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  20 individuals found for query Guernsey
Anna GuernseyABT 1794 Watertown, Connecticut 
Daniel Guernsey18 JUL 1760 Watertown, Connecticut28 APR 1840 Bluelick, Indiana
Daniel Bronson Guernsey12 JUN 1802 Watertown, Connecticut 
Desire Elizabeth Guernsey17 MAY 1795 Watertown, Connecticut 
Guy C Guernsey17 MAY 1788 Watertown, Connecticut 
Hanna GuernseyABT 1815  
Henry Guernsey9 MAY 1587 Bath, Somerset, England 
Henry Guernsey1620 13 AUG 1692 Dorchester, Massachusetts
Huldah Guernsey12 JAN 1788 Watertown, Connecticut 
Infant Guernsey1797 Watertown, Connecticut Died young
Infant Guernsey3 MAR 1801 Watertown, Connecticut Died young
Jonathan Guernsey28 FEB 1728/29 Mlford, New Haven Co, Connecticut 
Jonathan Guernsey30 APR 1704 Mlford, New Haven Co, Connecticut 
Joseph Guernsey13 JAN 1673/74 15 SEP 1754 
Joseph GuernseyOCT 1649 Dorchester, Massachusetts30 MAR 1730 Milford, New Have Co, Connecticut
Joseph GuernseyABT 1642  
Mary Guernsey19 SEP 1793 Watertown, Connecticut 
Millicent Guernsey24 NOV 1789 Watertown, Connecticut 
Seymour Guernsey9 OCT 1786 Watertown, Connecticut 
William Guernsey30 DEC 1784 Watertown, Connecticut 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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