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  479 individuals found for query Griffith
Aaron GriffithABT 1750  
Abel Griffith11 JUL 1797 Chester Co, Pennsylvania25 JAN 1869 
Abel Griffith22 DEC 1724 Montgomery, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania19 MAY 1793 
Abel GriffithABT 1735 WalesDEC 1812 Mossy Creek, Augusta, Franklin Co, Virginia
Abel Griffith25 APR 1723  
Abel Abraham Griffith1767  
Abel Abraham Griffith1782 Augusta, Virginia20 MAR 1862 Lawrence Co, Kentucky
Abel Powell Griffith5 MAY 1836 Guernsey Co, Ohio14 NOV 1915 
Abigail Griffith18 OCT 1804 Vermont 
Abner Griffith1784  
Abraham Griffith24 FEB 1806 Pennsylvania13 APR 1850 Center, Monroe Co, Ohio
Abraham Griffith2 JUN 1746 Richland, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Abraham Griffith1678 Wales30 OCT 1760 Richland, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Abraham Griffith12 FEB 1711/12  
Abraham GriffithNOV 1745 21 JUN 1841 York Co, Pennsylvania
Abraham Griffith3 MAR 1839  
Abraham Griffith31 JUL 1716  
Absolom Griffith1829 Illinois22 OCT 1902 Brooklyn, Schuyler Co, Illinios
Agnes Griffith1786  
Agnes GriffithABT 1729 Augusta, Virginia 
Agnes GriffithABT 1540  
Agnes Rosanna Griffith29 MAY 1882 Wyandotte, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma8 JAN 1943 Southwest City, McDonald Co, Missouri
Albert E Griffith7 DEC 1869 3 JUN 1936 
Albert Eugene Griffith12 NOV 1881 Seneca, Ottawa Co, OklahomaOCT 1949 Surprise, Maricopa Co, Arizona
Alice Griffith1859 Ohio 
Alice Griffith1854 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
Alphus W Griffith1821 New York1889 
Amos GriffithAFT 1722  
Amos GriffithABT 1760 Culpepper Co, Virginia3 SEP 1804 Paris, Bourbon Co, Kentucky
Amos Griffith12 JAN 1800 Paris, Bourbon Co, Kentucky 
Amos H GriffithABT 1835  
Andrew Griffith1833 Johnson Co, Indiana18 NOV 1894 Monroe Co, Indiana
Ann Griffith1 FEB 1754 Richland, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Ann Katherine GriffithABT 1831 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio 
Anne Griffith29 JAN 1711/12  
Ashbel Griffith6 FEB 1791 BEF OCT 1793 
Ashbel Griffith15 OCT 1793  
Asher GriffithMAR 1850  
Asher H Griffith1877  
Austin Emory Griffith1858 Johnson Co, Indiana1941 
Barnabas Griffith21 NOV 1710  
Ben Frank Griffith19 OCT 1871 21 JUN 1944 
Benjamin Griffith1815 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio1850 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio
Benjamin Griffith16 OCT 1688 Llanllwny, Wales5 OCT 1768 New Britian, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Benjamin Griffith15 MAY 1728 Philadelphia Co, Pennyslvania1754 
Benjamin GriffithABT 1715  
Benjamin GriffithAFT 1771  
Benjamin Griffith18 NOV 1739 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Benjamin Griffith1770  Surry Co, North Carolina
Benjmain GriffithABT 1810  
Benoni B GriffithABT 1705 Wales ?BEF 27 AUG 1760 Willistown, Chester Co, Pennsylvania
Bessie I Griffith1887 Iowa 
Betsey Griffith17 FEB 1811 Vermont 
Betsey Griffith29 JUL 1796  
Bryon R Griffith1897 Iowa 
Caleb Griffith1802  
Calisla GriffithABT 1835 Pennsylvania 
Carl Lee Griffith10 AUG 1894 Mount Airy, North Carolina19 JAN 1975 Los Angeles Co, California
Caroline Griffith1843 Ohio 
Caroline E Griffith1847 Warren Co, Ohio7 APR 1882 Terra Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
Caroline Elnora Griffith10 DEC 1850 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri23 JUL 1876 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri
Catherine Griffith1775  
