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  213 individuals found for query Guthrie
Aaron Guthrie31 DEC 1784  
Abigail Guthrie3 MAR 1741/42 Connecticut 
Abigail GuthrieJAN 1785  
Abigail Guthrie24 FEB 1763  
Abigail Guthrie1762 Chester Co, Pennyslvania1843 
Adam Guthrie1725  
Adam GuthrieABT 1705  
Agnes Guthrie4 MAR 1794  
Alexander GuthrieABT 1525 OCT 1587 Inverpeffer, Scotland
Alexander GuthrieABT 1475  
Alexander GuthrieBEF 1622  
Alexander Guthrie1457 Kincaldrum, Scotland9 SEP 1513 Battle of Flodden, Scotland
Alexander GuthrieAFT 1568  
Alexander Guthrie1410 Kincaldrum, Scotland1470 Kincaldrum, Scotland
Alexandre GuthrieABT 1545  
Alfred Guthrie21 FEB 1833 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio23 AUG 1897 
Amanda Guthrie1 MAR 1828 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio6 AUG 1906 
Amanda GuthrieABT 1800  
Amy Guthrie1787  
Andrew GuthrieABT 1615 Scotland20 JAN 1644/45 
Andrew GuthrieABT 1500  
Ann GuthrieABT 1750 Chester Co, Pennyslvania 
Ann GuthrieABT 1775 BET 1773 AND 27 APR 1832 
Ann GuthrieABT 1764 York Co, Pennsylvania 
Ann GuthrieABT 1690  
Ann Sutherland Guthrie12 SEP 1892 Indiana 
Anne Guthrie26 JAN 1841 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois11 FEB 1906 
Archibald Guthrie20 JAN 1774  
Archilbald GuthrieABT 1704 Northern Ireland 
Augustus Stone Guthrie24 DEC 1802  
Benjamin GuthrieABT 1762  
Benjamin Guthrie10 JUL 1808  
Bertha GuthrieABT 1625  
Berthia GuthrieABT 1476 Scotland 
Bethia GuthrieABT 1612 Scotland 
Caroline Melinda Guthrie6 OCT 1804 Ross Co, Ohio30 OCT 1840 Ohio
Catherine Guthrie24 JUN 1690 Block Island, Washington, Rhode Island10 FEB 1769 Cow Neck, Long Island, New York
Charles Guthrie1583 Scotland 
Charles Guthrie1530 Hiltoun, Berwick, Scotland St Andrews, Agnes, Scotland
Charles Lysander Guthrie16 SEP 1806  
Cornelius GuthrieABT 1706 Northern Ireland 
Daniel GuthrieABT 1799  
Daniel GuthrieABT 1766 York Co, Pennsylvania 
Daniel GuthrieABT 1817 Ross Co, Ohio17 JUL 1869 
David Guthrie6 AUG 1796  
David Guthrie1510 Hilton, Fife, Scotland 
David GuthrieABT 1480 9 SEP 1513 Battle of Flodden, Scotland
David Guthrie1435 Kincaldrum, Scotland1500 
David Quinn Guthrie17 JUL 1813  
Easter GuthrieAFT 1755  
Ebenezer Guthrie20 JUL 1740 Connecticut 
Ebenezer Buckingham Guthrie9 FEB 1835 Putnam, Ohio 
Edwin Guthrie22 MAY 1810  
Effie GuthrieBEF 15 JUL 1582 Monifieth, Angus, Scotland Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland
Elias Guthrie9 JUL 1769  
Elizabeth Guthrie26 FEB 1781  
Elizabeth GuthrieABT 1457 1526 
Elizabeth GuthrieABT 1490  
Elizabeth Guthrie4 AUG 1781  
Elizabeth Guthrie1754  
Elizabeth Guthrie1746 Chester Co, Pennyslvania 
Elizabeth Guthrie1782 Orange Co, North Carolina Gallatin Co, Illinios
Elizabeth GuthrieABT 1705  
Eltie Guthrie11 JUN 1856 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois23 DEC 1928 
Emily Guthrie25 AUG 1876  
Emily Lily GuthrieABT 1790  
Ephraim Guthrie1 MAR 1736/37 Connecticut 
Esther GuthrieABT 1771  
Francis Guthrie1 JAN 1778  
Francis GuthrieBEF 1622  
Francis GuthrieABT 1715 Northern Ireland 
Gabriel GuthrieBEF 1545  
George GuthrieABT 1475  
George Guthrie26 MAR 1779  
Hannah GuthrieABT 1796  
Helen Guthrie1593 Scotland 
Henry GuthrieAFT 1568  
