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  25 individuals found for query Koning
Abraham Koning30 SEP 1694 New York, New York1737 Belleville, Essex Co, New Jersey
Adam Koning1699 New York, New York 
Andries Koning1687 New York, New York 
Anna Koning1723 New York, New York 
Arent Schuyler KoningBEF 2 MAY 1732  
Arie KoningBEF 5 APR 1696 New York 
Arie Koning1684 New York, New York12 OCT 1748 New York, New York
Arie Koning1719 New York, New York 
Elizabeth Koning1711 New York, New York 
Gysbert Koning1725 New York, New York 
Henricus Koning6 NOV 1734  
Isaac Koning1696 New York, New York 
Jacob Koning1689 New York, New York 
Jacob KoningABT 1666 Well, Bommelerwaard, Gelderland, The Netherlands28 MAY 1755 New York, New York
Jacob KoningABT 1670  
Johanna Koning1717 New York, New York 
Johannes KoningBEF 10 AUG 1729  
Johannes Koning1715 New York, New York 
Johannes Koning1708 New York, New York 
Johannes Koning1692 New York, New York 
Maria Koning1709 New York, New York 
Maria Koning1702 New York, New York 
Maria KoningBEF 22 MAR 1723/24  
Marytje Koning6 JUN 1736 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York1785 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York
Rachel Koning1713 New York, New York 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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