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  87 individuals found for query Hungate
Alexander T Hungate1844 Adrian, Bates Co, Missouri 
Caroline HungateABT 1816  
Catherine HungateAFT 1807 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Charles Hungate10 JUL 1669 Sherburn Elmert, Huddleston Hall, Yorkshire, England1749 Blacksburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia
Charles Hungate1778 Augusta Co, VirginiaAUG 1850 Tatum Springs, Washington Co, Kentucky
Charles Hungate1809 Washington Co, Kentucky 
Charles Hungate1745 Blacksburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia1828 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Charles Hungate4 JUN 1781 Augusta Co, Virginia6 AUG 1859 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Charles Marcus Hungate20 OCT 1850  
Charles Odell Hungate1820  
Cynthia Hungate1813  
Cynthia Hungate1798 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Davis Hungate24 JUN 1825 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Edward Hungate1852 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Eliza HungateABT 1805  
Elizabeth HungateABT 1793 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Hungate1779 Augusta Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Hungate1815 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Hungate1752  
Elizabeth Ann Hungate1 OCT 1839 Adrian, Bates Co, Missouri 
Elizabeth Jane Hungate2 AUG 1882 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Emily Jane HungateABT 1852 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Francis Hungate1611 England1645 Chester, England
Francis Hungate19 MAY 1642 Saxton in Elmont, Yorkshire, England23 OCT 1682 
Frank Hungate21 APR 1884 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Hannah Hungate1784 Augusta Co, Virginia 
Harvey Hungate1 SEP 1880 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Henry Sanford Hungate13 JUN 1889 Mercer Co, Kentucky7 JAN 1963 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Hester Ann Hungate10 FEB 1845  
Hyram HungateABT 1820  
Ida Belle Hungate21 JUL 1874 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
James HungateABT 1817  
James Franklin Hungate17 FEB 1839  
James Henry Hungate1811 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jehu HungateAFT 1807 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jesse Hale Hungate20 FEB 1804 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Job Hale HungateABT 1780 Augusta Co, Virginia 
John Hungate27 SEP 1796 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
John Hungate15 NOV 1815 Mercer Co, KentuckyABT 1890 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John Hungate1774 Augusta Co, Virginia9 NOV 1813 Tatum Springs, Washington Co, Kentucky
John HungateABT 1747 Augusta Co, VirginiaNOV 1811 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
John D Hungate31 MAR 1791 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
John H Hungate28 OCT 1840 Adrian, Bates Co, Missouri 
John Harrison Hungate10 DEC 1842  
John Robetson HungateABT 1800  
Joseph Hungate1795 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Larkin Armstead HungateAFT 1816  
Leaven Merrit Hungate24 DEC 1854  
Lucy Hungate1822  
Mary Hungate1750 Montgomery Co, VirginiaABT 1815 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary HungateAFT 1807 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary HungateABT 1815  
Mary Hungate1785 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Hungate1786 Augusta Co, Virginia 
Mary Alice Hungate4 APR 1876 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Ann Hungate1783 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Catherine Hungate1856 1917 
Mary Margaret Hungate1842 Adrian, Bates Co, Missouri 
Morgan HungateABT 1819  
Nancy Hungate1793 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Nancy Hungate1751  
Nancy Hungate1821 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Nancy Hungate1777 Augusta Co, Virginia 
Nancy Catherine Hungate27 APR 1847  
Pleasant HungateABT 1855 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Rachel Hungate30 JUL 1810  
Rhoda Hungate1788 Augusta Co, Virginia Mercer Co, Kentucky
Rhoda Hungate7 APR 1785 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ruth Ellen Hungate18 JAN 1856  
Sally Hungate1782 Augusta Co, Virginia 
Sarah Hungate1814  
Sarah HungateBET 18 JAN 1857 AND 1859 Tatham Springs, Washington, Kentucky10 MAR 1944 Bloomfield, Washington, Kansas
Sarah Cztherine Hungate9 JAN 1878 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Gather HungateABT 1852 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Senie Hungate26 OCT 1854 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Starling T Hungate17 SEP 1852  
Turner Bachman Hungate1 JAN 1848 Adrian, Bates Co, Missouri 
Turner Bottom Hungate28 JUL 1827 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William Hungate1780 Augusta Co, Virginia 
William Hungate6 MAR 1837  
William HungateAFT 1807 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William Hungate1744  
William Hungate1715 Blacksburg, Montgomery Co, Virginia1755 Kentucky
William HungateABT 1817  
William Hungate20 FEB 1885 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William Clark Hungate20 JUL 1815  
William Davis Hungate1 JAN 1848 Stone, Missouri18 OCT 1936 Rose Hill, Mercer Co, Kentucky

* Individual - family ties unknown

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