Horatio Nelson Guthrie5 MAY 1820 Ross Co, Ohio 
Hugh GuthrieABT 1801  
Jacob Foy Guthrie21 SEP 1886  
Jacob Lehre GuthrieABT 1790  
James GuthrieABT 1436  
James GuthrieABT 1760 Ireland 
James GuthrieABT 1740 Chester Co, Pennyslvania1773 
James Guthrie1616 Stirling, Scotland1 JUN 1661 Edinburgh, Scotland
James GuthrieABT 1680  
James Guthrie1703 Edinburg, Midlothian, Scotland1778 Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania
James Guthrie19 NOV 1757  
James Guthrie1720 ScotlandMAY 1801 Hillsboro, Orange Co, North Carolina
James Guthrie1590 Scotland 
James GuthrieBEF 1662 Scotland America
James GuthrieABT 1715 Northern Ireland 
James Guthrie1749 IrelandMAY 1812 Chambersburg, Franklin Co, Pennsylvana
James GuthrieABT 1731 24 OCT 1799 (Delaware)
James GuthrieAPR 1732 Stratford, Fairfield Co, Connecticut22 APR 1804 Sherburne, New York
James Caldwell Guthrie27 JAN 1798  
James Harvey Guthrie3 JUL 1804  
Jane GuthrieABT 1765 Chester Co, Pennyslvania 
Jane GuthrieABT 1705  
Jane Guthrie11 APR 1788  
Jane Howlett Guthrie29 JAN 1896 Indiana 
Jean GuthrieBEF 1622  
Jean GuthrieABT 1730  
John GuthrieAFT 1755  
John Guthrie25 FEB 1727/28 Stratford, Fairfield Co, Connecticut 
John Guthrie14 APR 1744 Greene Co, Pennsylvania1 JUN 1823 Pike Co, Ohio
John Guthrie1533 Hiltoun, Berwick, Scotland 
John Guthrie1702 Edinburg, Midlothian, Scotland1756 Litchfield, Connecticut
John Guthrie25 OCT 1776  
John Guthrie1682 Craigie, Ayrshire, Scotland1730 Connecticut
John Guthrie1753 Chester Co, Pennyslvania 
John Guthrie14 SEP 1802 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio9 OCT 1855 Paris, Ross Co, Illinois
John GuthrieABT 1795  
John GuthrieABT 1600 Scotland6 JUN 1643 Guthrie Castle, Scotland
John Guthrie29 JUN 1708 Northern Ireland29 JAN 1790 Oxford Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
John Guthrie1577 Scotland23 AUG 1649 Scotland
John Guthrie1760 York Co, PennsylvaniaBET 1760 AND 27 JAN 1845 
John GuthrieABT 1730  
John GuthrieABT 1705  
John GuthrieABT 1475 ScotlandBEF 1501 Scotland
John GuthrieABT 1660  
John GuthrieBEF 1662 ScotlandABT 1730 Litchfield, Connecticut
John Allen Guthrie8 NOV 1790  
Joseph Guthrie29 MAR 1790  
Joseph Guthrie1760  
Joseph GuthrieJUN 1733 Stratford, Fairfield Co, Connecticut30 MAY 1808 Troy, Athens Co, Ohio
Joseph Guthrie19 FEB 1773  
Joseph Caldwell Guthrie4 MAR 1800  
Josiah Guthrie27 AUG 1808  
Julius Chappel Guthrie26 APR 1792 Belpre, Ohio 
Lehre Alfred Guthrie13 APR 1885 Indiana 
Lehre Nelson Guthrie12 AUG 1845 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois23 JUL 1922 Ceder Vale, Chautauqua Co, Kansas
Louisa GuthrieABT 1790  
Louise Francis Guthrie28 JUN 1880 Indiana 
Lucretia GuthrieABT 1609 Scotland 
Lydia GuthrieJUL 1746 Connecticut 
Lydia Guthrie17 OCT 1794  
Margaret Guthrie1512 Lunan, Perth, Scotland 
Margaret Guthrie11 DEC 1784  
Margaret GuthrieABT 1730  
Margaret GuthrieBEF 1622  
Marjory GuthrieABT 1755 Chester Co, Pennyslvania 
Martha Guthrie1746 Chester Co, Pennyslvania 
Martha Guthrie4 MAY 1800  
Martha J GuthrieABT 1790  
Mary GuthrieABT 1773  
Mary Guthrie22 JUN 1792  
Mary GuthrieABT 1738 Chester Co, Pennyslvania 
Mary Guthrie20 DEC 1735 Connecticut 
Mary GuthrieABT 1705  
