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  27 individuals found for query McFadden
Allen McFadden1844 1912 
Andrew McFadden2 SEP 1801 Tennessee 
Andrew McFaddenABT 1675 Isle of Mull, Scotland1762 Arrowsie Island, Lincoln Co, Maine
Andrew McFadden1715 Ireland 
Daniel McFadden1722 Maine 
David McFadden7 FEB 1806 Tennessee 
Elizabeth McFadden26 MAR 1791 Tennessee 
James McFadden5 MAY 1789 Tennessee 
James McFadden1701 Ireland 
John McFadden5 JAN 1795 Tennessee 
John McFadden10 AUG 1740 Brookline, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts1839 Warren Co, Kentucky
John Stephen McFadden1700 IrelandABT 1776 Tryon (Rutherford) Co, North Carolina
Jonathan McFadden26 AUG 1799 Tennessee 
Laura T McFaddenJUL 1869 Tipton Co, TennesseeOCT 1904 Wilson, Mississippi Co, Arkansas
Lucinda McFadden1809 20 JAN 1897 Stephens CO, Missouri
Margaret McFadden8 JUL 1797 Tennessee 
Martha Malinda McFadden23 JUL 1810 Montgomery Co, Tennessee29 DEC 1859 Stewart, Tennessee
Mary McFadden1856 1889 
Nathan Arnett McFadden3 JAN 1804 Tennessee 
Ruth McFadden22 APR 1787 Tennessee1870 Arkansas
Summerset McFadden1720 Maine 
Thomas McFadden1697 Ireland 
William McFadden1695 Ireland 
William McFadden20 FEB 1793 Tennessee 
William David McFadden14 AUG 1764 Fredrick Co, Maryland12 JUN 1835 Montgomery Co, Tennessee
Wlliam McFadden1827  
Wylie McFaddenABT 1802 Tennessee 

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