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  53 individuals found for query Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln13 MAY 1739 Berks Co, PennsylvaniaMAY 1785 Jefferson Co, Kentucky
Abraham Lincoln12 FEB 1809 Larue, Hardin Co, Kentucky15 APR 1865 Washington DC
Abraham Lincoln13 JAN 1688/89  
Abraham Jack Lincoln14 AUG 1873 5 MAR 1890 London, England
Alonzo Lincoln1821 1883 
Anne Lincoln8 MAR 1724/25 Coventry, Berks Co, Pennsylania22 DEC 1812 Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co, Virginia
Daniel Lincoln1 JAN 1652/53  
Deborah LincolnJAN 1716/17 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Edward Lincoln1580 Swanton, England 
Edward Baker Lincoln10 MAR 1846 Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinios1 FEB 1850 Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinios
Elizabeth Lincoln1703  
Hannah LincolnBEF 1724 Amity, Berks Co, Pennsylvania 
Hannah Lincoln9 MAR 1747/48  
Isaac Lincoln24 OCT 1691  
Isaac Lincoln5 MAR 1749/50  
Jacob Lincoln6 NOV 1751  
Jacob LincolnBEF 30 MAY 1708  
Jessie Harlan Lincoln6 NOV 1875  
John Lincoln15 JUL 1755  
John Lincoln3 MAY 1716 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New JerseyNOV 1788 Pennsylvania
John Bolin Lincoln1844 St Joseph, Missouri1903 
Josephine Blanche Lincoln13 JAN 1883 Empire Twp, McPherson Co, Kansas3 FEB 1966 Fulton, Orange Co, California
Josiah LincolnABT 1773 Virginia 
Lidia Lincoln9 MAR 1747/48  
Martha Lincoln11 FEB 1666/67  
Mary Lincoln27 NOV 1719 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1769 
Mary Lincoln27 MAR 1662  
Mary LincolnABT 1775 Virginia 
Mary Todd Lincoln15 OCT 1869 Chicago, Illinois 
Mordecai LincolnABT 1771 Virginia 
Mordecai Lincoln14 JUN 1657 Hingham, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts28 NOV 1727 Scitute, Massachusetts
Mordecai Lincoln24 APR 1686 Hingham, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts12 MAY 1736 Amity, Pennyslvania
Mordecai Lincoln9 MAY 1730  
Nancy Lincoln25 MAR 1780  
Rebecca Lincoln18 APR 1767  
Rebecca Lincoln11 MAR 1673/74  
Robert Todd Lincoln1 AUG 1843 Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinios25 JUL 1926 Manchester, Vermont
Samuel Lincoln25 AUG 1650  
Samuel Lincoln24 AUG 1622 Hingham, England26 MAY 1690 Hingham, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts
Sarah Lincoln10 APR 1727 Berks Co, Pennsylvania 
Sarah LincolnFEB 1726/27 Coventry, Berks Co, Pennsylania 
Sarah Lincoln10 FEB 1807 Kentucky 
Sarah Lincoln29 JUL 1694  
Sarah Lincoln17 JUN 1671  
Sarah Lincoln18 SEP 1757  
Thomas Lincoln1732  
Thomas Lincoln6 JAN 1778 Linville Creek, Rockingham Co, Virginia17 JAN 1851 Illinois
Thomas Lincoln8 SEP 1659  
Thomas Lincoln1628  
Thomas Lincoln4 APR 1853 Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinios15 JUL 1871 Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois
Thomas Lincoln23 OCT 1761  
Thomas Lincoln1812 Kentucky 
William Wallace Lincoln21 DEC 1850 Springfield, Sangamon Co, Illinios20 FEB 1862 The White House, Washington DC

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