Mary Jane Guthrie15 JUL 1830 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio31 JAN 1918 
Mary Wilson GuthrieFEB 1889 Indiana 
Miranda GuthrieABT 1790  
Miranda Guthrie31 MAR 1843 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois6 JAN 1918 Urbana, Champaign Co, Illinios
Moses Guthrie12 FEB 1785  
Nancy Guthrie30 DEC 1763 York Co, Pennsylvania3 JUN 1807 Highland Co, Ohio
Nathan Guthrie1767 Sherburne, New York 
Nathaniel Guthrie22 APR 1783  
Nichola GuthrieABT 1606 Scotland1665 
Nicholas GuthrieABT 1630  
Nicholas Guthrie1565 Pitmonis, Angus, Scotland 
Oliver Guthrie10 MAY 1834 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio 
Patrick Guthrie1545 St Andrews, Agnes, Scotland1614 Scotland
Patrick GuthrieABT 1603 Scotland 
Percila GuthrieABT 1785  
Priscilla Guthrie16 JAN 1783  
Rachel Guthrie10 FEB 1836 Paris, Edgar Co, IllinoisNOV 1917 
Rachel GuthrieABT 1705  
Rebecca Guthrie3 MAY 1851 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois26 JUN 1922 
Rebecca Guthrie21 FEB 1786  
Richard GuthrieABT 1436  
Richard Ritter Guthrie24 OCT 1840 Tiptonsport, Carrol Co, Indiana4 JAN 1889 
Robert GuthrieABT 1752 West Caln, Chester Co, Pennsylvania6 MAY 1815 Cadiz Township, Harrison Co, Ohio
Robert GuthrieABT 1630 Scotland3 DEC 1693 Block Island, Washington, Rhode Island
Robert Guthrie1711 Northern Ireland 
Robert Guthrie1699 Edinburg, Midlothian, Scotland 
Robert Caldwell Guthrie10 OCT 1785  
Robert Wilson Guthrie1 AUG 1879  
Sally GuthrieAFT 1755  
Samuel GuthrieABT 1705 Northern Ireland1746 
Samuel Guthrie11 DEC 1789  
Samuel Guthrie1660 Northern Ireland1746 
Samuel Guthrie23 MAR 1756  
Samuel GuthrieABT 1705  
Sarah Guthrie27 JUL 1802  
Sarah Guthrie3 APR 1744 Connecticut 
Sophie GuthrieABT 1645 Scotland 
Stephen Guthrie10 JAN 1768 Litchfield, Connecticut3 SEP 1827 Newbury, Ohio
Thaddeus Guthrie9 DEC 1831 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio20 MAY 1910 Delphi, Carroll Co, Indiana
Thomas Guthrie1747 Chester Co, PennsylvaniaABT 1837 
Truman Guthrie14 JAN 1765 Washington, Litchfield, Co, Connecticut30 MAR 1841 
Truman Guthrie4 DEC 1798  
William Guthrie1736 Chester Co, Pennyslvania10 MAR 1823 Henry Co, Kentucky
William GuthrieABT 1436  
William GuthrieBEF 1545 1622 
William Guthrie11 NOV 1769 York Co, Pennsylvania9 OCT 1855 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois
William Guthrie9 SEP 1891  
William GuthrieABT 1490  
William GuthrieABT 1713 Northern Ireland 
William Guthrie25 NOV 1808 Ross Co, Ohio26 MAR 1874 Paris, Edgar Co, Illinois
William Guthrie30 DEC 1730 Stratford, Fairfield Co, Connecticut 
William Guthrie4 JAN 1772  
William GuthrieAFT 1568  
William Guthrie9 JUL 1751  
William Guthrie1730  
William GuthrieABT 1797  
William Guthrie30 APR 1829 Chillicothe, Ross Co, Ohio5 SEP 1891 Carroll Co, Ohio
William Guthrie1595 Scotland 
William Guthrie8 AUG 1780  
William GuthrieABT 1735 Chester Co, Pennsylvania8 AUG 1829 
William Guthrie1635 Scotland1 JUN 1661 
William Henderson Guthrie5 DEC 1877 Ceder Vale, Chautauqua Co, Kansas10 JAN 1945 Wichita, Kansas
Winifred Belle Guthrie24 SEP 1882 Delphi, Carroll Co, Indiana31 OCT 1985 Minot, Ward Co, North Dakota

* Individual - family ties unknown

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