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  23 individuals found for query Hassing
Aaltje HassingABT 1705  
Bernardus HassingABT 1646 Muers, North Holland, The Netherlands29 JUL 1701 New York, New York
Bernardus HassingBEF 27 AUG 1670 New York, New York 
Bernardus HassingABT 1702  
Cornelius Hassing1712  
Elizabeth Hassing1707  
Engeltje HassingBEF 21 JAN 1718/19 New York 
Geertje HassingBEF 20 JAN 1681/82 New York, New York 
Geertje HassingABT 1645 Muers, North Holland, The NetherlandsBEF 15 APR 1715 
Gerret Hassing1717  
Gerrit Hassing1687 New York, New York 
Hester HassingBEF 19 DEC 1674 New York, New York 
Heyltje HassingBEF 7 FEB 1676/77 New York, New York 
Heyltje HassingABT 1648  
Jacob HassingABT 1715  
Jacob HassingBEF 22 SEP 1672 New York, New York 
Johannes HassingABT 1647  
John Hassing1709  
John HassingBEF 14 NOV 1678 New York, New York 
Lysbeth HassingBEF 17 JAN 1684/85 New York, New York 
Pieter HassingBEF 24 DEC 1679 New York, New York 
Tanneke HassingABT 1722  
Warnard HassingBEF 1623 1663 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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