Catherine Griffith1825 Illinois 
Charles B GriffithABT 1875  
Charles M Griffith1875 Monroe Co, Ohio 
Charles W GriffithABT 1839 Ohio 
Charles Winston Griffith12 AUG 1877 Burlington Township, Licking Co, Ohio25 JUN 1961 Homer, Licking Co, Ohio
Charlotte Griffith16 NOV 1884  
Charlotte Griffith1 MAR 1842 Wales 
Christopher Columbus Griffith6 NOV 1839 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio23 JAN 1907 Seneca, Newton Co, Missouri
Clara Emaline Griffith21 OCT 1867 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri 
Clara F Griffith22 MAY 1879 6 MAR 1897 
Clarissa Eugenia Griffith21 SEP 1853 20 MAR 1937 
Clyde I Griffith1893 Iowa 
Dan GriffithABT 1740  
Daniel Griffith1816 Brimestone, Campbell Co, Tennessee 
Daniel C Griffith27 JUN 1847 Morgan Co, Tennessee 
Daniel Wetherby GriffithABT 1790  
Dave GriffithABT 1895  
David Griffith2 JUN 1825 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio24 NOV 1865 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio
David Griffith23 OCT 1807 Vermont 
David Griffith1793  
David GriffithABT 1785 Augusta, VirginiaAFT 1860 Lawrence Co, Kentucky
David GriffithABT 1664  
David GriffithABT 1635  
David K GriffithABT 1810  
David Llewelyn Wark Griffith22 JAN 1875 La Grange, Kentucky23 JUL 1948 Hollywood, California
Deborah Griffith21 SEP 1771 20 FEB 1845 York Co, Penn
Delia GriffithABT 1850  
Dewey Washington Griffith3 DEC 1899  
Dora F Griffith1861 Ohio 
Drusilla Griffith1820 23 AUG 1861 Wood Co, West Virginia
Edith GriffithABT 1798  
Edward C Griffith8 JAN 1844 Swansea, Wales25 DEC 1929 Ellis, Kansas
Eli GriffithAFT 1745  
Eli GriffithABT 1778 Chester Co, Pennsylvania Caldwell Co, Kentucky
Elias J Griffith17 JUL 1846  
Elijah GriffithABT 1860 BEF JUN 1895 
Elijah Griffith1778  
Eliza Jane Griffith1859 Brooklyn, Schuyler Co, Illinios 
Elizabeth GriffithABT 1840 Ohio 
Elizabeth GriffithABT 1755 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Elizabeth Griffith6 JUL 1720  
Elizabeth Griffith1848  
Elizabeth Griffith19 OCT 1833 Wales 
Elizabeth GriffithABT 1715  
Elizabeth Griffith16 SEP 1791  
Elizabeth Griffith1625  
Elizabeth Griffith1636  
Elizabeth Griffith1762  
Elizabeth Griffith8 SEP 1734 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Elizabeth Griffith1827 Illinois 
Elizabeth Griffith1840 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Elizabeth J Griffith1847  
Elizabeth Juline Lydia Griffith21 OCT 1867 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri 
Ella Griffith18 AUG 1875  
Ellen GriffithABT 1420 Penrhyn, Wales 
Ellen Jane Griffith15 MAR 1844 Ohio 
Elnathan Griffith9 FEB 1724/25 Rochester, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts New York
Emma GriffithABT 1864  
Emma F Griffith1865 Schuyler Co, Illinios 
Erma Gladys Griffith17 JUL 1899 Licking Co, Ohio25 MAR 1982 Ohio
Ervinia GriffithABT 1877 Ohio 
Esther Griffith17 JAN 1785  
Esther GriffithABT 1758  
Ethel C Griffith4 APR 1883 14 SEP 1943 
Etta Orvilla Griffith17 AUG 1873 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri13 JUN 1950 Rt 4 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Eugene Edward Griffith26 AUG 1856 Edgar Co, Illinois17 JUN 1883 Williams Creek, Adams Co, Iowa
Evan Griffith1794  
Evan Griffith23 FEB 1728/29  
Evan Owen GriffithAFT 1758 Wales26 OCT 1796 Greenbrier, West Virginia
Ezekiel GriffithABT 1736 Willistown, Chester Co, PAABT 1810 Goshen Twpshp, Chester Co, PA
Ezekiel Griffith5 AUG 1720 Prince Georges Co, Maryland 
Fielding Griffith1793 Virginia20 MAR 1846 Brimestone, Campbell Co, Tennessee
