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  51 individuals found for query Mckinney
Alexander MckinneyABT 1680 Isle of Skye, Scotland 
Angenetje McKinney11 APR 1766  
Ann McKinneyABT 1715  
Antje McKinney21 JUL 1770  
Catherine McKinney12 FEB 1758  
Catherine McKinneyABT 1780 Ireland 
Daniel McKinneyABT 1715  
David McKinneyABT 1715  
Edmund McKinney21 APR 1815  
Eliza McKinneyABT 1835  
Elizabeth McKinney1800  
Elizabeth McKinneyABT 1800 19 APR 1876 
Ellen Bodine McKinney25 SEP 1804  
Jacob McKinneyABT 1715  
Jacob McKinney25 JAN 1762  
James Cullen MckinneyABT 1680 Isle of Skye, Scotland 
Jane Chambers McKinney16 JUL 1802  
Johannes McKinney9 OCT 1753  
John McKinney17 DEC 1759  
John McKinneyABT 1715  
John Chambers McKinneyAUG 1812  
John Cullen McKinney1657 Isle of Skye, Scotland1745 Isle of Skye, Scotland
John Dhu Mordecai Mckinney1681 Strathiedale, Isle of Skye, Scotland 
Juda A McKinney1799 1865 
Kain MckinneyABT 1680 Isle of Skye, Scotland 
Lorinda McKinneyABT 1850  
Lucy M McKinneyABT 1835  
Malinda Ann McKinney3 APR 1848 27 AUG 1929 Milam Co, Texas
Mary Ann McKinney1810 29 JUN 1888 Haiku, Mauia, Hawaii
Mary Elizabeth MckinneyABT 1680 Isle of Skye, Scotland 
Marytje McKinney27 NOV 1755  
Midah McKinneyABT 1800  
Mordecai McKinney16 JUN 1797 1867 
Mordecai McKinney18 MAR 1764 1 JUN 1826 
Mordecai McKinney4 JAN 1723/24 New Jersey4 APR 1782 Paxton, Dauphin Co, Pennsylvania
Mordecai MckinneyABT 1683 Isle of Skye, Scotland20 MAY 1760 Lebanon, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Mordecai McKinneyABT 1753  
Nancy McKinney23 AUG 1819 Washington Co, Indiana 
Nancy McKinneyAFT 1752  
Peter McKinneyABT 1740 IrelandABT 1816 Halifax Co, Virginia
Peter McKinneyABT 1775 Halifax Co, Virginia 
Rachel C McKinney1847 Pennsylvania 
Robert Matthew McKinneyABT 1750 IrelandAFT 1810 Abbeville, South Carolina
Robert Matthews MckinneyABT 1680 Isle of Skye, Scotland 
Sarad Geddes McKinney1807  
Sarah McKinney1792 1872 
Susan Ann MckinneyABT 1680 Isle of Skye, Scotland 
William Mckinney1682 Isle of Skye, Scotland 
William McKinney11 JUN 1768  
William McKinney1799  
William McKinneyBEF 20 AUG 1723 Somerset Co, New Jersey24 OCT 1777 Broadway, Sussex (Warren) Co, New Jersey

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