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  74 individuals found for query Morton
Adie Ethel Morton20 MAR 1889 Campbell Co, Tennessee 
Allen Harvey Morton5 FEB 1889 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Andrew MortonABT 1691  
Andy Hubert Morton30 APR 1893 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Anna MortonABT 1659  
Benjamin Francis Morton1 MAY 1891 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Bertha Lucretia Morton23 OCT 1886 Campbell Co, Tennessee 
Christina Morton23 OCT 1699  
Cordelia Morton23 FEB 1878 Tennessee 
Elijah MortonABT 1722 Richmond Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Morton1747 Lunenburg Co, Virginia1800 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Fanny Spencer MortonABT 1880  
Frances MortonABT 1725  
Francis Marion Morton3 JUL 1860 Bentonville, Benton Co, Arkansas19 JUL 1938 Granby, Newton Co, Arkansas
George MortonABT 1725  
George L MortonABT 1900  
George Wager Halleck Morton3 FEB 1871 Tennessee 
Geroge Eddie Morton24 NOV 1886 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Henry Thomas Morton18 OCT 1875 Tennessee 
Isaac Morton19 MAY 1714 Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut 
James Abraham Garfield Morton31 MAR 1880 Forkvale, Campbell Co, Tennesse21 NOV 1958 Knoxville, Campbell Co, Tennesse
James Martin Morton25 NOV 1847 Yanceyville, Caswell Co, North CarolinaMAR 1916 Hospital, Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
James Thomas Morton1838 Virginia 
Jane Morton1 MAR 1716/17 Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut1755 Rowan Co, North Carolina
John MortonABT 1710 Orange Co, Virginia 
John Morton1782 1873 
John Morton21 MAR 1684/85 Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut28 JAN 1770 Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut
John Morton14 APR 1697  
John Ballard Morton3 AUG 1816 21 MAR 1882 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio
John Sherman Morton12 MAY 1882 Campbell Co, Tennessee 
Joseph Morton12 DEC 1801 North Carolina18 DEC 1865 Bedford Co, Tennessee
Joseph H MortonABT 1842  
Joseph M Morton10 DEC 1884 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Letsy A MortonABT 1838  
Margaret MortonABT 1720 12 JAN 1763 New Castle, Delaware
Margaret Morton1 OCT 1728 At sea 
Margaret MortonABT 1624 Isle of Skye, Scotland 
Margaret MortonABT 1765  
Maria MortonABT 1695 Ammansland, Chester Co, Pennsylvania 
Martha MortonABT 1846  
Mary MortonABT 1750  
Mary MortonABT 1750 Moyallan, County Down, Ireland3 MAR 1807 Ballinderry, County Antrim, Ireland
Mary Morton9 SEP 1737 London Grove Township, Chester Co, Pennsylvania9 MAY 1801 Orange Co, North Carolina
Mary Morton1800 Virginia29 JAN 1829 
Mary Isabella Morton21 DEC 1869 Tennessee 
Mary Martha Morton26 JUL 1787  
Mathias MortonABT 1703  
Matthias MortonABT 1669 New Castle Co, DelawareDEC 1707 New Castle Co, Delaware
Morton Morton1692  
Nancy Ann Morton1750 12 SEP 1813 
Nancy Catherine Morton7 AUG 1868 Tennessee 
Nora Mauda Morton2 JUN 1884 Campbell Co, Tennessee 
Peter MortonABT 1701  
Prudence Morton6 JUL 1803 Manasquan, Monmouth Co, New Jersy 
Raymond Morton28 JUN 1895 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Rebecca Morton15 MAR 1650/51 Plymouth Colony, Plymounth Co, Masschusetts 
Robert F Morton8 AUG 1881 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Robert Ira MortonABT 1875 1953 
Samuel Morton1756 County Down, Ireland10 FEB 1832 
Samuel Morton3 JAN 1716/17 Moyallan, County Down, Ireland 
Samuel MortonABT 1672 Moyallan, County Down, Ireland 
Samuel Morton1698 Kilmore, Co. Armagh, Ireland20 MAR 1766 Chester Co, Pennsylvania
Sarah MortonABT 1836  
Sarah Tennie Morton1885 1905 
Thomas MortonABT 1690  
Thomas MortonABT 1745  
Unk MortonABT 1825  
Unk MortonABT 1825  
William Morton1642 Hartford Co, Connecticut7 JAN 1711/12 Hartford Co, Connecticut
William MortonABT 1600 Kilcalkdy, Fife, Scotland 
William Morton1704 Kilmore, Co. Armagh, Ireland 
William Asbury Morton11 OCT 1835 3 DEC 1894 Forkvale, Campbell Co, Tennessee
William C Morton29 AUG 1823 Tennessee2 MAY 1892 Fannin Co, Texas
William Thomas Morton21 JUN 1883 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 

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