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  43 individuals found for query Knox
Abner Knox12 MAR 1769  
Aletta Knox9 SEP 1851 Virgin Islands 
Andrew Knox1743 Ireland 
Andrew Knox1727 Ireland17 OCT 1807 Pennsylvania
Andrew Jackson Knox18 JUL 1818 Savannah, Chatham Co, Georgia 
Andrew Jackson Knox13 AUG 1773 Norristown, Pennsylvania1844 Norristown, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania
Ann Knox24 DEC 1764 17 FEB 1849 Giles Co, Tennessee
Catherine Veghte Knox1 DEC 1844 New Jersey 
Charlotee Knox24 OCT 1852 Virgin Islands 
David Knox1700 Dungannon, Ireland 
David Knox17 OCT 1760  
Elizabeth Knox1750 Ireland 
Elizabeth KnoxABT 1800 Tennessee 
Elizabeth Knox1817 Laurens, South Carolina25 DEC 1879 
Frances Clementina KnoxABT 1816 Savannah, Chatham Co, Georgia 
Georgia Norris Knox5 NOV 1838 New York 
Hallie B KnoxBEF 1875  
Isabella Knox25 JAN 1806 Savannah, Chatham Co, Georgia 
Isabella KnoxAPR 1848 New Jersey 
James Knox1759  
James Knox1765  
James Dickson KnoxABT 1813 Savannah, Chatham Co, Georgia 
James Suydam Knox28 JUL 1840 New York 
Janet KnoxABT 1667  
John Knox1765  
John Knox1745 Ireland 
John KnoxABT 1715  Enroute North Carolina to Giles Co, Tennessee
John KnoxABT 1795  
John Pray Knox28 JUL 1811 Savannah, Chatham Co, Georgia2 JUN 1882 Newtown, Queens Co, Long Island, New York
Joseph Knox1754 Mecklenburg, North Carolina 
Martha Knox19 FEB 1763  
Mary Knox14 FEB 1808 Savannah, Chatham Co, Georgia 
Mary Knox1771  
Matilda KnoxABT 1700  
Matthew KnoxAFT 1735  
Nancy Antoinette Knox13 MAY 1840 Georgia12 JUN 1891 
Robert Knox13 OCT 1756  
Samuel KnoxAFT 1735  
Thomas Pope Knox7 JUL 1809 Savannah, Chatham Co, Georgia 
Unk Knox28 APR 1804 Savannah, Chatham Co, Georgia 
William Knox1767  
William KnoxAFT 1735  
William White Knox14 DEC 1842 New York 

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