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  150 individuals found for query McGrew
Abraham Cuppy McGrew29 AUG 1816 Jefferson Co, Ohio12 MAY 1884 
Adrian N McGrew27 NOV 1874 Ohio15 APR 1968 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri
Alexander McGrew1705 County Tyrone, IrelandMAR 1763 York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvanai
Alexander McGrew1831 Belmont Co, Ohio 
Alexander McGrew1821 Jefferson Co, Ohio1821 Jefferson Co, Ohio
Alexander McGrewABT 1824 Ohio 
Alice A McGrewABT 1900 Missouri 
Andrew McGrewABT 1863 Appanoose Co, Iowa 
Andrew McGrew19 MAR 1760 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Andrew Jackson McGrew1 APR 1815 Grayson Co, Kentucky1847 Grayson Co, Kentucky
Angeline McGrew1865 Appanoose Co, Iowa 
Ann McGrew29 JUN 1741 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, PennsylvaniaMenallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Ann McGrew11 NOV 1802 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania 
Annie A McGrewABT 1848 Smithville, Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Archibald McGrew1822 Belmont Co, Ohio26 DEC 1889 Powhatan, Belmont Co, Ohio
Avery G McGrew21 DEC 1880 OhioJAN 1968 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
Blanche McGrewMAR 1890 Iowa 
Calvin Oren McGrewABT 1862 Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Carl McGrew1888 1889 
Catherine Elizabeth McGrew4 FEB 1815 Belmont Co, Ohio19 AUG 1882 Campbellsport, Portage Co, Ohio
Charity McGrewABT 1854 Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Charles B McGrewAUG 1879 Iowa 
Charles Finley McGrew21 SEP 1873 Appanoose Co, IowaMAY 1963 
Charles Finley McGrew1864 Appanoose Co, Iowa 
Clementine S McGrew1 MAY 1890 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri6 JUL 1980 Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co, Kansas
Daniel McGrew1816 Belmont Co, Ohio 
David McGrew15 OCT 1810  
David McGrew26 DEC 1825 Belmont Co, Ohio 
Deborah McGrew8 JUN 1818  
Deborah McGrew14 SEP 1739 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Diana McGrewMAR 1819 Belmont Co, Ohio 
Dinah McGrew9 MAR 1769 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Dinah Mary McGrew8 FEB 1805 Pennsylvania 
Ebenezer McGrew13 SEP 1797 Pennsylvania 
Elijah W McGrew30 JUL 1871 Appanoose Co, Iowa5 NOV 1872 
Eliza McGrewAFT 1782 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania 
Eliza McGrew1 DEC 1805  
Elizabeth McGrew7 JUL 1808 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania 
Elizabeth McGrewABT 1837 Belmont Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth McGrew31 JAN 1813 Belmont Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth Jane McGrew23 JAN 1860 Appanoose Co, Iowa 
Ella May McGrew7 DEC 1869 Appanoose Co, Iowa10 JUN 1944 
Elmina McGrew1810 Grayson Co, Kentucky17 APR 1836 Grayson Co, Kentucky
Evaline McGrew13 FEB 1892 Cincinnati, Madison, Ohio6 SEP 1928 Blackwell, Kay Co, Okalhoma
Finley McGrewABT 1815 Steubenville, Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Finley McGrew1751 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania East Nottingham, Chester Co, Pennsylvania
Finley McGrew17 DEC 1815 13 DEC 1890 
Finley McGrew27 MAR 1767 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, PennsylvaniaMAR 1853 Sewickley, Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania
Finley McGrew1702 County Tyrone, Ireland2 SEP 1766 York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvanai
Finley McGrew13 MAR 1735/36 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania9 APR 1812 Sewickley, Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania
Finley McGrew1 APR 1822 Ohio6 SEP 1875 Centerville, Appanoose Co, Iowa
Finley Walker McGrew17 OCT 1809 Pennsylvania 
George McGrew7 MAY 1815 Belmont Co, Ohio 
George McGrewAFT 1824 Ohio 
Harvey McGrewAFT 1824 Ohio 
Hollister E McGrew10 SEP 1885 OhioAUG 1963 Humbolt Co, California
Jacob McGrewABT 1779 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Jacob Elmer McGrew7 APR 1828 Belmont Co, Ohio 
James McGrew1707 County Tyrone, IrelandBEF 31 AUG 1793 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania
James Blackburn McGrew25 SEP 1751 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
James C McGrew16 NOV 1834 Ohio 
James Cox McGrew1 DEC 1762 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania24 NOV 1836 Milnesville, Belmont Co, Ohio
James F McGrew1875 Jefferson Co, Missouri 
James Fowler McGrew7 JUL 1842 Tuscarawas Co, Ohio 
James Reed McGrew1822 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
James W McGrew17 JUN 1808  
James W McGrew1878 IowaBEF 1900 
James W McGrewAFT 1824 Ohio 
James Walker McGrew10 JAN 1796 Fayette Co, Pennsylvania16 AUG 1826 Yellow fever @@ mouth of the Missouri River
Jane McGrewABT 1785 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania 
Jane McGrew1866 Appanoose Co, Iowa 
Jane McGrew9 OCT 1803  
Jane McGrewAFT 1824 Ohio 
Jesse McGrew1786 Westmoreland Co, PennsylvaniaAFT MAY 1863 Beaver Co, Pennsylvania
John McGrewAFT 1801 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania 
John McGrewABT 1750 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
