co, Missouri1918 
John W Gold1869 Missouri 
Jonathan GoldABT 1726 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England 
Jonathan GoldABT 1789 Union Co, South CarolinaABT 1866 Christian Co, Missouri
Joseph Gold26 DEC 1867 Stone Co, Missouri31 OCT 1934 Aurora, Lawrence Co, Missouri
Joseph R Gold18 JUL 1864 Christian Co, Missouri28 JUN 1952 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri
Lewis McClain Gold14 DEC 1897 Newton Co, Missouri10 FEB 1972 Wheaton, Barry Co, Missouri
Livvia GoldJUN 1888 Newton Co, Missouri1972 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Lorenza Dow Gold14 FEB 1861 Hurley, Stone Co, Missouri5 FEB 1936 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Louisa GoldABT 1860  
Louisa C Gold1830 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee Missouri
Maggie E Gold1873 Missouri 
Margaret Frances Belle Gold7 MAY 1858 Lincoln Co, Tennesseee 
Margaret Jane Gold27 JUN 1847 Marshall Co, Tennessee 
Margaret L Gold30 MAR 1840 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee22 FEB 1894 Christian Co, Missouri
Martha Ann Gold30 JAN 1855 Boaz, Christian Co, Missouri16 AUG 1884 Battlefield, Greene Co, Missouri
Martha Dilly Ann Gold23 JUN 1836 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee10 JUN 1888 Stone Co, Missouri
Mary Ann Gold29 JAN 1855 Green Valley (Boaz), Christian Co, Missouri 
Mary M Gold1833 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee1912 Greene Co, Missouri
Mary Vadora Gold6 MAY 1894 Newton Co, Missouri20 MAR 1969 San Pablo, Contra Consta Co, California
Melissa Gold3 FEB 1868 Marshall Co, TennesseeABT 1948 
Michael GoldABT 1758 Sheffield, Yorkshire, EnglandABT 1815 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee
Michael Micajah Gold1829 Lincoln Co, Tennesee 
Millie Gold1876 Christian Co, Missouri1958 
Missouri Elizabeth Gold13 JUL 1872 Stone Co, Missouri23 MAR 1945 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Nancy GoldABT 1835 Lincoln Co, Tennesee 
Nancy Elizabeth Gold1834 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee1898 Greene Co, Missouri
Nancy J Gold1860 Christian Co, Missouri 
Nellie R Gold1892 Missouri 
Noah Gold1824 Lincoln Co, Tennesee1901 Newton Co, Missouri
Ollie G Gold1883 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri1884 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Ottie Jane Gold4 DEC 1893 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri9 JAN 1981 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Pauline Gold1885 Christian Co, Missouri1919 
Rachel Elizabeth Gold18 MAR 1854 Christian Co, Missouri31 DEC 1935 Grant, Stone Co, Missouri
Rachel Minerva Gold31 JAN 1826 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee25 AUG 1899 McDonald Co, Missouri
Rhoda GoldAFT 1887 Newton Co, Missouri 
Sarah Catherine Sacca Gold9 OCT 1882 Stark City, Newton Co, Missouri23 APR 1969 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Sarah Jane Gold1832 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee Texas
Silas Joseph Gold9 OCT 1857 Christian Co, Missouri10 MAR 1938 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Sopha Almeda Gold28 APR 1838 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee5 DEC 1911 Christian Co, Missouri
Stephen William Etheldred Gold29 FEB 1852 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee30 DEC 1921 Franklin Township, Newton Co, Missouri
Thomas Gold12 AUG 1819 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee5 AUG 1894 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Thomas GoldJUL 1794  
Thomas Gold16 APR 1827 Lincoln Co, Tennesee 
Thomas E Gold1894 Missouri 
Walter Otis Gold25 MAR 1899 Stone Co, Missouri28 SEP 1972 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Wiliam C Gold21 APR 1827 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee10 JUL 1910 Stone Co, Missouri
William Gold1831 Lincoln Co, Tennesee31 DEC 1862 Battle of Stones River, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
William Gold1858 Lincoln Co, Tennesseee 
William Noah Gold27 JAN 1899 Newton Co, MissouriJAN 1967 Neosho, Newton Co Missouri
William Riley Gold24 FEB 1852 Marshall Co, Tennessee22 MAR 1944 Union City, Stone Co, Missouri
Winnie Gold18 OCT 1881 Newton Co, Missouri18 OCT 1881 Newton Co, Missouri
Winnie Gold24 FEB 1886 Newton Co, Missouri1886 Newton Co, Missouri
Winnie Gold20 FEB 1825 Gold Hill, Lincoln Co, Tennessee3 SEP 1912 Missouri
Zachariah Gold1787 Union Co, South CarolinaABT 1865 Marshall Co, Tennessee
Zachariah Jarrett Gold30 APR 1848 Marshall Co, Tennessee 
Zachariah Micagar Gold14 AUG 1850 Marshall, Lincoln Co, Tennessee23 MAR 1936 Six Bulls, Newton Co, Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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