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  139 individuals found for query Lee
Abel LeeABT 1710 Virginia1780 Rutherford Co, North Carolina
Agatha Lee8 NOV 1762 Washington Co, Virginia 
Alice LeeABT 1630  
Alice LeeABT 1742 Maryland 
Alice Hathaway Lee29 JUL 1861 Boston, Massachusetts14 FEB 1884 
Ambrose LeeABT 1860  
Andrew Lee1745  
Ann Lee1714 Brunswick Co, Virginia 
Anne Nancy LeeABT 1755 St Marys Co, Maryland 
Arthur LeeABT 1900  
Arthur Whipple Lee4 APR 1889 Hill Co, Kansas3 MAY 1982 Nampa, Canyon Co, Idaho
Aurella Lee1815 1871 
Bob LeeABT 1880  
Catherine LeeABT 1740 Ireland5 SEP 1771 Surry Co, North Carolina
Charles Lee  
Charles Richard Lee19 MAR 1871 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Clement LeeABT 1730 Brunswick Co, Virginia 
David LeeAFT 1693 Brunswick Co, Virginia1748 Old Lunenburg Co, Virginia
Durfa Agusta Lee1851 1898 
Effie LeeABT 1865  
Elijah LeeABT 1720  
Elizabeth LeeABT 1730  
Elizabeth Lee1817 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth LeeABT 1625  
Elizabeth Lee1677 Brunswick Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Lee1752 1824 
Elizabeth Lee27 FEB 1753 Virginia 
Elizabeth Lee20 OCT 1681 Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut 
Elizabeth LeeAFT 1813  
Elizabeth Jane LeeAPR 1851 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Elizbeth Lee1608 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Ella LeeABT 1845  
Ellen Lee10 FEB 1816 Tynemouth, England3 MAR 1888 Hartwell, Ohio
Emaline Jane Lee15 FEB 1822 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Florence Savanah LeeSEP 1861 1948 
Florence Savannah Lee2 SEP 1861 Barry Co, Missouri10 JAN 1948 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri
Francis Elizabeth Lee3 MAY 1846 Gwinnett Co, Geogia7 JAN 1923 
George LeeABT 1840  
George Smiley Lee4 NOV 1874 Pettis Co, Missouri3 MAY 1878 Pettis Co, Missouri
Gershom Lee1770  
Gershom Lee11 FEB 1781  
Gershom Lee1700 Carrichfergus, Antrim, Ireland1753 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Gershom Lowery Lee11 FEB 1781 Hunterdon, New Jersey1 MAR 1821 Tennessee
Grishom Lee1732 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1 MAY 1821 Gallatin Co, Kentucky
Grissom Reed Lee11 MAR 1831 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Grisson Reed Lee28 SEP 1787 Paint Lick Creek, Madison Co, Kentucky12 OCT 1860 Bowling Green, Pettis Co, Missouri
Hannah Lee1778  
Henry Lee1820 1880 
Irene Lee1812 1890 
James C Lee12 MAY 1796  
James Eric Lee1828 Madison Co, Kentucky 
James Sanford Lee1 JAN 1866 Pettis Co, Missouri1931 Pettis Co, Missouri
Jane Lee12 SEP 1640 Rusper, Sussex, England21 JAN 1721/22 Lyme, New London Co, Connecticut
Johanthan LeeABT 1800  
John LeeABT 1770  
John Lee15 APR 1792  
John Lee1530 Colton, Shropshire, England 
John Lee2 JUL 1760 Morris Co, New Jersey18 SEP 1837 Jefferson Co, Indiana
John LeeABT 1787 Virginia 
John Lee1670 Brunswick Co, VirginiaBEF 1695 Brunswick Co, Virginia
John A LeeABT 1835  
John Stephen Lee28 JAN 1838 14 DEC 1892 
John W Lee13 AUG 1843 Knox Co, Missouri 
Joseph Lee4 SEP 1758 South Hampton, Virginia1843 Barren Co, Kentucky
Joseph Lee22 APR 1762  
Katherine LeeABT 1810 BEF APR 1847 