John A McGrew13 OCT 1760 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania2 JAN 1824 Steubenville, Jefferson Co, Ohio
John Boyd McGrewAPR 1821 Jefferson Co, Ohio5 OCT 1821 Jefferson Co, Ohio
John Brady McGrewJAN 1849 Tuscarawas Co, Ohio5 AUG 1928 Nardin, Kay Co, Oklahoma
John Burns McGrew10 JUN 1846 Bellaire, Belmont Co, Ohio19 OCT 1937 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri
John F McGrewBEF 1793 Adams Co, Pennsylvania1844 Yellow Creek, Jefferson Co, Ohio
John Fulkerson McGrew13 MAY 1805 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
John Robert McGrew1700 County Tyrone, IrelandNOV 1755 York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvanai
John S McGrewFEB 1888 Iowa 
John Thomas McGrew12 MAR 1841 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Joseph McGrewABT 1832 Ohio 
Josiah McGrew16 JUN 1881 Jefferson Co, Missouri 
Josiah McGrew18 AUG 1819 Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Katherine Ann McGrew16 AUG 1844 Tuscarawas Co, Ohio 
Lillian Thomas McGrewABT 1885  
Margaret McGrew10 AUG 1777 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Margaret McGrew1817 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Marion William McGrew13 MAY 1876 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, Ohio2 DEC 1934 Carthage, Jasper Co, Missouri
Martha Ellen McGrew12 MAY 1834 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Mary McGrew5 JAN 1747/48 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Mary McGrew13 DEC 1802 Pennsylvania 
Mary McGrew2 OCT 1763 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Mary Ann McGrew3 JAN 1811 Steubenville, Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Mary Ann McGrewAFT 1782 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania 
Mary Jane McGrewNOV 1839 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Mary Jane McGrew1820 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Mary Rebecca McGrew17 DEC 1823  
Mary Swager McGrew1882 Ohio1967 
Murray McGrew3 MAR 1825 Steubenville, Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Nancy McGrewABT 1857 Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Nancy Jane McGrew1 NOV 1844 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Nathan McGrew9 JUL 1776 Redstone Township, Fayette Co, Pennsylania19 MAY 1840 Smithfield, Jefferson Co, Ohio
Nathan McGrew10 JUN 1743 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Nathan McGrew1 JUN 1765 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Noble Washington McGrew8 MAY 1900 MissouriJAN 1968 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri
Olive Ethel McGrew18 JUN 1896 Missouri1968 
Oliver H Perry McGrew1819 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Oscar McGrewOCT 1885 Iowa 
Pauline Virginia McGrewJAN 1879 Jefferson Co, Missouri 
Permenus R McGrew1812 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Perrin McGrewJAN 1850 Smithville, Jefferson Co, Ohio21 APR 1876 Warrenton, Jefferson Co, Ohio
Peter Bruner McGrew14 FEB 1843 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Phillip McGrewABT 1850  
Rachel McGrew29 DEC 1799 Pennsylvania 
Rachel J McGrew1836 Belmont Co, Ohio 
Rachel Jane McGrew19 OCT 1846 Tuscarawas Co, Ohio 
Rebecca McGrew2 FEB 1805 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania 
Rebecca McGrew16 SEP 1770 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Rebecca McGrew21 AUG 1862 Appanoose Co, Iowa 
Reed McGrew21 MAR 1841 Grayson Co, Kentucky3 OCT 1906 Grayson Co, Kentucky
Robert McGrew1668 MacGuirebridge, County Tyrone, IrelandABT 1745 York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania
Robert E McGrewNOV 1885 Jefferson Co, Missouri 
Robert Fulkerson McGrew1804 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Robert Kelly McGrew8 MAR 1858 Appanoose Co, Iowa 
Ross Jennings McGrew6 OCT 1897 Missouri1982 Missouri
Ruben McGrew1895 Iowa 
Samuel McGrew8 FEB 1822  
Sarah G McGrew1808 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Lucinda McGrewJUL 1875 Ohio 
Sarah Sina McGrewAUG 1873 Jefferson Co, Missouri 
Simeon Samuel McGrew5 FEB 1744/45 Menallen Township, York (Adams) Co, Pennsylvania 
Sinah McGrew15 JUL 1807 Pennsylvania 
Solomon McGrew21 APR 1853 Appanoose Co, Iowa 
Susanna McGrew13 DEC 1817 Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Thomas McGrew26 APR 1813  
Thomas Fletcher McGrew15 APR 1817 Steubenville, Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Valentine Yates McGrew9 DEC 1836 Grayson Co, Kentucky 
Vincent McGrewABT 1846 Smithville, Jefferson Co, Ohio 
Vincent Mitchell McGrew17 JUN 1895 Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri1931 Canada
William McGrew6 APR 1828 Ohio 
William McGrew8 OCT 1706 County Tyrone, Ireland4 APR 1805 Sewickley, Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania
William E McGrew1867 Appanoose Co, Iowa 
William Reed McGrew1782 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania5 JAN 1856 Grayson Co, Kentucky
William Reed McGrew24 MAY 1864 Kentucky3 FEB 1949 Mineral, Jasper Co, Missouri
Willis Bazil McGrew1807 Grayson Co, Kentucky 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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