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  178 individuals found for query Hegeman
Abraham Hegeman1660 New Amsterdam (Flushing, Long Island, New York)10 JAN 1714/15 
Abraham Hegeman1815  
Abraham Hegeman9 SEP 1722  
Adriaen HegemanBEF 27 JUL 1684  
Adriaen Hegeman4 MAR 1685/86 Long Island, New York8 AUG 1754 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New Jersey
Adriaen Hegeman3 OCT 1680 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York28 FEB 1745/46 Oyster Bay, Queens Co, Long Island, New York
Adriaen HegemanBEF APR 1757 Somerset Co, New Jersey21 APR 1839 Franklin,Essex Co, New Jersey
Adriaen Hegeman1624 Elburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands1 APR 1672 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Adriaen Hegeman12 DEC 1712 Long Island, New York6 DEC 1782 
Adrian Hegeman1689 Long Island, New York 
Adrian Hegeman8 AUG 1745  
Adrian Hegeman24 AUG 1739 1776 
Adrian Hegeman1720 Middlebush, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Adrian HegemanABT 1683  
Adrian Hegeman1675  
Adrian Hegeman12 NOV 1751  
Adrian Hegeman1 FEB 1718/19 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Alche Hegeman27 JUL 1749  
Alert Hegeman1602 Elburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands 
Alida Hegeman1769  
Alida Hegeman6 OCT 1702 Long Island, New York15 SEP 1781 
Alida Hegeman1729  
Andrew HegemanABT 1760 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Andries Hegeman1750  
Andries HegemanBEF 30 NOV 1719 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York28 DEC 1784 Blawenburg, New Jersey
Andries Hegeman16 APR 1739  
Annajte HegemanABT 1704 Long Island, New York 
Annatje HegemanBEF 25 NOV 1759 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Anne Hegeman7 SEP 1754  
Annetje Joseph Hegeman1714 1804 
Barnet Hegeman1727 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Benjamin HegemanBEF 12 SEP 1762 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Benjamin Hegeman1661 New Amsterdam (Flushing, Long Island, New York)AFT 1710 
Benjamin Adriaen Hegeman31 MAR 1731 Somerset Co, New Jersey14 JUN 1804 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New Jersey
Catherina HegemanABT 1717 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Catherine HegemanABT 1710  
Catherine HegemanABT 1685  
Catherine HegemanFEB 1695/96 Long Island, New York 
Catherine HegemanAFT 1687 Long Island, New York 
Catherine HegemanAFT 1685 Long Island, New York 
Catherine Hegeman11 NOV 1691 New Lots, Long Island, New York14 NOV 1741 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Catherine HegemanABT 1730 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Hegeman1689 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Catrina Hegeman5 SEP 1725 23 MAY 1817 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Catryntje Hegeman1696 Jamaica, Queens, Long Island, New York2 APR 1757 
Daniel Hegeman1745 1772 Died at sea
Daniel Hegeman22 DEC 1712 Oyster Bay, Queens Co, Long Island, New York12 MAR 1786 
Denys HegemanJUN 1703  
Denyse Hegeman1746  
Denyse Hegeman1655 New Amsterdam (Flushing, Long Island, New York)AUG 1702 Flatbush, Long Island, New York
Denyse Hegeman25 DEC 1723 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey13 JUL 1813 Cambridge, Washington Co, New York
Denyse HegemanABT 1716  
Derick Hegeman20 APR 1760  
Dionys Hegeman1624 Elburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands 
Dollius Hegeman1681 1760 
Elbert Hegeman2 MAY 1790  
Elbert Hegeman1687 22 OCT 1777 
Elbert Hegeman1735 1802 
Elizabeth Hegeman2 NOV 1682 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York9 NOV 1755 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Elizabeth Hegeman1663 New Amsterdam (Flushing, Long Island, New York) 
Elizabeth Hegeman2 DEC 1761 Glen Head, New YOrk 
Elizabeth HegemanABT 1720 Long Island, New York 
Evert HegemanBEF 17 JAN 1719/20 Flatbush, Long Island, New York27 OCT 1779 
Femmejte Hegeman3 MAY 1753 Flatbush, Long Island, New York5 AUG 1847 
Femmetje Hegeman18 MAY 1708 Long Island, New York 
Femmetje HegemanBEF 25 APR 1725 Flatbush, Long Island, New York16 MAR 1799 
Frans Hegeman1689 Long Island, New York 
Garret Vanderveer Hegeman13 JUL 1803 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Gaultherus HegemanABT 1624 Elburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands 
Geertje Hegeman1722 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Geertje HegemanABT 1750 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Geertje HegemanBEF 26 MAR 1769 Somerset Co, New Jersey Died young
Geertruyd Hegeman15 AUG 1733  
Gerret Hegeman1758  
Gertrude HegemanABT 1742  
Gertrude Hegeman1757 Flatbush, Long Island, New York1832 
Gertrude Hegeman6 NOV 1781 Somerset Co, New Jersey11 APR 1859 Ovid, Seneca Co, New York
Helmichius Hegeman1633 Elburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands 
Hendrick HegemanABT 1683  
Hendricus HegemanABT 1715  
Hendricus Hegeman13 APR 1649 Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands1710 Flatbush, Long Island, New York
Henrick Hegeman1713  
Henrick Hegeman1595 Elburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands1637 
Infant HegemanABT 1688  
Isaac Hegeman10 OCT 1779 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey15 NOV 1849 Fairview, Fulton Co, Illinois
Isaac Hegeman1659 New Amsterdam (Flushing, Long Island, New York)1700 Staten Island, Richmond Co, New York
Jacob Hegeman1575 Harderwijk, Gelderland, The Netherlands24 SEP 1625 Elburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Jacobus HegemanABT 1687 Long Island, New York 
Jacobus Hegeman18 JAN 1698/99 Jamacia, Long Island, New York25 SEP 1736 Hillsboro, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jacobus Hegeman9 MAR 1652/53 1702 
