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  68 individuals found for query Hasbrouck
Abraham Hasbrouck8 FEB 1756  
Abraham Hasbrouck31 MAY 1678  
Abraham Hasbrouck21 AUG 1707  
Abraham Hasbrouck27 AUG 1657 Calais, France17 MAR 1716/17 Ulster Co, New York
Abraham Hasbrouck17 MAY 1769  
Andries Hasbrouck5 JUL 1784  
Anna Hasbrouck9 OCT 1682 Ulster Co, New York 
Asa Hasbrouck1 APR 1800  
Benjamin Hasbrouck31 MAY 1696 Ulster Co, New York 
Benjamin Hasbrouck28 JUN 1719  
Benjamin HasbrouckJAN 1747/48  
Benjamin Merkle Hasbrouck25 OCT 1811 27 OCT 1858 
Catherina Hasbrouck4 APR 1740  
Catherine Hasbrouck28 FEB 1789  
Clarissa Hasbrouck29 MAR 1792  
Cornelius Hasbrouck1755  
Cornelius Hasbrouck25 SEP 1720  
Daniel Hasbrouck1771  
Daniel Hasbrouck3 JUN 1694 Ulster Co, New York25 JAN 1759 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Daniel Hasbrouck9 MAR 1760 Kingston, New York24 OCT 1837 Kingston, New York
Daniel Hasbrouck29 JAN 1758  
David Hasbrouck1740  
Elias Hasbrouck18 MAY 1740 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York8 OCT 1791 Ulster Co, New York
Elizabeth Hasbrouck24 JUN 1795  
Elizabeth Hasbrouck4 APR 1685  
Elsie Hasbrouck5 NOV 1797  
Elsie Hasbrouck10 MAY 1742  
Elsie Hasbrouck28 FEB 1741/42 22 FEB 1808 
Geertruyd Hasbrouck1 NOV 1747  
Geertruyd Hasbrouck12 JAN 1745/46 BEF NOV 1747 
Hester Hasbrouck12 NOV 1668 Mannheim, Germany 
Isaac Hasbrouck23 SEP 1761  
Isaac Hasbrouck21 MAR 1711/12 Kingston, Long Island, New York6 APR 1798 
Isaiah Hasbrouck13 APR 1746  
Jacob Hasbrouck5 MAY 1717  
Jacob Hasbrouck15 APR 1688  
Jacob Hasbrouck28 SEP 1753  
Jean Hasbrouck1640 Calais, Province of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France1714 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Jean HasbrouckABT 1620 Calais, Province of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France Germany
Johanthan Hasbrouck6 NOV 1763  
Johathan Hasbrouck1764  
Johnathan Hasbrouck12 APR 1722 Guliford, Ulster Co, New York31 JUL 1780 Newburgh, Orange Co, New York
Jonas Hasbrouck5 MAY 1736  
Jonas Hasbrouck14 OCT 1691 Ulster Co, New York 
Joseph HasbrouckABT 1745  
Joseph Hasbrouck26 MAY 1753  
Joseph Hasbrouck10 OCT 1683 Ulster Co, New York28 JAN 1723/24 
Josephat Hasbrouck1739 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York16 MAY 1811 Ulster Co, New York
Maria Hasbrouck1735  
Maria Hasbrouck7 JUL 1751  
Maria Hasbrouck10 JAN 1713/14  
Maria Hasbrouck8 JAN 1643/44 Mutterstadt, Germany1718 
Mary Hasbrouck22 APR 1763  
Mary Hasbrouck11 JAN 1791  
Peter Freeman Hasbrouck3 DEC 1839 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York26 AUG 1898 Woodcliff, New Jersey
Petronella Hasbrouck1710 Banns, Ulster Co, New York 
Petrus Elias Hasbrouck19 JUL 1780 22 JUL 1858 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Rachel Hasbrouck18 JUN 1778  
Rachel Hasbrouck1743  
Rachel Hasbrouck12 MAY 1680 Ulster Co, New York17 MAR 1716/17 New York, New York
Rachel Hasbrouck11 NOV 1715  
Rachel Hasbrouck17 MAR 1757 Kingston, New York2 JUL 1846 Wallkill, Ulster Co, New York
Rose Hardee Hasbrouck3 NOV 1862 Kingston, Ulster Co, Long Island, New York8 MAY 1944 Maplewood, Essex Co, New Jersey
Samuel D Hasbrouck21 AUG 1787  
Sarah Hasbrouck28 FEB 1708/09  
Simon Hasbrouck1776  
Solomon Hasbrouck6 OCT 1686 Ulster Co, New York3 APR 1752 Ulster Co, New York
Zachariah Hasbrouck29 FEB 1780  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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