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  27 individuals found for query Mayo
Benjamin Mayo1752 1826 
Cathryn Mayo12 DEC 1848 Indiana 
James Mayo1738 1821 
James Mayo1650 Isle of Wright Co, Virginia1676 Isle of Wright Co, Virginia
James Mayo11 DEC 1711 Middlesex Co, Virginia1776 Albemarle Co, Virginia
James Washington Mayo21 FEB 1841 Indiana 
James Washington Mayo19 SEP 1814 Patoka, Gibson Co, Indiana12 NOV 1879 Duff, Indiana
John Mayo1785 Albemarle Co, VirginiaABT 1830 Leopold, Perry CO, Indiana
John Mayo13 OCT 1838 Indiana 
John Mayo1779 Goochland Co, Virginia17 AUG 1838 Chester Co, South Carolina
John Mayo1737 1780 
Joseph Mayo1750  
Louis Fredric Mayo1 JUN 1848 Indiana 
Louisa Mayo14 JAN 1843 Indiana 
Margaret Richardson Mayo17 NOV 1808 South Carolina22 AUG 1884 Tishamingo Co, Mississippi
Martha Mayo1752  
Mary Mayo1816 1895 
Mercy Mayo1664  
Nancy Ann Mayo1741 1776 
Raleigh G Mayo1880 1948 
Rebecca MayoABT 1790 North Carolina 
Robert Mayo1746 Middlesex Co, Virgina1823 Chester Co, South Carolina
Stephen Mayo1757 1847 
Valentine Mayo1670 Isle of Wright Co, Virginia15 OCT 1716 Middlesex Co, Virgina
Valintine Mayo1734 Virginia1793 
William Mayo1630 Aberfeilbe, Bershire, England14 JUL 1713 Isle of Wright Co, Virginia
Williamson Mayo1740 Castlebranch, Middlesex Co, VirginiaBEF 10 OCT 1793 Mayo River, Patrrick, Virginia

* Individual - family ties unknown

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