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  172 individuals found for query Huff
Abraham HuffBEF 11 MAR 1781 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New JerseyABT 1808 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Abraham Huff1735  
Abraham Huff29 MAR 1729  
Ada HuffAFT 1887  
Adrian HuffJUL 1877 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Agatha Huff18 MAY 1715 Neshanic, Somerset County, New Jersey 
Alexander Huff1827 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ann Huff1 APR 1792 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Ann HuffABT 1775  
Ann Huff1745 New York6 JUL 1821 Cincinnati, Ohio
Ann Nevius Huff15 OCT 1801 Neshanic, Somerset, New Jersey 
Anna HuffABT 1789  
Anna M HuffABT 1820  
Anna Margareta Huff9 MAY 1717  
Armstead Mason Huff22 NOV 1819 Ohio 
Armsted M HuffJUN 1852 OhioAFT 1930 
Arthur J Huff26 MAR 1883 1 SEP 1937 
Asenith Huff1810 Kentucky 
Benjamin Huff1772 Kent Co, Maryland11 JUN 1833 Hardinsburg, Breckenridge Co, Kentucky
Betsey J Huff1843 Perry Co, Indiana 
Brogon Huff3 AUG 1707 Neshanic, Somerset County, New Jersey18 JUN 1799 Seneca Co, New York
Catherine Huff1718 Halifax, Halifax Co, Virginia 
Catherine HuffBEF 28 SEP 1783 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New JerseyBEF 1827 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Catherine Huff12 APR 1740 Middlebush, Somerset Co, New Jersey18 AUG 1779 
Charity Huff1764 5 NOV 1836 
Charles HuffAFT 1768 Virginia 
Christian Huff1730 Halifax, Halifax Co, Virginia 
Christina HuffABT 1685 Gravesend, Long Island, New York25 JUN 1777 North Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Christon HuffMAY 1879  
Cynthia Huff1806 Kentucky 
Daniel Huff1847 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Daniel Huff1809 Kentucky 
David Huff  
Derrick HuffABT 1737  
Eleanor Huff1810 Kentucky 
Elijah George Huff18 SEP 1822  
Elizabeth Huff1732 Halifax, Halifax Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Huff1818 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Huff1799  Butler Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth Huff1784 Staunton, Augusta Co, Virginia1851 
Elizabeth Huff7 JUN 1751  
Elizabeth HuffBEF 18 NOV 1787 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth HuffAFT 1768 Virginia 
Elizabeth Huff1843 Perry Co, Indiana 
Elizabeth Huff1846 Butler Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth Huff1799 Kentucky1883 
Elizabeth Isabella Huff1843 Illinois 
Elizabeth Scudder Huff2 MAR 1800 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Elmer E HuffFEB 1884  
Engel Huff2 APR 1714  
Englebert Huff1637 Norway Fishkill, Long Island, New York
Ester C HuffBET 1849 AND 1850  
Eva Huff1866  
Frances HuffABT 1760  
Francintje HuffBEF 1 DEC 1771 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Francis HuffAFT 1773  
George Huff1723 New York 
George Huff1779 Virginia15 MAY 1839 Muskingum Co, Ohio
George P Huff27 JUL 1793 Neshanic, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
George William Huff1819 Kentucky1900 Perry Co, Indiana
Gresje Huff16 JUL 1707  
Hannah HuffAFT 1768 Virginia 
Hannah Huff1728 Halifax, Halifax Co, Virginia 
Hannah Huff1746 Sussex Co, New Jersey1816 New York
Hannah HuffFEB 1846 Perry Co, Indiana3 MAR 1915 
Hannah Huff15 OCT 1846 Oregon Co, Missouri31 MAY 1910 Howell, Howell Co, Missouri
Helena Huff16 OCT 1719  
Henderson HuffJUL 1849 2 OCT 1884 
Isaac Huff5 AUG 1750 New JerseyJUN 1833 
Isaac Huff4 JAN 1804 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Isaac C Huff25 MAY 1777 New Jersey1 OCT 1850 Orion, Oakland Co, Michigan
Isaac R Huff28 AUG 1861 Perry Co, Indiana17 JUN 1916 Perry Co, Indiana
Iva HuffAFT 1887  
Jane Huff1 OCT 1872 Mercer Co, Kentucky19 MAR 1962 Danville, Boyle Co, Kentucky
Jannetje Huff3 FEB 1799 Neshanic, Somerset, New Jersey 
Jean Huff18 NOV 1764  
Johannis Huff16 OCT 1726  
John Huff21 FEB 1722/23 St Pauls Parish, Kent Co, Maryland Kent Co, Maryland
John Huff19 JAN 1758 Roanoke, Roanoke Co, Virginia 
John Huff1810 Kentucky 
John HuffABT 1724 Halifax, Halifax Co, Virginia 
John HuffAFT 1773  
John Huff1840 Perry Co, Indiana 