Frances Griffith10 MAY 1846 Ohio 
Francis Frank G Griffith1881 1941 Los Angeles, California
Franline Griffith8 DEC 1874 Harvard, Clay Co, Nebraska 
George Griffith1690 Dorchester, Maryland28 MAY 1756 Dorchester, Maryland
George Griffith1866 Schuyler Co, Illinios 
George W Griffith23 SEP 1843  
George W Griffith1851  
Geraldine Gwendoline GriffithABT 1898  
Granville Griffith17 DEC 1835 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio1 JUN 1913 Spokane Co, Washington
Granville Columbus Griffith29 MAR 1887 Seneca, Newton Co, Missouri30 JUN 1938 
Griffith GriffithABT 1698 Cardinganshire, WalesBEF 7 NOV 1760 East Nantmeat, Chester Co, Pennyslvania
Guy E Griffith1890 Iowa 
Hannah Griffith6 JUN 1843 Center, Monroe Co, Ohio30 MAY 1869 Center, Monroe Co, Ohio
Hannah GriffithABT 1750  
Hannah Griffith7 JUL 1732  
Hannah Griffith6 SEP 1749 Richland, Bucks Co, Penn 
Hannah Griffith1798  
Hannah Griffith1735  
Hannah GriffithABT 1762  
Hannah GriffithABT 16 FEB 1735/36 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Hannah S Griffith20 FEB 1852 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio17 MAY 1913 Monroe Co, Ohio
Harold Hinmna Griffith31 DEC 1896 Pittsburg, Crawford Co, Kansas Lubbock, Lubbock Co, Texas
Harriet GriffithABT 1821 Vermont 
Harvey GriffithJAN 1850  
Hattie Susan Griffith1868 Schuyler Co, Illinios 
Helen A Griffith1864 1933 Superior, Douglas Co, Wisconsin
Helen Elizabeth Griffith30 MAY 1896 New Holland, Pickaway Co, Ohio6 NOV 1974 Washington, Fayette Co, Ohio
Henry Griffith1845  
Henry GriffithJAN 1667/68 1709 Dorchester Co, Maryland
Henry Clay Griffith21 NOV 1833 Ross Co. Ohio25 MAR 1898 Madison Co, Ohio
Henry W GriffithABT 1790  
Henry William Griffith9 MAR 1840 Wales 
Hester GriffithABT 1788 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Hezekiah GriffithABT 1756  
Hiram Griffith1804  
Hiram Griffith Griffith17 OCT 1867 Berline Marquette Co, Wisconsin 
Hiram Thomas Griffith4 MAY 1794  
Horace Griffith9 SEP 1794  
Howard Jackson Griffith21 NOV 1871 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio21 OCT 1943 Woodsfield, Monroe Co, Ohio
Howell Cordwainer GriffithABT 1652 Wales17 FEB 1708/09 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hugh GriffithABT 1661  
Hugh GriffithABT 1635  
Hugh Jenkin GriffithABT 1601 DEC 1670 Nantcwnlle, Llanddewi, Trevilan, Cardiganshire, Wales
Huldah Griffith26 DEC 1755 Canaan, Columbia Co, New York 
Ida Estelle Griffith15 MAR 1881 Clfiton, Washington Co, Kansas21 DEC 1966 Kennewick, Benton Co, Washington
Isaac Griffith5 MAR 1718/19 Richlandtown, Bucks Co, Pennsylvannia Gunpower Mountain, Baltimore, Maryland
Isaac Griffith7 JUN 1764  
Isaac Griffith1873  
Isaac M Griffith1867 Ohio 
Isaac W Griffith16 DEC 1836 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania20 NOV 1919 
Isabella Caroline Griffith17 DEC 1864 11 FEB 1865 
Issac Griffith1771  
Jackson Griffith13 AUG 1818 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio1908 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio
Jacob Griffith1820  
Jacob Wark Griffith13 OCT 1819 Virginia31 MAR 1885 Kentucky
Jame Coleman GriffithABT 1890  
Jamel L Griffith1849 Schuyler Co, Illinios 
James Griffith16 NOV 1769 Richland, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
James GriffithMAY 1808 18 FEB 1892 
James GriffithABT 1665  
James Griffith1765  
James Griffith1784 Augusta, Virginia 
James Griffith1632  
James GriffithABT 1800  
James GriffithABT 1755 Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
James Griffith1836 Illinois 
