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  11 individuals found for query Kendrick
August Johann KendrickABT 1880  
Elizabeth KendrickABT 1800  
Ida May Kendrick1 SEP 1872 Hillsborough, Montgomery Co, Illinios11 JAN 1960 Mooreland, Woodward Co, Oklahoma
James Kendrick1733 Isle of Wright Co, Virginia 
Jerome KendrickABT 1850  
Martin Kendrick1772 Granville, Chatham Co, North Carolina 
Mary Kendrick1750 1834 
Mary Margaret Kendrick1755 Bedford, Bedford Co, Virginia1834 Barren Co, Kentucky
Ruth KendrickABT 1755  
Sarah Kendrick13 DEC 1794 Washington Co, Georgia 
William KendrickABT 1704 King William Co, Virginia16 DEC 1810 Mecklenburg Co, Virginia

* Individual - family ties unknown

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