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  82 individuals found for query Meyer
Abraham Meyer6 APR 1718 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Abraham Meyer17 OCT 1727 New York 
Adolph MeyerABT 1700  
Adolph MeyerAFT 1671  
Adolph MeyerABT 1650 Ulfen, Westphalia, GermanyFEB 1710/11 
Aeljte Meyer15 JAN 1717/18 New York 
Aeltje MeyerAFT 1671  
Andries MeyerAFT 1671  
Andries MeyerABT 1645  
Andries Meyer1697  
Andries Meyer20 APR 1725 New York 
Anna MeyerABT 1600 Zurich, Switzerland 
Anna MeyerABT 1715 Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania
Anna Catherina Meyer12 MAR 1676/77 New York 
Anna Catherine Meyer1689  
Anna Maria Meyer12 MAY 1695 Lahde, Westfalia, Prussia10 JAN 1795 Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, New York
Annejte MeyerAFT 1671  
Annetje Meyer18 NOV 1711  
Annetje Meyer1692  
Annetje MeyerAFT 1671  
Barbara Meyer1 MAY 1739 Earl Township, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania 
Catharina MeyerABT 1685  
Catherine MeyerBEF 8 SEP 1672 New York22 NOV 1740 
Catherine Meyer1719 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Catherine Katrina Meyer4 FEB 1679/80  
Christ C Meyer1871 1952 
Cornelis Meyer9 MAR 1722/23 New York 
Cornelis Meyer11 OCT 1711 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Cornelis Meyer1692  
Cornelius MeyerAFT 1671  
Daniel Meyer23 OCT 1752  
Dirck MeyerABT 1601  
Dirck MeyerABT 1600  
Dirckje Meyer30 AUG 1689  
Elizabeth Meyer27 JAN 1713/14  
Elizabeth Meyer1 JUN 1695  
Elizabeth M Meyer17 JUN 1817 New Jersey 
Elsje MeyerABT 1680 New York 
Elsje MeyerABT 1645  
Eva MeyerBEF 26 APR 1643 New Amsterdam (New York) Albany, Albany Co, New York
Gerrit Meyer13 OCT 1730 New York 
Hans Meyer1683 Germany1753 Upper Salford, Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania
Hendrick Gillis MeyerBEF 6 MAR 1649/50 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Henrickus Meyer13 DEC 1777  
Hillegonde MeyerAFT 1671  
Hillegonde Meyer1689  
Ide MeyerAFT 1671  
Ide Meyer1682 BEF 1687 
Ide Meyer1687 New York, New York 
Isack Meyer6 APR 1718 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacob Meyer27 AUG 1732 New York 
Jacob Meyer16 MAY 1686  
Jan Meyer1626 Amsterdam, The Netherlands12 JUN 1700 
Jan Meyer1678  
Jan Johannes Meyer5 JUL 1747  
Jannetje MeyerABT 1700  
Jellis Pieterse MeyerABT 1620 Gouda, The Netherlands1676 New York
Johannes MeyerAFT 1671  
Johannes MeyerMAY 1684  
Johannes Meyer1675  
Johannes Meyer25 FEB 1650/51 New Amsterdam (New York)1698 
Johannes Meyer13 AUG 1671  
Johannes Meyer25 FEB 1715/16  
Johannes Meyer1684  
John F Meyer1867 1949 
Judith Meyer1684  
Lysbeth MeyerABT 1645  
Margaret Meyer14 NOV 1708 Ofterdingen, Tubingen, Werttemburg, Germany 
Maria Meyer1710 Paramus, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Maria MeyerBEF 26 APR 1679  
Marritje MeyerBEF 21 JAN 1651/52 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Marten Meyer25 FEB 1699/00 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Marten MeyerABT 1645  
Mary MeyerFEB 1857 Missouri 
Petrus Louw Meyer5 NOV 1756  
Pieter MeyerABT 1645  
Pieter MeyerBEF 20 NOV 1644 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Rachel Meyer1 APR 1705 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Susanna Meyer1635 MAY 1722 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Tryntje MeyerBEF 22 APR 1647 New Amsterdam (New York)BEF JUL 1648 New Amsterdam (New York)
Tryntje MeyerBEF 4 JUL 1648 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Willemyntje Meyer23 APR 1720 New York 

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