James A Griffith21 SEP 1874 Glenmary, Scott Co, Tennessee6 JUL 1923 Tennessee
James Albert Griffith1869 Ohio 
James E Griffith23 NOV 1864  
James Edwin Griffith10 JAN 1844 13 SEP 1929 Pike Co, Missouri
James Finley Griffith1879  
James H GriffithAFT 1819 Surry Co, North Carolina1927 
James Milton Griffith1879 Monroe Co, Ohio 
Jane Griffith19 DEC 1721 Philadelphia Co, Pennyslvania 
Jane Griffith12 FEB 1802 Paris, Bourbon Co, Kentucky 
Jane Griffith1742 Buckingham, Virginia 
Jehial W Griffith1818 Vermont 
Jeptha Griffith11 NOV 1804  
Jeremiah GriffithABT 1665  
Jeremiah S Griffith1834 Lancaster Co, PennsylvaniaDEC 1903 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois
Jesse Griffith7 JAN 1710/11 Rochester, Plymouth Co, MassachusettsAFT 1770 Wilimgton, Windham Co, Vermont
Jesse Griffith1789  
Jesse GriffithABT 1755 Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
Jesse GriffithABT 1783 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Joel Griffith18 JAN 1782 Culpepper Co, Virginia4 DEC 1844 Pike Co, Missouri
John GriffithABT 1730 Willistown, Chester Co, PennsylvaniaSEP 1786 Willistown, Chester Co, Pennsylvania
John Griffith24 MAY 1766 Richland, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
John Griffith2 JUL 1711  
John Griffith17 APR 1723 Philadelphia Co, Pennyslvania 
John GriffithABT 1825  
John Griffith1763  
John GriffithABT 1775  
John Griffith1759  
John GriffithABT 1785  
John GriffithBEF APR 1674 Nantcwnlle, Llanddewi, Trevilan, Cardiganshire, Wales 
John GriffithABT 1700  
John GriffithABT 1635 Nantcwnlle, Llanddewi, Trevilan, Cardiganshire, Wales1681 
John GriffithABT 1732 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
John GriffithABT 1660  
John Griffith1815 Brimestone, Campbell Co, Tennessee 
John Griffith1766 Sussex Co, OhioNOV 1821 Muskingum Co, Ohio
John Griffith1730  Cedar Creek, Sussex Co, Delaware
John Griffith  
John Ap GriffithAFT 1676  
John Charles Griffith1837 Johnson Co, Indiana 
John D GriffithMAY 1867 Mount Airy, North Carolina1938 Surry Co, North Carolina
John F Griffith22 MAY 1841 Nodaway, Missouri 
John Thomas Griffith1830 Surry Co, North Carolina1871 
John W Griffith1858  
John William GriffithABT 1796 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Jonathan Griffith1791 New York 
Jonathon Griffith25 JAN 1714/15  
Jones Greene GriffithABT 13 JAN 1893 Mayfield, Graves Co, Kentucky1940 Mayfield, Graves Co, Kentucky
Joseph Griffith22 OCT 1758 Maryland 
Joseph Griffith12 FEB 1716/17  
Joseph Griffith1768 5 JUL 1854 York Co, Pennsylvania
Joseph Griffith31 MAY 1735 Philadelphia Co, Pennyslvania 
Joseph GriffithABT 1715  
Joseph Griffith15 MAR 1699/00  
Joseph L Griffith14 SEP 1863  
Joseph Newton Griffith6 SEP 1841  
Joseph R GriffithABT 1900 Logan Co, Oklahoma 
Joseph Robinson Griffith4 JAN 1800 1 APR 1870 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois
Joseph Robinson Griffith27 SEP 1854 Edgar Co, Illinois30 APR 1935 Bristow, Creek, Co, Oklahoma
Joshua Griffith1593 London, England 
Joshua Griffith28 NOV 1736  
Jowan GriffithABT 1635  
Juan P Griffith1888 1918 Hartford, Kansas
Julia A Griffith1863 Schuyler Co, Illinios 
Katherine Ann Griffith14 DEC 1862 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois22 MAR 1942 Sand Springs, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Keziah GriffithAFT 1793  
Lazarus Griffith7 JUN 1708  
LeRoy Walter Griffith11 OCT 1900 Racine, Newton Co, Missouri19 NOV 1967 New Holland, Pickaway Co, Ohio
Leslie Griffith1870 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri 
