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  23 individuals found for query Hutter
Albert John Hutter14 OCT 1894 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri21 JAN 1983 Good Shepherd Nursing Home, Lockwood, Missouri
Albrecht Hutter1 NOV 1862 Switzerland6 OCT 1936 Polk Township, Christian Co, Missouri
Amelia HutterJAN 1899 Christian Co, Missouri Christian Co, Missouri
Anna Elizabeth Hutter1 SEP 1890 Christian Co, Missouri8 APR 1895 Christian Co, Missouri
Arnold Hutter24 DEC 1864 Solothurn, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland14 MAR 1938 Christian Co, Missouri
Benedict Hutter1 AUG 1831 Biezwil, Solothurn, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland29 JUN 1916 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Bertha M Hutter26 JAN 1897 Christian Co, Missouri14 MAR 1964 Christian Co, Missouri
Clara Wilhelmina Hutter12 MAR 1888 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri30 AUG 1953 Polk Township, Christian Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Hutter18 JUN 1858 Solothurn, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland15 MAR 1940 Clever, Stone Co, Missouri
Elpha Etta Hutter11 MAR 1895 Christian Co, Missouri8 AUG 1896 Christian Co, Missouri
Emma Louise Hutter19 NOV 1888 Christian Co, Missouri17 AUG 1948 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Fred John Hutter18 NOV 1891 Christian Co, Missouri4 MAR 1958 Christian Co, Missouri
Frederick Gottieb Hutter24 DEC 1860 Solothurn, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland13 MAR 1914 Christian Co, Missouri
George Hutter9 AUG 1895 Christian Co, Missouri22 OCT 1921 Billings, Chrisitian Co, Missouri
Ida Hutter25 SEP 1889 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri18 MAY 1981 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Johannes Hutter1829 Switzerland1896 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
John Benedict Hutter29 MAR 1856 Solothurn, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland30 MAR 1929 Christian Co, Missouri
Louise Hutter14 SEP 1862 Solothurn, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland1 FEB 1943 Christian Co, Missouri
Magdalena Louise Hutter16 FEB 1898 Christian Co, Missouri17 FEB 1965 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Mary A Hutter3 MAR 1870 Solothurn, Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland28 MAY 1932 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Mary Jane Hutter25 SEP 1893 Christian Co, Missouri15 SEP 1943 Polk Township, Christian Co, Missouri
Minnie E Hutter29 APR 1898 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri10 JUN 1994 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Pauline Ethel Barbara Hutter13 DEC 1890 St Louis, Missouri11 JUN 1977 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri

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