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  13 individuals found for query Hatfield
Abraham Hatfield8 JUN 1670  
Andrew Hatfield1729 Elizabethtown, Essex Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Hatfield9 JUN 1669  
Elizabeth Hatfield1674  
Isaac B Hatfield1667  
Mary Hatfield1674 17 DEC 1740 New Jersey
Matthias HatfieldABT 1620 Leiden, The Netherlands22 APR 1693 Elizabethtown, Union Co, New Jersey
Nancy A Hatfield8 MAR 1851 8 SEP 1934 
Nancy Jane Hatfield3 AUG 1821 Kentuucky20 NOV 1908 
Phebe HatfieldABT 1750  
Rachel Hatfield1674  
Rebuen Hatfield1785 1860 
Thomas Hatfield4 MAR 1599/00 Yorkshire, England 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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