Leslie Harrison Griffith1 NOV 1888 Seneca, Newton Co, Missouri 
Levi GriffithAFT 1745  
Levi Griffith1738  
Lewellyn Griffith1630 Wales 
Lewis Griffith1811 Menallen, Fayette Co, PennsylvaniaBEF 1870 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio
Lewis B Griffith1867  
Lizzie GriffithBEF 1875  
Lottie Griffith15 DEC 1891 Pittsburg, Crawford Co, Kansas 
Louis Griffith19 APR 1845 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio11 OCT 1940 Woodsfield, Monroe Co, Ohio
Louisa Griffith1845 Warren Co, Ohio 
Lucelia Griffith20 NOV 1878 Harvard, Clay Co, Nebraska 
Lucretia Griffith18 JUN 1742 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Luther Edward Griffith1 MAY 1872 Berline Marquette Co, Wisconsin23 AUG 1968 Lubbock, Lubbock Co, Texas
Lydia Griffith1858 Indiana 
Lydia Griffith7 DEC 1807 Augusta Co, Virginia22 JAN 1883 Marion Co, Ohio
Lydia C GriffithDEC 1856 Johnson Co, Indiana16 JAN 1946 
Marchel GriffithABT 1790 Virginia Ohio
Margaret Griffith1841 Ohio 
Margaret Griffith18 FEB 1848  
Margaret Griffith1 MAR 1838 Wales 
Margaret Griffith8 OCT 1704  
Margaret GriffithABT 1635  
Margaret Griffith1863 Ohio 
Marietta Justus Griffith12 MAR 1844 Buchanan Co, Virginia6 MAR 1907 Waynoka, Woods Co, Oklahoma
Martha Griffith23 FEB 1760 Richland, Bucks Co, Penn 
Martha Griffith11 SEP 1882 26 JAN 1951 
Martha Griffith10 DEC 1850 Ohio 
Martha Griffith1764  
Martha Griffith1851 Johnson Co, Indiana1875 
Martha Griffith1830 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Martin Griffith17 FEB 1787  
Mary GriffithABT 1720 Dorcherster Co, Maryland12 AUG 1792 Nelson Co, KY at 72 years of age
Mary Griffith28 JUL 1752 Richland, Bucks Co, Penn 
Mary GriffithABT 1765  
Mary Griffith2 MAY 1709  
Mary Griffith20 SEP 1837 Pike Co, Missouri1899 Greene, Illinois
Mary Griffith17 SEP 1835 Wales 
Mary GriffithABT 1690  
Mary Griffith1629  
Mary GriffithABT 1785  
Mary Griffith24 JUN 1789  
Mary GriffithABT 1755 Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
Mary GriffithABT 1789 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Mary GriffithABT 1630 1679 
Mary Bartlett Griffith21 NOV 1860 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois20 JAN 1948 Rural Pierce City, Newton Co, Missouri
Mary C GriffithABT 1850  
Mary C Griffith28 FEB 1845  
Mary Catherine Griffith1855 Schuyler Co, Illinios 
Mary Edith Griffith12 JUL 1879 1949 
Mary Frances Griffith14 MAR 1850 Warren Co, Ohio18 MAY 1869 Terra Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
Mary J Griffith1820  
Mary Jane Griffith27 APR 1892 Logan Co, Oklahoma1977 Harrison, Boone Co, Arkansas
Mary Jane Griffith1834  
Mary Jane Griffith15 JAN 1781  
Mary Louise GriffithABT 1890  
Mary O Griffith1856  
Mauld Griffith17 DEC 1708  
Methusalem Griffith1685 Pennsylvania22 MAY 1750 Augusta Co, Virginia
Miles GriffithAFT 1771  
Milton Griffith1828  
Missouri F Griffith1865 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio 
Morris Griffith2 AUG 1732 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Nancy Griffith1826 Surry Co, North Carolina1880 
Nancy E Griffith1861  
Nancy J Griffith5 APR 1849  
Naomi Catherine Griffith25 JUL 1869  
Nathan Griffith21 JUL 1722  
Nathan Griffith2 MAR 1723/24  
Nathaniel Griffith28 FEB 1721/22  
Nelson GriffithABT 1833 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio 
Nelson Griffith17 MAR 1862 JUN 1919 
Nineria Dale Griffith3 JAN 1900 Seneca, Newton Co, Missouri1985 
Noah Griffith13 APR 1804 Paris, Bourbon Co, Kentucky10 OCT 1863 Pike Co, Missouri
