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  67 individuals found for query Klock
Abraham Klock1625 The Netherlands1666 New York
Abraham Klock21 NOV 1686 New York 
Albert Klock16 FEB 1700/01 New York 
Albertus Klock26 SEP 1660 New Amsterdam (New York, New York )1726 New York, New York
Anderson KlockABT 1860  
Anna Klock2 JAN 1767  
Anna Klock15 FEB 1751/52  
Anna Klock6 JUN 1766  
Anna Jennette Klock23 NOV 1851  
Barbara Elizabeth KlockABT 1698 Gravenweisbach, Germany St Johnsville, Montgomery Co, New York
Barvalis Klock1684 Germany 
Barvalis Klock1697 Germany 
Benjamin Klock11 APR 1792  
Catherine Klock30 MAR 1770  
Catherine Klock1747  
Catherine KlockABT 1773  
Charity Klock17 OCT 1783 Albany, Albany Co, New York2 DEC 1863 Lysander, Onondago Co, New York
Christian Klock29 MAR 1776  
Conrad Klock1716 New York 
Cornelius Klock11 SEP 1785  
Delia Klock17 JAN 1782  
Elizabeth Klock1750  
Elizabeth KlockABT 1795  
Eve KlockABT 1776  
Ezekeah KlockABT 1830  
Femmetje Klock10 JUL 1706 New York 
Fredrick Klock24 SEP 1771 Stone Arabia, Montgomer Co, New York 
George G Klock12 NOV 1742  
George Urie Klock1714 Schoharie, Schoharie Co, New York1789 
Gertrude Klock17 OCT 1783  
Hannarum Klock1724 New York 
Hendrick Klock1663 Kassel, Hessen, Germany1760 St Johnsville, Montgomery Co, New York
Henrich Klock1682 Germany 
Henrich Klock22 MAR 1789  
Jacob KlockABT 1769  
Jacob Klock8 OCT 1705  
Jacob Klock1723 New York 
Jacob G Klock9 MAR 1737/38 St Johnsville, Montgomery Co, New York10 SEP 1814 
Johan Jost Klock31 OCT 1741 Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co, New York28 DEC 1813 Oppenheim, Fulton Co, New York
Johangurg Klock1686 Germany 
Johann George Klock25 JUL 1768  
Johanne Klock1693 Germany 
Johanne Klock1712  
Johanne Klock1695 Germany 
Johanne Adam Klock1718 New York 
Johanne Joseph Klock1726 New York 
Johannes Klock30 OCT 1711  
John Klock1698 New York 
John Beekman Klock8 SEP 1787  
Joseph Klock19 AUG 1768  
Magdalena Klock19 APR 1755  
Magdalena Klock1687 Germany 
Magdalena Klock1699  
Magdelena Klock1773 Stone Arabia, Montgomer Co, New York17 NOV 1858 
Margaret Klock1745  
Margareta Klock29 MAR 1764  
Marten Klock10 SEP 1656 New Amsterdam (New York, New York )31 DEC 1728 New York, New York
Mary Klock1776  
Mary KlockABT 1795  
Mary Adalade Klock2 DEC 1853  
Peter KlockABT 1756  
Petronella Klock8 DEC 1703 New York 
Sarah Klock20 NOV 1698 New York 
Sarah Klock10 DEC 1651 New Amsterdam (New York, New York )28 FEB 1730/31 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Tryntje Klock18 JAN 1653/54 New Amsterdam (New York, New York )9 FEB 1729/30 
Tryntje Klock19 OCT 1690 New York 
WIlliam Theron Klock27 NOV 1858  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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