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  26 individuals found for query Maness
Adalie ManessNOV 1898 Newton Co, Missouri17 JUN 1922 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri
Daniel Christopher Maness1859 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
Emma Renzina Maness27 OCT 1861 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri9 MAR 1888 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Ethel L ManessMAR 1894 Newton Co, Missouri 
Francis E ManessAUG 1892 Newton Co, Missouri 
George A ManessMAR 1877 Missouri 
George Sherman Maness3 DEC 1869 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
James Boyd Maness16 APR 1834 Greene Co, Tennessee14 JAN 1919 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
James Manuel Maness1863 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
John Maness16 APR 1834 Greene Co, Tennessee 
John Maness1655 Scotland 
John Calvin Maness1854  
John Smith Maness1742 North Carolina1837 
Lazarus Maness8 JAN 1824 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Lee Roy Maness17 APR 1878 Missouri 
Lusinda Maness6 AUG 1817 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Margaret Emmalene Maness1833 Tennessee 
Mary E Maness9 FEB 1870 Missouri 
Mary Elizabeth Maness1856  
Maud Maness1880 Missouri 
Sarah Clemetine Maness8 DEC 1857 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
Stephen Maness19 JAN 1798 North Carolina22 NOV 1879 Newton Co, Missouri
William Maness1715 Isle of Mann1787 Moore Co, North Carolina
William Grant Maness1865 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri 
William H Maness25 JUL 1867 Cedar Co, Missouri15 JUL 1943 Stark City, Newton Co, Missouri
William Manuel Maness15 OCT 1831 Greene Co, Tennessee22 SEP 1904 Newton Co, Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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