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  55 individuals found for query Holloway
Aaron Holloway1712 Somerset Co, MarylandBET 1781 AND 1790 
Aaron Holloway1753 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Anadysiah Holloway1832 Snow Hill, Worchester Co, Maryland 
Ananias HollowayBEF 1813 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Ara Samuel Holloway13 NOV 1823 Snow Hill, Worcester Co, Maryland8 DEC 1893 Monticello, Green Co, Wisconsin
Armwell Holloway21 OCT 1777 Worcester Co, Maryland18 FEB 1868 Ross Co, Ohio
Clarissa Holloway18 APR 1845 Monroe, Green Co, Wisconsin2 AUG 1885 Brandon, Buchanan Co., Iowa
Denaway HollowayAFT 1790 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Elihah Holloway11 MAR 1754 Worcester Co, MarylandAFT 1820 Ross Co, Ohio
Elizabeth Holloway1751 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Elizabeth Holloway1709 Somerset Co, Maryland1774 Worcester Co, Maryland
Elizabeth D Holloway1815 Ohio Arkansas
Hannah HollowayABT 1755 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Harry HollowayABT 1885 18 DEC 1936 
Henry HollowayAFT 1790 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Hester Holloway28 JAN 1808 Worcester Co, Maryland22 JUL 1868 Knox Co, Illinois
Hester Powell Holloway14 NOV 1824 Snow Hill, Worcester Co, Maryland13 APR 1907 La Cygne, Linn Co, Kansas
Hettie HollowayAFT 1790 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Irene Holloway1825 Snow Hill, Worchester Co, Maryland24 JAN 1892 Silver Lake, Shawnee Co. Kansas
Isaac Holloway19 MAY 1792 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Jacob Holloway1750 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Jacob Samuel Holloway8 JUN 1840 Brooklyn, Schuyler Co, Illinois18 AUG 1926 Monroe, Green Co, Wisconsin
James Holloway1755 Worcester Co, Maryland1 APR 1830 Worcester Co, Maryland
James Byrd Holloway2 JUN 1847 Monroe, Green Co, Wisconsin28 FEB 1939 Woodstock, Richland Co, Wisconsin
Jesse Holloway1739 Worcester Co, Maryland 
John Holloway1664  
John HollowayABT 1734 Somerset Co, Maryland1789 Worcester Co, Maryland
John Holloway1679 Accomack Co, Richmond Co, Virginia1753 Somerset Co, Maryland
John Franklin Holloway1799  
John I HollowayABT 1810  
John Meck HollowayABT 1825  
Joseph HollowayABT 1615  
Joshua Holloway1706 Somerset Co, Maryland1813 
Josiah Godfrey Holloway12 FEB 1835 Snow Hill, Worchester Co, Maryland25 FEB 1910 Walker, Buchanan Co, Indiana
Julia Ann HollowayAFT 1790 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Laban HollowayABT 1790  
Levi Holloway9 APR 1735 Worcester Co, Maryland4 DEC 1842 
Levin Handy Holloway16 JUL 1826 Snow Hill, Worchester Co, Maryland9 DEC 1897 Yakima, Yakima Co, Washington
Martha HollowayABT 1755 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Mary HollowayABT 1645 Sandwich, Massachusetts12 JUL 1703 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Mary Holloway5 SEP 1796 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Mary A Holloway22 JAN 1837 Brooklyn, Schuyler Co, Illinois9 OCT 1858 Brooklyn, Schuyler Co, Illinois
Moses Holloway1707 Somerset Co, Maryland1794 
Nancy HollowayAFT 1790 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Nancy H HollowayBET 1841 AND 1842 Washington Tw, Green Co, Wis18 AUG 1926 Monroe, Green Co, Wisconsin
Percy Everett Holloway25 AUG 1874 Green Co, Wisconsin9 APR 1952 Wisconsin
Rebecca HollowayABT 1755 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Ruth Holloway7 MAY 1852 Missouri27 MAR 1927 Sumpter, Baker Co, Oregon
Samuel Jacob Holloway1799 Worcester Co, MarylandAPR 1855 Woodstock, Richland Co, Wisconsin
Sarah Holloway7 JUL 1819 North Carolina 
Sarah Holloway1776  
Sarah Holloway1799 Worcester Co, Maryland 
Sarah Jane Holloway1849 Wisconsin 
Thomas Holloway1715 Somerset Co, Maryland23 APR 1792 
Virginia HollowayABT 1900  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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