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  41 individuals found for query Krom
Aagje KromABT 1680  
Abraham KromABT 1730  
Aegjen Krom1686 Ulster Co, New York 
Benjamin Krom3 JAN 1723/24 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Catheine KromBEF 1673 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Cornelius KromAFT 1726  
Dirck Krom1740  
Dirck Krom9 DEC 1683 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Dyna Krom1723  
Eias Krom1765  
Elizabeth KromABT 1640 1685 
Elizabeth Krom1732  
Gysbert Krom18 OCT 1724 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York Ulster Co, New York
Gysbert Krom1679 Ulster Co, New York 
Gysbert KromABT 1714  
Gysbert Krom24 NOV 1700 Kingston, Ulster Co, New YOrkAUG 1762 Monocacy Manor, Frederick Co, Maryland
Gysbert Willem KromABT 1653 Drenhte, Gelderland, The NetherlandsOCT 1724 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New York
Hannah Krom12 APR 1733  
Hendrick Krom1721  
Hendrick Krom12 JAN 1717/18 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York Ulster Co, New York
Hendrick Krom1683 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New YorkDEC 1769 Ulster Co, New York
Isaac KromBEF 12 SEP 1711 Ulster Co, New York26 JAN 1759 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Jan Krom1717  
Johannes Krom1715 Rochester, Ulster Co, New York 
John Krom1749  
Lysbeth Krom1688 Ulster Co, New York 
Maria Willemse Krom12 MAR 1650/51 Meppel, The Netherlands1703 
Mary Krom1734 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1806 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Mary KromABT 1625  
Mary KromJUL 1728  
Mayken Krom24 OCT 1677 Ulster Co, New York 
Sara KromOCT 1751  
Sarah Elizabeth Krom20 JUN 1828 Rochcester, Ulster Co, New York 
Solomon Amos Krom26 JUN 1785 Rochcester, Ulster Co, New York10 JUL 1861 Rochcester, Ulster Co, New York
Willem Krom15 OCT 1675 Marbletown< Ulster Co, New York 
Willem KromABT 1600 The Netherlands The Netherlands
Willem Krom1719  
Willem KromABT 1719 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Willem Adriaensen KromABT 1625 Pynacker, The Netherlands 
William Krom1731 1790 
Zacharias Krom1688 Ulster Co, New York Died young

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