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  13 individuals found for query Merlett
Abraham Merlett7 FEB 1655/56 Manheim, Germany 
Ann MerlettABT 1666 Staten Island, Richmond Co, New York 
Esechias Merlett16 JUL 1648 Leyden, The Netherlands 
Gideon MerlettABT 1620 Manheim, GermanyFEB 1682/83 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Hannah Anne Merlett1691 Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
John Peter MerlettABT 1696  
John Peter Merlett16 APR 1658 Manheim, Germany1704 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Joseph Merlett17 SEP 1645 Leyden, The Netherlands 
Mariah Merlett26 FEB 1697/98  
Marie Merlett11 NOV 1646 Leyden, The Netherlands 
Mary MerlettABT 1770 New Jersey2 FEB 1849 New Jersey
Paul MerlettABT 1653 Manheim, Germany 
Theodorus Merlett27 JAN 1693/94  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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