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  46 individuals found for query Lansing
Abraham Lansing1663  
Abraham Lansing27 FEB 1708/09  
Aeltje LansingABT 1640 Hasselt, Overijssel, The Netherlands1685 
Alice Lansing26 MAR 1866  
Alice LansingABT 1880  
Alida Lansing23 OCT 1637 Hasselt, Overyssel, The NetherlandsAFT SEP 1685 New York
Alida Hallenbeck Lansing1685 1748 
Anna Lansing28 MAR 1697  
David A Lansing29 MAY 1863  
Edwad Lansing1903 1981 
Edward Lansing2 NOV 1858  
Elizabeth Lansing1679 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Elizabeth LansingABT 1680  
Elsie Lansing12 MAR 1698/99  
Engltje Lansing12 AUG 1690 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Evertt Lansing31 DEC 1704  
Francis V Lansing28 FEB 1871  
Frank LansingABT 1880  
Frank LansingABT 1825  
Gerrit LansingABT 1600 Hasselt, Overijsel, The Netherlands3 OCT 1679 
Gerrit Lansing28 MAR 1693  
Gerrit LansingBEF 4 MAR 1710/11  
Gerrit LansingABT 1640 Hasselt, Overijssel, The Netherlands 
Gerritt Lansing1654 Hasselt, Overijssel, The Netherlands20 JUL 1708 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Gysbertje LansingABT 1640 Hasselt, Overijssel, The Netherlands 
Helen Lansing28 AUG 1868  
Hendrick LansingABT 1650 Hasselt, Overijssel, The Netherlands 
Henry A Lansing22 SEP 1860  
Hillitje Lansing9 OCT 1650 Hasselt, Overijssel, The Netherlands 
Isaac Lansing14 MAY 1677  
Jacob Lansing22 DEC 1706  
Jacob Lansing6 JUN 1681 1767 
Jacob Lansing12 JUL 1714  
Johannes Lansing1 JAN 1675/76 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Johannes LansingABT 1640 Hasselt, Overijssel, The Netherlands 
Johannes Lansing10 MAR 1694/95  
Johannes LansingSEP 1687 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
John LansingABT 1720  
John Van Ornum Lansing4 OCT 1850  
Otillia M Lansing1891  
Sanders Lansing20 APR 1701  
Susanna LansingABT 1675  
Susanna Lansing5 JAN 1702/03  
William Lansing1865 1913 
William Henry Lansing3 DEC 1855  
Wonter LansingABT 1680  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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