Noah B Griffith1868 Kentucky1933 Oklahoma
Obediah Griffith1797 Delaware McDough Co, Illinios
Omer Griffith7 MAR 1886 15 FEB 1939 
Ora Griffith1822 Brimestone, Campbell Co, Tennessee 
Orlando Griffith1722 Frederick Co, Maryland 
Orville Griffith31 JAN 1829 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio25 APR 1875 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri
Orville David Griffith9 JUL 1869 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri6 AUG 1938 Harriett, Newton Co, Missouri
Owen Griffith1761  
Patience GriffithABT 1715 Bolton, Warren Co, New York 
Phebe Griffith4 JAN 1784 Spartanburg, South Carolina7 AUG 1857 Caldwell Co, Kentucky
Phebe GriffithABT 1755 Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
Phebe E Griffith1849 Johnson Co, Indiana1875 
Philip GriffithABT 1665  
Philip GriffithABT 1890  
Philip B Griffith1779 Maryland ?1855 
Philip B Griffith1840 Palestine, Illinios7 MAY 1914 Sullivan Co, Indiana
Philo GriffithABT 1823  
Phineas GriffithABT 1740  
Rachael Finley Griffith19 AUG 1865 Edgar Co, Illinois13 JAN 1946 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Rachel Griffith14 SEP 1734 Pennsylvania3 OCT 1811 Loudoun Co, Virgina
Rachel Griffith23 NOV 1747 Richland, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania 
Rachel Griffith11 SEP 1738 Philadelphia Co, Pennyslvania 
Rachel Griffith11 SEP 1756  
Rachel GriffithABT 1755 Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
Rebecca Griffith18 JUN 1703  
Rebecca GriffithABT 1890  
Rebecca Griffith1838 Missouri 
Rebecca Carson Griffith4 NOV 1800  
Rees Griffith2 AUG 1711  
Rhoda GriffithAFT 1793  
Richard Robert Griffith1831 Wales14 MAR 1913 Texas
Richardson GriffithABT 1820 Vermont 
Robert Griffith1852  
Robert Griffith1791  
Robert GriffithABT 1890  
Robert GriffithABT 1660  
Robert Bright Griffith1789  
Robert Earl GriffithABT 1840  
Ronania Griffith1852 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
Ruth Griffith1795  
Ruth Columbia Griffith7 NOV 1889 Seneca, Newton Co, Missouri22 NOV 1943 
Rutha GriffithABT 1790 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Salathiel Griffith1738 Dorchester Co, Maryland1795 
Samuel Griffith28 NOV 1722  
Samuel GriffithABT 1715  
Samuel GriffithABT 1760  
Samuel GriffithABT 1693 Dorchester Co, Maryland1758 Dorchester Co, Maryland
Samuel Griffith1843 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Samuel Abraham Griffith1839 Surry Co, North Carolina 
Samuel Austin Griffith1802 Kentucky1850 Johnson Co, Indiana
Samuel E Griffith1795 North Carolina North Carolina
Sarah Griffith9 JAN 1762 6 OCT 1821 
Sarah GriffithABT 1726  
Sarah Griffith15 NOV 1756 Richland, Bucks Co, Penn 
Sarah Griffith24 APR 1732 Philadelphia Co, Pennyslvania 
Sarah GriffithAFT 1793  
Sarah Griffith18 OCT 1829 Wales 
Sarah Griffith18 DEC 1831 Wales 
Sarah GriffithAFT 1745  
Sarah Griffith1637  
Sarah Griffith10 SEP 1754  
Sarah Griffith1753  
Sarah Griffith4 JUN 1779 Spartanburg, South Carolina 
Sarah GriffithABT 1755 Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
Sarah Griffith18 FEB 1781 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Sarah GriffithABT 1640  
Sarah Griffith1821 Surry Co, North Carolina1894 
Sarah Ann Griffith1820 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio 
Sarah Elizabeth Griffith1853 Schuyler Co, Illinios 
Sarah Jane Griffith1838 Ohio 
Sarah L Griffith28 AUG 1841 Warren Co, Ohio23 OCT 1887 Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana
Spencer A Griffith6 APR 1852 New York27 JAN 1923 Rocky Ford, Otero Co, Colorado
