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  32 individuals found for query Lamper
Abraham Lamper26 NOV 1886 Yerseke, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Adriaan Lamper13 DEC 1722  
Adriaan Lamper25 MAY 1792  
Adriaan Lamper12 MAY 1815  
Adriaan Lamper3 NOV 1857  
Adriaan Lamper20 JAN 1833  
Adriaan Lamper21 MAR 1829  
Adrian Lamper9 OCT 1888 Yerseke, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Adriana Lamper31 DEC 1824 Wemeldinge, Zeeland, The Netherlands9 MAY 1859 Wemeldinge, Zeeland, The Netherlands
Adriana Lamper10 DEC 1816  
Anna Lamper20 AUG 1897 Yerseke, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Cornelia Lamper25 JUN 1863  
Cornelius Lamper27 MAR 1763  
Cornelius Lamper16 SEP 1891 Yerseke, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Cornelius Lamper14 JAN 1815  
Foort Lamper10 MAY 1770  
Francina Lamper25 JUN 1863  
Francina Lamper22 JAN 1862 BEF JUN 1863 
Frans Lamper27 NOV 1864  
Janna Lamper6 JUN 1866  
Janna Lamper18 MAY 1860 BEF JUN 1866 
Kornwlia Lamper21 FEB 1824  
Lena Adrianna Lamper28 SEP 1765  
Maatje Lamper14 MAR 1859  
Maria Lamper7 AUG 1818  
Maria Lamper15 NOV 1820  
Maria Lamper7 DEC 1834  
Maria Lamper1 SEP 1831  
Maria Lamper20 MAR 1829  
Marinus Lamper25 SEP 1822  
Maude Lamper20 AUG 1897 Yerseke, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Pieternella Lamper30 NOV 1884 Yerseke, Zeeland, The Netherlands 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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