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  41 individuals found for query Jacobs
Abraham JacobsABT 1753  
Ann Jacobs2 JAN 1760  
Annatje Jacobs1621 Tonningen, Schleswig, Holstein, Germany17 SEP 1704 New York
Brand JacobsABT 1690 Passaic, Passaic Co, New Jersey 
Chester L Jacobs24 APR 1897 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Cornelius JacobsABT 1750  
David JacobsABT 1746  
Echtje JacobsABT 1625 Gemonepa, Hudson Co, New Jersey23 DEC 1688 Jersey City, Hudson Co, New Jersey
Eleanor Jacobs22 FEB 1814 Millersbury, Bourbon Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth JacobsABT 1748  
Elizabeth Jacobs14 SEP 1754 Pompton Plains, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Elmer Jacobs1900 Johnson Co, Indiana1972 
Engeltje JacobsABT 1638 Hoog-harzteen, Holsteyn, Germany 
Eve JacobsABT 1758  
Fracina JacobsABT 1576 Amsterdam, The Netherlands19 OCT 1612 Wessel, The Netherlands
Geertruyd JacobsABT 1615  
Gertje Jacobs1634 The Netherlands 
Gertruyd Jacobs1623  
Grace JacobsABT 1685  
Ida Jacobs1644 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1701 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Ida Gertrude Jacobs1863 1948 
Jacobmijntje JacobsABT 1540 ABT 7 JAN 1621/22 
James JacobsABT 1744  
James Evert JacobsABT 1875 ABT 1911 
Jannetje JacobsABT 1715  
Jannetje JacobsABT 1630 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
John Jeremiah JacobsABT 1800  
Julia Ann Jacobs17 JUN 1827 Hampshire Co, Virginia15 OCT 1883 Shelby Co, Missouri
Leuntje JacobsABT 1655  
Maeyke JacobsABT 1660  
Margaret B Jacobs15 SEP 1822 Accomat Co, Pennsylvania16 NOV 1888 Hartwell, Ohio
Martha Jacobs1592 Panington, Gloucestershire, England1650 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Mary JacobsABT 1760  
Nicase JacobsABT 1762  
Pieternella JacobsABT 1680 AFT 1705 
Roelof JacobsABT 1680  
Ruth Jacobs1895 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Seytje Jacobs1674 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkABT 1715 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Tryntje Hans Jacobs1660  
Unk Jacobs1697  
Willemje JacobsBEF 1658  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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