Stella Ann Griffith17 FEB 1881 30 AUG 1952 
Stephen GriffithABT 1715  
Stephen GriffithABT 1665 Harwick, Barnstable, Massachusetts Connecticiut
Stephen Griffith15 MAR 1701/02 Harwick, Barnstable, Massachusetts 
Stephen Griffith20 MAR 1719/20  
Stephen Warriner Griffith17 OCT 1788  
Susannah Griffith1796  
Ted Griffith  
Terri Griffith  
Thankful GriffithAFT 1745  
Thankful Griffith3 APR 1714  
Thomas Griffith10 DEC 1825 Kentucky26 NOV 1868 Johnson Co, Indiana
Thomas Griffith1708 Nantel, Radnorshire, Wales1769 Menallen, Pennsylvania
Thomas Griffith1814  
Thomas Griffith1620  
Thomas GriffithABT 1729 Botetourt Co, Virginia Greenbrier Co, West Virginia
Thomas S Griffith7 APR 1848 Ohio18 JUL 1913 
Todd Griffith  
Unk GriffithABT 1822 Vermont 
Unk GriffithABT 1760  
Uriel Griffith20 JUN 1793 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
William Griffith1852 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri1852 Sarcoxie, Jasper Co, Missouri
William Griffith1805 Penn 
William Griffith26 APR 1778 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania26 APR 1854 Woodsfield, Monroe Co, Ohio
William GriffithABT 1720  
William GriffithABT 1750  
William GriffithABT 1775  
William Griffith1816  
William Griffith1843 Center Township, Monroe Co, Ohio1921 
William GriffithAFT 1793  
William Griffith13 APR 1855 Ohio 
William GriffithABT 1754 Middleborough, Plymonth Co, Massachsetts7 OCT 1830 Duxbury, Washington Co, Vermont
William Griffith1663 Rochester, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts 
William GriffithABT 1715  
William GriffithABT 1638 Rochester, Plymouth Co, MassachusettsABT 1723 
William Griffith1782 Mossy Creek, Augusta, Franklin Co, VirginiaABT 1835 Delaware Co, Ohio
William Griffith1621  
William GriffithABT 1778 Spartanburg, South Carolina 
William Griffith13 OCT 1760  
William GriffithABT 1781 Spartanburg, South Carolina 
William GriffithBEF 1727 1800 Chester Co, Pennsylvania
William GriffithABT 1700  
William GriffithABT 1810 Swansea, Wales Berlin, Racine Co, Wisconsin
William Griffith1844 Nodaway, Missouri 
William Griffith15 APR 1697 Anne Arundel Co, Maryland1757 Frederick Co, Maryland
William Griffith1727 Frederick Co, Maryland 
William Griffith1655 Wales 
William GriffithABT 1716  
William Griffith1858 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois 
William Griffith1834 Illinois 
William B Griffith28 FEB 1806 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania6 FEB 1874 Terra Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
William Chandler Griffith3 JAN 1806 Vermont 
William Cloud Griffith3 FEB 1899 Seneca, Newton Co, Missouri15 MAY 1975 Seneca, Newton Co, Missouri
William D Griffith1836  
William James Griffith1844 Ohio Iowa
William Martin Griffith1834 Surry Co, North CarolinaABT 21 MAR 1895 Surry Co, North Carolina
William Owen Griffith13 OCT 1742 Sadbury, Chester Co, Pennyslvania 
William R Griffith1853 Johnson Co, Indiana1866 
William Roy Griffith1891 1988 
William Russel Griffith2 DEC 1781 Colrain, Hampshire, Massachusetts14 JUN 1857 Warren, Washington Co, Vermont
William T Griffith5 JUN 1886 8 DEC 1952 
William Wells Griffith1756 Chester Co, PennsylvaniaABT 14 APR 1831 Caldwell Co, Kentucky
Willie GriffithAFT 1793  
Winfrey GriffithABT 1792  
Wininfred Griffith25 MAR 1857 Shandon, Butler Co, Ohio18 SEP 1928 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri
Z C Griffith1829 BET 1875 AND 1876 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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