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  69 individuals found for query Marler
Alfred Marler1793 1868 
Anna Marler1810  
Annie Mae Marler13 JUL 1884 McDonald Co, Missouri5 AUG 1911 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Benjamin Franklin Marler15 NOV 1884 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Bessie Lee Marler1883 McDonald Co, Missouri1942 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Brice Milam Marler14 MAR 1871 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Catherine Margaret Marler1831 Tennessee 
Charles Henry Marler14 DEC 1808  
Charlie Grey Marler29 JUL 1881 Boone Co, Arkansas 
David N Marler1865 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Elizabeth Marler1789 Orangeburg, South Carolina 
Elizabeth Marler1790  
Elizabeth Marler1825 Kentucky 
Fannie M Marler1888 McDonald Co, Missouri1987 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
George Finley Marler1891 McDonald Co, Missouri1961 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
George W Marler12 FEB 1870 Boone Co, Arkansas 
George Washington Marler1750 Orange Co, Virginia1808 
Henry Charles Marler1782 Spartanburg Co, South Carolina 
Hugh Ethyle Marler2 FEB 1891 Rocky, Washita Co, Oklahaoma31 MAY 1948 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
James MarlerABT 1725 Scotland1788 
James Bailey Marler11 SEP 1873 Boone Co, Arkansas17 JAN 1913 Boone Co, Arkansas
James Benton Marler26 MAY 1831 Burke Co, North Carolina13 JUL 1874 McDonald Co, Missouri
James C Marler1805 Orangeburg, South Carolina 
James Theadore Marler6 DEC 1861 North Carolina21 NOV 1929 Rocky, Washita Co, Oklahoma
Joel Marler16 NOV 1823  
John Marler1808  
John Earl Marler11 AUG 1838 Tennessee9 FEB 1920 Independence, Baxter Co, Arkansas
John Henry Marler11 JUN 1864 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Joseph Marler1791 Orangeburg, South Carolina 
Joseph Marler1750 Orange Co, North Carolina11 OCT 1834 
Joseph Marler1792  
Josiah Marler1799 Orangeburg, South Carolina 
Josiah Cruse Marler18 NOV 1825 Tennessee 
Josiah Earl Marler16 FEB 1873 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Juli Ann Marler1862 North Carolina 
Julia Ann Marler1832 Tennessee 
Levi MarlerBET 1813 AND 1815  
Lila Marler18 MAY 1886 McDonald Co, Missouri12 NOV 1918 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Lola Marler13 MAY 1886 McDonald Co, Missouri1955 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Lorenzo Marler1859 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Luke T Marler18 APR 1868 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Luke Thorton Marler1797 Orangeburg, South Carolina1860 Reynolds, Missouri
Martha Ann Marler1879 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Martha Ann Marler1822 Tennessee 
Mary J Marler1865 North Carolina 
Michael Marler1796  
Minnie Marler22 OCT 1881 McDonald Co, Missouri26 MAY 1883 McDonald Co, Missouri
Ollie B Marler14 FEB 1893 McDonald Co, Missouri16 APR 1894 McDonald Co, Missouri
Rachel Marler1828 Tennessee 
Rebecca Marler13 NOV 1813 Tennesse1890 Texas Co, Missouri
Rebecca Marler1825 Tennessee 
Rebecca Jane Marler2 JAN 1878 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Roy Cecil Marler16 NOV 1896 McDonald Co, Missouri29 MAY 1981 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Samuel Marler1756 Burke Co, North Carolina 
Samuel Alfred Marler6 OCT 1856 North Carolina7 JAN 1929 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Sarah Marler1821 Kentucky 
Sarah Elizabeth Marler16 AUG 1851 North Carolina18 AUG 1929 Denver, Denver Co, Colorado
Stephen Marler8 DEC 1795 Orangeburg, South Carolina 
Stephen Marler1829 Tennessee 
Steve Marler1876 Boone Co, Arkansas 
Steven Marler1795  
Thomas Marler1868 North Carolina 
Thomas A Marler1889 McDonald Co, Missouri1969 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Thomas Stewart MarlerABT 1770  
Wiliam Walter Marler30 SEP 1880 McDonald Co, Missouri26 DEC 1973 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
William Marler1800  
William Marler30 OCT 1820  
William H Marler3 NOV 1860 Boone Co, Arkansas 
William Luke Marler1833 Tennessee 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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