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  24 individuals found for query Lydecker
Albert LydeckerABT 1575  
Albert Lydecker18 OCT 1741 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Antje Lydecker21 MAR 1735/36 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Cornelia Lydecker22 FEB 1733/34 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Lydecker25 MAR 1764 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Lydecker28 MAY 1738 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Lydecker23 JUN 1771 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gerret Lydecker1703 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gerret LydeckerBEF 1685  
Gerret Lydecker19 NOV 1728 Bergen Co, New Jersey22 OCT 1806 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Gerrit Lydecker31 AUG 1761 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gerrit Lydecker29 AUG 1753 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Gertrude LydeckerBEF 16 MAY 1731 Bergen Co, New JerseyBEF 1760 
Jacobus Lydecker27 MAY 1755 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacobus Lydecker14 MAR 1769 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Leuntje Alberts LydeckerABT 1580 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Lydia Lydecker13 SEP 1766 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Margrietje Lydecker16 APR 1759 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Maria Lydecker15 MAR 1774 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Mary Margaret Lydecker1 AUG 1791 Schraalenberg, Bergen Co, New Jersey27 JUN 1883 Englewood, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Marytje Lydecker13 MAR 1742/43 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Neeltje Lydecker22 AUG 1745 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Wyntje Lydecker17 APR 1757 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Wyntje Lydecker1726 Bergen Co, New Jersey 

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