Katherine Ann Lee26 FEB 1857 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Leah Lee1781 South Carolina1849 
Leveser Lee1820 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Levi Lee1768  
Levi LeeABT 1730  
Lucinda Ellison Lee27 MAR 1863 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Lucy LeeABT 1770 Mongomerty Co, Virginia Daviess Co, Indianan
Mahala LeeABT 1795  
Margaret LeeABT 1720 Ireland 
Margaret LeeABT 1575  
Martha LeeABT 1860 Tennessee 
Martha H Lee21 DEC 1855 Missouri30 DEC 1922 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri
Mary LeeABT 1690 Burlington Co, New Jersey 
Mary Lee1758 New Jersey 
Mary LeeABT 1660  
Mary LeeAFT 1813  
Mary Lee8 DEC 1782  
Mary Ann Lee1815 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Mary Elizabeth Lee1835 1862 
Mary Francis Lee7 JAN 1850 Pettis Co, Missouri1 AUG 1898 Missouri
Matilda Lee1824 New York24 MAR 1882 New York, New York
Melissa Lee18 NOV 1849 Bartholomew Co, Indiana18 AUG 1921 Hope, Bartholomew Co, Indiana
Michael Christian Lee28 DEC 1871 Huntsville, Weber Co, Utah16 MAY 1947 Rigby, Jefferson Co, Idaho
Millie V Lee13 SEP 1873 Missouri 
Mitchell Morrison Lee22 NOV 1822 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Myrtle M Ann Lee1881 Michigan 
Nancy LeeABT 1770  
Nancy Lee1794 1850 Taney Co, Missouri
Nancy Lee1801 1878 
Nancy Lee4 AUG 1801  
Nancy Elizabeth Lee15 APR 1861 Pettis Co, Missouri12 OCT 1919 Sedalia, Pettis Co, Missouri
Nancy Jane Lee1822 1879 
Nathan Lee15 OCT 1789  
Nathan Lee14 JUN 1771  
Nathaniel Lee16 MAY 1804  
Noah Green Lee13 FEB 1813 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Patsy LeeAFT 1813  
Pernina LeeAFT 1813  
Phoebe LeeMAY 1643 Rusper, Sussex, England 
Rachel LeeABT 1745  
Rebecca Lee10 FEB 1787  
Rebecca Lee1775  
Reuben Grissom Lee2 FEB 1855 Pettis Co, Missouri2 MAR 1917 Pettis Co, Missouri
Rhoda LeeABT 1785 2 MAR 1874 Cass Co, Georgia
Richard LeeABT 1780  
Richard Lee1811 Madison Co, Kentucky 
Richard Lee1753 1820 
Robert Franlin Lee1860 1933 
Robert Noah Lee4 MAY 1868 Pettis Co, Missouri8 OCT 1931 Sedalia, Pettis Co, Missouri
Samuel Austin Lee1800 1853 
Sarah LeeABT 1785  
Sarah Lee24 FEB 1799 Gallatin Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Lee9 NOV 1799 Wilks Co, Georgia 
Sarah Ann Lee10 MAR 1821 Ohio 
Sarah Elizabeth LeeABT 1760 South Carolina 
Sarah Janie Lee27 NOV 1879 Cass Township, Stone Co, Missouri19 APR 1965 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Sarah Lousie Lee1 APR 1853 Pettis Co, Missouri 
Seabrook LeeABT 1806  
Solomon Parks Lee29 AUG 1772 North Carolina20 AUG 1864 Henry Co, Georgia
Susan E LeeABT 1840  
Thomas Lee29 SEP 1644 Rusper, Sussex, England 
Thomas Lee1761  
Thomas Lee1614 Rusper, Sussex, England1645 At sea enroute to America
Thomas Greene Lee1799 1874 
Turner F Lee1864  
Unk LeeABT 1790  
Unk Lee1690 Virginia 
William LeeABT 1745 Montgomery Co, Virginia31 MAR 1814 Bledsloe Co, Tennessee
William Lee22 AUG 1816 Gallatin Co, Kentkucky8 MAR 1857 
William LeeABT 1825 Tennessee 
William Henry LeeABT 1805  
William Martin Lee28 DEC 1825 Madison Co, Kentucky29 SEP 1911 Bowling Green, Pettis Co, Missouri
William Thomas Lee5 APR 1859 Pettis Co, Missouri27 JUL 1929 Pettis Co, Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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