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  28 individuals found for query Johnston
Alberta S Johnston31 MAY 1891 Decatur Co, Indiana1961 Decatur Co, Indiana
Alice Johnston24 OCT 1876 Missouri25 JAN 1940 Shelby Co, Missouri
Anna JohnstonABT 1760  
Catherine Johnston1760 AUG 1828 
Charles A JohnstonBET 1888 AND 1900  
Clara JohnstonBET 1888 AND 1900  
David JohnstonBEF 1682 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New York 
Deborah Ann Johnston4 DEC 1831 22 APR 1885 
Ellinor JohnstonABT 1730  
Goldie Johnston3 JUN 1896 Decatur Co, Indiana12 APR 1977 
James JohnstonABT 1708  
James Franklin JohnstonBET 1888 AND 1900  
James Richard Johnston1915 1966 
Jesse Wallace Johnston1 MAY 1910 Redford, Reynolds Co, Missouri28 AUG 1953 Picher, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
John JohnstonABT 1707  
John Perry JohnstonBET 1888 AND 1900  
Magdalene Johnston1768 Wolf Creek, Greenbrier, Virginia 
Maggie JohnstonBET 1888 AND 1900  
Margaret JohnstonABT 1615  
Margaret Letitia Johnston11 NOV 1838 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri7 DEC 1920 Waxahachie, Ellis Co, Texas
Oliver Perry Johnston1866 1944 Waldron, Shelby Co, Indiana
Parker A JohnstonBET 1888 AND 1900  
Prudence Johnston1722 Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina 
Robert JohnstonABT 1850  
Russell Carl Johnston1914 1977 
Stephen JohnstonABT 1730  
Thomas McConnell Johnston1803 Clinton, Monongalia Co, West Virginia 
Virginia Catherine Johnston8 MAR 1846 Romney, West Virginia3 MAR 1870 Palmyra, Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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