John Huff1756  
John Huff1821 Mercer Co, Kentucky Mercer Co, Kentucky
John Huff30 JUN 1866 Montgomery, Indiana18 OCT 1923 Bryantsville, Lawrence Co, Indiana
Jonathan Huff1816 Kentucky1880 Perry Co, Indiana
Joseph Huff1751 Roanoke, Roanoke Co, Virginia 
Lane Jane HuffABT 1810  
Leonard Huff1782 Bedford Co, Virginia1851 Butler Co, Kentucky
Leonard Huff1760 Roanoke, Roanoke Co, Virginia 
Leonard Huff1804 Tennessee 
Leonard HuffABT 1712 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1800 Cocke Co, Tennessee
Leonardt Huff6 AUG 1709  
Leonardt Huff1611 Norway 
Lewis Huff1807 Kentucky1867 
Lewis HuffJUL 1862 Perry Co, Indiana 
Louise HuffAFT 1887  
Lucinda Alsie Huff1815 Tennessee 
Lydia Huff1789 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Lydia Huff1805 Kentucky 
Mara Huff25 APR 1724  
Margaret HuffBEF 16 FEB 1751/52 Neshanic, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Huff1830 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Margreta HuffAFT 1752  
Maria Huff25 MAR 1712  
Martha Huff1860 Perry Co, Indiana 
Mary HuffABT 1800  
Mary HuffABT 1820 Mercer Co Kentucky 
Mary HuffJAN 1740/41 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mary Ann Huff1823 1856 
Mary E Huff1790 Kentucky1883 
Mary Elizabeth Huff1845 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Rosie Huff16 JAN 1854 Perry Co, Indiana 
Myrtin Huff1879  
Nancy HuffAFT 1768 Virginia 
Nancy HuffAFT 1773  
Nancy HuffDEC 1874 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Nancy Ellen Huff18 DEC 1846 Perry Co, Indiana 
Nathan HuffABT 1825 Tennessee 
Neeltje Huff4 JUL 1759  
Nicholas HuffABT 1733  
Paulus Dircksen HuffABT 1675  
Peter HuffABT 1780 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Peter Huff1755  
Peter Huff30 JUN 1762 Neshanic, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter Brokaw Huff1795 Mercer Co, Kentucky1879 Crawfordsville, Indiana
Petr Huff1753 Roanoke, Roanoke Co, Virginia 
Petrus HuffNOV 1744  
Philip Huff1785 Virginia 
Philip HuffABT 1743 Frederick Co, Virginia 
Priscilla HuffABT 1837  
Rachel Huff13 DEC 1774 Bedford Co, Virginia29 NOV 1855 
Rachel Huff11 MAR 1755 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey26 FEB 1835 
Rebecca Huff1798 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Rhoda A Huff3 AUG 1782 Virginia 
Richard HuffABT 1795  
Richard HuffAFT 1773  
Richard Huff1722 Halifax, Halifax Co, Virginia 
Richard Huff1772 Virginia 
Romeo A Huff1848 Butler Co, Ohio1933 
Rosa G HuffAUG 1877 BEF 1920 
Rosanna M HuffABT 1815  
Samuel Huff1760 Roanoke, Roanoke Co, Virginia1820 Marion Co, Illinios
Samuel HuffAFT 1773  Raccoon, Marion Co, Illinios
Samuel HuffABT 1775 Virginia Mercer Co, Kentucky
Samuel B Huff9 MAY 1850 Mercer Co, Kentucky4 DEC 1939 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Samuel J Huff1781 Virginia 
Sarah Huff1726 Halifax, Halifax Co, Virginia 
Sarah HuffAFT 1773  
Sarah HuffABT 1780  
Sarah HuffAFT 1768 Virginia 
Sarah Catherine Huff9 JAN 1822 Pulaski Co, Kentucky1880 Wayne Co, Kentucky
Sarah Hannah Huff15 OCT 1846 Oregon Co, Missouri31 MAY 1910 Howell Co, Missouri
Solomon Huff1751 Tarrytown, New York1828 Adolphustown, Ontario, Canada
Tabitha HuffAFT 1773  
Thomas Huff1858 Perry Co, Indiana18 FEB 1935 Perry Co, Indiana
Thomas Huff22 FEB 1731/32 Roanoke, Roanoke Co, Virginia 
Tunis HuffBEF 8 FEB 1761 Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey Neshanic, Somerset County, New Jersey
Una Huff1859  
Unk HuffABT 1775  
Unk Huff  
Wiliam Huff1845 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Wililam Huff1716 Halifax, Halifax Co, Virginia 
Willem Huff2 APR 1714 Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
William HuffABT 1782  
William HuffABT 1742 Roanoke, Roanoke Co, VirginiaAFT 1803 Mercer Co, Kentucky
William Huff20 APR 1685 Long Island, New York30 OCT 1742 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
William Huff1794 Hancock, Kentucky1841 Smith, Cleveland Co, Arkansas
William HuffAFT 1768 Virginia 
William D Huff1815 Kentucky1860 
William E HuffABT 1870  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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