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  39 individuals found for query Light
Adam Light1844 North Carolina 
Adeline Nancy LightFEB 1838 North Carolina 
Anna Barbara Light1734 Conestoga Valley, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania18 DEC 1799 Carroll Co, Maryland
Catherine Light1760 Conestoga Valley, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania23 NOV 1844 Berkeley Co, West Virginia
Catherine Light1794 North Carolina 
Chirstopher Light1798 North Carolina1879 Missouri
Christopher Light1765 The Netherlands1835 Montgomery Co, Alabama
Daniel Light1810 North Carolina 
Elizabeth LightABT 1775  
Elizabeth Light7 SEP 1825 North Carolina 
Elizabeth Faith Light1710 England 
Faith Light1642  
Henry Light1795 North Carolina 
Israel Light25 DEC 1837 North Carolina 
Jacob Light1790 North Carolina 
Jacob LightDEC 1762 Caernarvon Township, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania 
Jacob Light10 AUG 1756 Pennsylvania13 MAY 1831 New Richmond, Clemont Co, Ohio
James Harvey Light1851 Alabama 
John LightMAR 1833 North Carolina 
John LightABT 1724 Germany 
John Light1792 North Carolina 
John C Light1867 Reynolds Co, Missouri 
Joseph Light1805 North Carolina 
Laura Light1873 Reynolds Co, Missouri 
Leah LightSEP 1822 North Carolina 
Lizzie E LightJUL 1885 Reynolds Co, Missouri 
Louisa Jane Light17 FEB 1870 Reynolds Co, Missouri27 FEB 1952 Iron Co, Missouri
Lucinda Light1878 Boerne, Texas 
Margaret Light17 MAR 1807 Cabarrus Co, North Carolina 
Margaret Abigail Light11 APR 1863 Reynolds Co, Missouri 
Mary Light1832 North Carolina 
Mary Light18 APR 1785 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania4 OCT 1859 Dearborn, Ohio
Mary Abigail Light11 APR 1863 Reynolds Co, Missouri5 APR 1933 
Monroe Henry LightDEC 1859 Reynolds Co, Missouri1936 
Moses Wiley Light1829 North Carolina 
Peter Light3 SEP 1733 Conestoga Valley, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania10 DEC 1810 Berkeley Co, Virginia
Preston Light29 MAR 1878 Reynolds Co, Missouri 
Solomon Cornelius Light1 FEB 1841 North Carolina 
Sophia M Light1824 North Carolina 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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