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  12 individuals found for query Klaarwater
Abraham Klaarwater1699  
Elizabeth Klaarwater1720  
Elsje Klaarwater7 DEC 1679  
Eva KlaarwaterBEF 2 DEC 1716 Ulster Co, New York 
Geertje KlaarwaterABT 1690 Nescotak, Ulster, New York 
Helena Klaarwater1722  
Hendrickjen Klaarwater1726  
Jacob Klaarwater1678 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New York 
Maria Klaarwater1718  
Teuis KlaarwaterBEF 25 MAY 1690 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New York 
Theunis Jacobsen KlaarwaterABT 1636 Baarn, Rotterdam, The Netherlands1715 New Paltz, Ulster Co, New York
Wyntje Klaarwater1686  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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