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  109 individuals found for query Lawrence
Alice Lawrence1650 Hempstead, Long Island New York 
Andrew LawrenceABT 1805  
Andrew Lawrence15 OCT 1775 Hampshire Co, Virginia14 DEC 1845 Edgar Co, Illinois
Anna LawrenceABT 1685  
Anna Barbara LawrenceABT 1700  
Anne LawrenceABT 1783  
Barbara Lawrence4 JUN 1810 North Carolina1900 
Benjamin Lawrence1664  
Benjamin Lawrence1747 Virginia22 APR 1826 Pickens Dist, South Carolina
Benjamin Franklin Lawrence8 FEB 1818 South Carolina 
Catherine LawrenceABT 1764  
Catherine LawrenceABT 1690  
Charles Lawrence1845  
Daniel LawrenceABT 1810  
David LawrenceABT 1650 Pencheston, Pembroke, Wales 
Deborah Lawrence28 AUG 1770  
Eleazer LawrenceABT 1700  
Elisha Lawrence11 AUG 1701 New Jersey 
Elisha Lawrence15 NOV 1784 South Carolina 
Elisha Lawrence17 FEB 1665/66 27 MAY 1724 Chestnut Grove, Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elisha Harrison Lawrence30 OCT 1827 South Carolina 
Elisha Tallman Lawrence13 FEB 1775  
Elizabeth Lawrence1712 Salem, New Jersey1793 Surry Co, North Carolina
Elizabeth Lawrence1690  
Elizabeth LawrenceABT 1686 Lancaster Co, Virginia Virginia
Elizabeth Lawrence23 FEB 1698/99 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1730 Whitehouse, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Lawrence1 MAY 1692 New Jersey 
Elizabeth Lawrence3 DEC 1690 New Jersey 
Elizabeth LawrenceABT 1690  
Elsa LawrenceABT 1648 England 
Flora Inez Lawrence17 MAR 1871 Birdsrun, Ohio8 DEC 1946 Jasper Co, Missouri
George W Lawrence1834  
Hannah LawrenceABT 1700 New Jersey 
Hannah LawrenceABT 1665 Middletown Point, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Hannah Lawrence10 DEC 1697 New Jersey1757 
Henry Lawrence1601 St Ives, Hunts, England 
James Lawrence1 OCT 1781  
James LawrenceABT 1675  
James Lawrence1825  
James LawrenceDEC 1789 South Carolina7 SEP 1870 
James Henry Lawrence1853  
Jane Lawrence8 NOV 1664 Isle of Wright, Virginia25 APR 1737 Isle of Wright, Virginia
Johanna Lawrence1832  
John Lawrence1668  
John LawrenceABT 1655 Lancaster Co, Virginia1710 
John LawrenceABT 1657  
John Lawrence1695 1765 
John Lawrence1803 Delaware 
John LawrenceABT 1735  
John Lawrence22 AUG 1696 New Jersey 
John Lawrence10 NOV 1699 New Jersey 
John LawrenceABT 1560 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England24 JUN 1607 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England
John Lawrence28 JAN 1708/09 New Jersey 
John A Lawrence1860 1930 
John Brown LawrenceABT 1729  
John Brown Lawrence27 SEP 1768  
John Gray Lawrence11 JUL 1800 Moorefield, Hardy Co, Virginia1869 Parie, Edgar Co, Illinois
Joseph Lawrence7 DEC 1704 New Jersey 
Joseph Lawrence1670  
Joseph Newton Lawrence20 FEB 1820 South Carolina 
Lemma Lawrence1830  
Louisa Lawrence1849  
Lucy LawrenceABT 1771  
Magdalen Lawrence1849  Died young
Margaret Lawrence1791 South Carolina 
Margaret Rose Lawrence13 FEB 1830 South Carolina29 APR 1907 Oconee Co, South Carolina
Martha Lawrence24 FEB 1773  
Martin Lawrence1768 England 
Mary Lawrence28 DEC 1698 New Jersey 
Mary Lawrence12 FEB 1757 11 JUN 1820 
Mary LawrenceABT 1782  
Mary Lawrence13 JAN 1766  
Mary Ellen Lawrence1841 1919 
Matilda LawrenceJUN 1829 Tennessee1929 
Nathaniel Lawrence1761  
Peter J Lawrence1836  
Prudence Lawrence7 APR 1722 Groton, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts30 JAN 1803 Hollis, Hillsboro Co, New Hampshire
Rebecca Lawrence7 NOV 1706 New Jersey 
Richard Lawrence11 JUL 1694 New Jersey 
Richard Lawrence20 JUN 1725  
Robert Lawrence25 SEP 1692 New Jersey 
Robert LawrenceABT 1780  
Rose LawrenceABT 1838  
Samuel Lawrence8 MAR 1825 South Carolina 
Sarah LawrenceABT 1730  
Sarah LawrenceDEC 1783 South Carolina1848 Seminary, Covington Co, Mississippi
Sarah LawrenceABT 1695  
Sarah Lawrence20 JAN 1694/95 New Jersey 
Sarah LawrenceABT 1763  
Sarah Ann Lawrence1841  
Sarah Bickley LawrenceABT 1630  
Stephen LawrenceABT 1850  
Susanna Lawrence1839  
Theron Lawrence1884  
Thomas Lawrence1733 1817 
Thomas LawrenceJUN 1746 Hastings, Westchester Co, New York 
Thomas LawrenceAFT 1618 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England1703 
Thomas LawrenceABT 1700 New Jersey 
Thomas Lawrence1588 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England1625 
Warren Davis Lawrence5 DEC 1822 South Carolina 
William LawrenceABT JUN 1630 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England1704 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
William Lawrence1796 North Carolina22 AUG 1862 
William Lawrence1658 New Jersey 
William LawrenceABT 1645  
William Lawrence1532 St Albans, Hertfordshire, England 
William Lawrence1 MAY 1694 New Jersey 
William Lawrence1843  
William Lawrence5 NOV 1688 New Jersey 
William Franklin LawrenceABT 1784  

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