Jacobus Hegeman12 FEB 1710/11 20 DEC 1747 
Jacobus HegemanABT 1727 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacobus HegemanBEF 9 DEC 1744 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacobus Hegeman25 OCT 1754 Blawenberg, Somerset Co, New Jersey2 NOV 1779 Blawenberg, Somerset Co, New Jersey
James Henry Hegeman8 MAY 1838 1912 
Jan Hegeman1765  
Jan Hegeman1691 Long Island, New York 
Jan Hegeman1728 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jan HegemanBEF 19 JUL 1772 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jane Hegeman23 DEC 1776 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey1855 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jane HegemanABT 1820  
Jane HegemanABT 1687  
Jane Hegeman24 NOV 1772 28 NOV 1832 
Jannejte HegemanBEF 14 OCT 1770 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jannejte HegemanBEF 5 MAY 1747 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jannetje Hegeman24 OCT 1678 Albany, Albany Co, New YorkAFT 1756 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jannetje HegemanABT 1692  
Jannetje Hegeman30 APR 1727 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John HegemanABT 1750  
John Hegeman30 MAY 1760 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Hegeman1665 Flatbush, Long Island, Kings Co, New York 
John HegemanBEF 2 MAY 1752 Montgomery, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Hegeman1717  
Joost HegemanAFT 1685 Long Island, New York 
Joseph Hegeman29 MAR 1719 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT 1754 
Joseph HegemanAUG 1687 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Joseph Hegeman16 JUN 1732  
Joseph Hegeman8 NOV 1761  
Joseph Hegeman29 JUN 1710 Long Island, New York 
Joseph Hegeman1694  
Joseph Hegeman1744 Montgomery, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Joseph HegemanABT 1720  
Joseph Hegeman4 MAR 1692/93 Quebec, New France (Canada)1748 Blawenburg, New Jersey
Joseph Hegeman1687 Long Island, New York 
Joseph Hegeman15 JAN 1650/51 Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands1725 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Joseph Hegeman1743  
Lambert Jacobs Hegeman1545 Elburg, Gelderland, The Netherlands 
Libertje HegemanABT 1690 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkJUN 1758 Three Mile Run, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Lucretia Gracey Hegeman5 SEP 1723  
Margaret Hegeman1754 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Hegeman28 MAR 1756 Somerset Co, New Jersey23 MAR 1833 Odessa, Ontario, Canada
Margaret A HegemanABT 1815  
Margarieta Hegeman1719  
Margariete Hegeman21 JUL 1719 Long Island, New York 
Margarita Hegeman20 DEC 1733 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maria Hegeman7 JUN 1736 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York 
Maria HegemanNOV 1755 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Maria HegemanABT 1735  
Maria HegemanBEF 12 APR 1767 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maria Hegeman4 JAN 1734/35 10 DEC 1845 
Marie HegemanABT 1706 Long Island, New York 
Martha Hegeman3 MAR 1766 14 FEB 1848 
Mary Hegeman1748  
Mary Hegeman24 OCT 1756 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey22 AUG 1827 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Mary Hegeman1748 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Marya HegemanABT 1735 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Meetje Hegeman1 NOV 1718 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Metje HegemanBEF 2 NOV 1718 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Michael HegemanBEF 3 JUN 1722 Raritan, Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT OCT 1793 New Jersey
Michael HegemanBEF 5 JUN 1763 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Michael HegemanBEF 27 JUL 1760 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Neeltje Hegeman1694 Gravesend, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1750 
Neeltje Hegeman1688 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Peter Hegeman3 MAY 1706 Long Island, New York 
Peter Hegeman1747  
Peter Hegeman1722 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter Hegeman1691 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Peternelletje Hegeman1752 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Peternelletje Hegeman1750 Flatbush, Long Island, New YorkBEF 1752 
Phebe HegemanABT 1740  
Phebe HegemanAFT 1685 Long Island, New York 
Pieter HegemanBEF 16 DEC 1764 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Rachel HegemanBEF 6 JUL 1751 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Rem HegemanBEF 11 AUG 1728 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Rem Hegeman19 JUL 1738  
Rem HegemanBEF 8 FEB 1684/85 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York6 APR 1767 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Rem HegemanABT 1740  
Richard Dirck HegemanBEF 7 MAY 1749 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey1782 
Roeleff Hegeman24 MAR 1733/34  
Sarah Hegeman28 SEP 1775 14 APR 1857 Bededsville, New Jersey
Sarah Hegeman13 MAR 1743/44 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Adrian HegemanABT 1735  
Simon Hegeman1724 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey1799 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey
Susan HegemanABT 1745  
Symon HegemanBEF 7 NOV 1773 Somerset Co, New Jersey Ohio
Thomas HegemanABT 1770 New York 
Thomas Hegeman1734 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
William HegemanBEF 16 MAY 1776 Somerset Co, New Jersey 

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